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YouGov: How to Make Money Online with YouGov in 2024


Are you ready to unlock the potential of making money online? With the rise of survey sites and online earning opportunities, there’s never been a better time to explore this untapped market.

In this blog post, we will delve into the world of YouGov, a reliable and convenient survey platform that enables you to earn extra cash in your spare time.

We will also discuss other popular paid survey sites and share tips on how to expand your online income opportunities.

Get ready to embark on a journey to financial success through the world of online surveys!

What is YouGov?

YouGov, a market research and polling company, offers a unique opportunity for individuals seeking to make money online by taking surveys.

As one of the most reliable and convenient survey sites, YouGov provides a platform for users to share their opinions on various topics, ranging from politics to personal finance.

By signing up and completing surveys in your spare time, you can earn extra cash while contributing valuable insights to companies and organisations that rely on public opinion for decision-making.

To start earning money with YouGov, you’ll need to create a profile by providing basic information such as your date of birth, gender, postcode, and email address.

Once your profile is set up, you can begin taking surveys that match your interests and demographics, accumulating points toward the 5,000-point goal needed for a £50 cash payout.

With YouGov, you have the potential to generate a steady stream of income in your spare time, making it a great option for those looking to supplement their income.

How YouGov works

YouGov is more than just a survey site; it’s an online community where users can offer their opinions on a wide range of topics by participating in surveys.

On average, these surveys take between five and fifteen minutes to complete, making it easy to fit them into your daily routine.

Each survey is valued between 25 and 50 points, with a total of 5,000 points required to redeem a £50 cash payout through bank transfer.

In addition to taking surveys, YouGov also offers a referral program, allowing you to earn 200 extra points for every friend who completes six surveys using your unique referral code.

By referring friends and family to the platform, you can boost your earnings and reach your payout goal even faster.

Maximising Your Earnings with YouGov

To make the most out of your YouGov experience, it’s crucial to explore all the available earning opportunities.

By participating in the referral program you can exponentially increase your earnings and reach your payout goal faster.

With a multitude of ways to earn points, YouGov offers a flexible and engaging platform for those looking to generate extra income in their spare time.

Referral program:

The YouGov referral program is a simple yet effective way to boost your earnings on the platform.

By referring friends and family to join YouGov using your unique referral link or code, you can earn 200 bonus points when they complete their first survey.

This not only accelerates your progress toward the 5,000-point goal, but also helps expand the YouGov community, leading to more diverse and accurate survey results.

With the referral program, there’s no limit to the number of people you can invite to join YouGov, allowing you to continuously earn bonus points and reach your payout goal more quickly.

The more friends and family you refer, the greater your earning potential, making the referral program an invaluable tool for maximising your earnings on YouGov.

Other Popular Paid Survey Sites

While YouGov is an excellent platform for making money online, it’s worth exploring other popular paid survey sites as well to diversify your income streams.

Some of the most well-regarded alternatives to the YouGov surveys include Crowdology, Swagbucks, i-Say, and Branded Surveys.

Each of these platforms offers unique earning opportunities and rewards, making them valuable additions to your online income toolkit.

In the following sections, we’ll take a closer look at each of these platforms and discuss their benefits and earning potential.


Crowdology is an online survey platform that allows users to earn cash by sharing their opinions on various topics.

Users can sign up for free, providing some basic demographic information to be matched with suitable surveys.

The frequency of these surveys varies, but users are paid in cash for each one completed, with rates ranging from £0.40 to £10 depending on the survey’s complexity.

Users can easily withdraw their earnings, with Crowdology having a relatively low withdrawal limit compared to other survey sites.


Swagbucks is a popular online rewards program that allows users to earn gift cards and cash back by participating in various activities, such as completing surveys, playing games, shopping, and watching videos.

With a wide range of earning opportunities, Swagbucks is an excellent choice for those looking to supplement their income in their spare time.

To redeem your rewards on Swagbucks, you can exchange your accumulated points for gift cards or cash back.

With a user-friendly interface and numerous earning options, Swagbucks is a versatile platform that can help you boost your online income while providing an engaging and entertaining experience.


i-Say, owned by YouGov, is a survey app and market research platform that has gained popularity among users for its simple yet effective earning system.

As a member of i-Say, you can earn money by taking surveys, participating in polls, and referring friends.

With millions of users worldwide, i-Say provides valuable insights into consumer trends and offers a platform for users to have their opinions heard.

Aside from its earning potential, i-Say offers various benefits such as gaining a better understanding of consumer trends and having a platform to share your opinions.

By following the recommended tips for staying secure and successful with i-Say, you can maximise your earnings and enjoy a rewarding experience on the platform.

Branded Surveys:

Branded Surveys is another reliable and legitimate survey platform that pays users for their opinions.

With over a decade of experience and a 4-star rating on Trustpilot, Branded Surveys has proven itself as a trustworthy platform for users looking for ways to make money online by taking surveys.

On Branded Surveys, users can earn up to $5 for each survey completed. The platform’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to find and complete relevant surveys, allowing you to accumulate earnings quickly and efficiently.

By participating in Branded Surveys, you can diversify your online income sources and enjoy a rewarding experience while sharing your opinions on a variety of topics.

Expanding Your Online Income Opportunities

While survey sites like YouGov, Swagbucks, and i-Say offer excellent opportunities to make money online, it’s crucial to explore other avenues of online income as well.

In this section, we will discuss various ways to expand your online income opportunities, such as freelancing, blogging, affiliate marketing, and selling products or services on platforms like Etsy and eBay.

By diversifying your online income streams, you can maximise your earning potential and create a more stable financial foundation.


Freelancing is a flexible and potentially lucrative way to make money online, offering the freedom to work remotely for clients around the world with just an internet connection.

Popular freelancing platforms, such as Upwork, Freelancer, and Peopleperhour, provide a marketplace for individuals to offer their services, ranging from writing and proofreading to graphic design and transcribing interviews.

By creating a profile on these platforms and showcasing your skills and expertise, you can attract clients and start earning money on a project-by-project or monthly basis too.

Freelancing not only provides an opportunity to make extra income in your spare time, but also allows you to build a portfolio of work and establish yourself as a self-employed professional.

Blogging and affiliate marketing:

Blogging and affiliate marketing are two additional methods of generating income online that focus on creating and monetising content.

By starting your own website, a blog or YouTube channel, you can also create content, share your expertise on a particular topic, build an audience, and monetise your content through various methods such as Google AdSense, YouTube Partner Programme, display ads, affiliate links, and sponsored content.

Affiliate marketing, in particular, involves promoting products or services and earning a commission for each sale made through your unique affiliate link.

By partnering with affiliate networks and showcasing relevant products or services to your audience, you can generate a passive income and advertising revenue stream that continues to grow as your audience expands.

Blogging and affiliate marketing offer a unique combination of creative expression and financial potential, making them valuable additions to your online income toolkit.

Selling products or services on platforms like Etsy and eBay:

Online platforms like Etsy and eBay provide a marketplace for individuals to sell their products or services, offering a convenient and potentially profitable way to make money online.

Etsy, for example, is a platform specifically designed for artisans to sell their handmade products, while eBay allows users to buy and sell a wide variety of goods and services through auctions and fixed-price listings.

To succeed on these platforms, it’s important to understand the fees and regulations associated with selling products or services.

For instance, Etsy charges a listing fee, transaction fee, and payment processing fee, while eBay has its own fee structure based on the type of listing and final sale price.

By familiarising yourself with these fees and regulations, you can maximise your earnings and build a successful online business.

Tips for Staying Safe and Successful in Online Earning

As you venture into the world of online earning, it’s essential to prioritise your safety and success.

In this section, we will share some tips for avoiding scams, managing your finances, and navigating the tax implications of your online income.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure a secure and profitable experience in the world of online earning.

Avoiding scams:

One of the most crucial aspects of making money online is learning how to recognise and avoid scams.

Many fraudulent schemes prey on individuals looking to make a quick buck, so it’s important to be vigilant and conduct thorough research before investing your time or money.

To ensure a safe and dependable online earning experience, make sure to verify the legitimacy of any platform or opportunity you encounter, and be cautious of get-rich-quick schemes that seem too good to be true.

Furthermore, when using platforms like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, you can protect yourself from dishonest vendors by joining communities such as the MTurk Crowd forum or the MTurk and Turker Nation subreddits.

These communities provide valuable insights and resources for avoiding scams and maximising your earnings on the platform.

Managing finances and taxes:

Effectively managing your finances and taxes is an essential aspect of online earning.

By keeping track of your income, expenses, and taxes owed or paid, you can ensure compliance with tax regulations and avoid any potential legal or financial issues.

This includes setting aside extra money for taxes, using accounting software to keep track of your earnings, and ensuring that you don’t mix your business and personal finances.

In addition to managing your finances, it’s important to be aware of any tax relief or exemptions that may apply to your situation.

For instance, if you are a student, you may be eligible to claim tax back on overpaid income tax.

Furthermore, if you rent out furnished accommodation in your home, you may be eligible for the Rent a Room Scheme, which allows you to earn up to £7,500 tax-free.

By staying informed about your tax obligations and opportunities, you can maximise your online earnings and ensure a smooth financial journey.

Final Thoughts

Throughout this blog post, we have explored the world of online earning, delving into the benefits and earning potential of platforms like YouGov, Swagbucks, i-Say, and Branded Surveys.

We have also discussed various ways to expand your online income opportunities through freelancing, blogging, affiliate marketing, and selling products or services on platforms like Etsy and eBay.

By following the tips and guidelines provided in this post, you can safely and successfully navigate the world of online earning and unlock your full financial potential.

Now, it’s time to take the leap and embark on your own journey to online earning success.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is YouGov and how does it relate to other paid survey sites?

YouGov is one of the most reputable paid survey sites on the internet. Unlike some other sites, YouGov specifically focuses on current events and public opinion topics. This makes it a unique and interesting platform for those looking to make money through online surveys.

What do I need to make money with YouGov?

All you need to make money with YouGov is an online account, internet access, and the time to complete surveys. Your earnings depend on the number of surveys you complete.

How do I set up an online account with YouGov?

Setting up an online account with YouGov is a simple process. Go to the YouGov website and click the “Sign Up” button. You will need to provide some basic information about yourself to get started.

How many online surveys will I have access to each week?

The number of online surveys you can take each week varies. It depends on your demographic, location, and the current needs of YouGov’s clients. YouGov will send you an email notification when a survey that matches your profile becomes available.

How do I complete surveys on YouGov?

Once you log into your online account, you will see available surveys on your dashboard. Simply click on a survey to start. The more surveys you complete, the more you can to earn money.

Do I need constant internet access to make money with YouGov?

Yes, having consistent internet access is crucial because all surveys are conducted online. You can complete surveys from your computer or mobile device, so you can make money anywhere you have an internet connection.

How do I get paid from YouGov compared to other paid survey sites?

Like other paid survey sites, YouGov pays users in points that can be redeemed for cash or gift cards once a certain threshold is reached. Depending on your location, payment options may vary.

Are there any risks associated with using YouGov?

As with all online activities, it’s important to keep your personal information secure. However, YouGov is known for its commitment to privacy and security, making it one of the safer survey sites out there.

Can I complete surveys on my mobile device?

Yes, as long as you have internet access, you can log into your online account and complete surveys from a computer or mobile device, giving you the flexibility to make money wherever you are.

Is making money with YouGov a steady source of income?

While YouGov is a legitimate site that pays for surveys, the amount you can earn depends on many factors including the number of surveys available to you, the time it takes to complete them, and the payment per survey. Thus, it should not be considered a primary source of income, but rather a way to earn some extra cash.

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