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Your Ultimate Guide to Yellow Sticker Shopping at Morrisons for 2024

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Your Ultimate Guide to Yellow Sticker Shopping at Morrisons

Are you an ardent food shopper looking to save money? Or perhaps you’re someone who enjoys the thrill of finding good bargains.

Regardless of the category you fall into, the concept of yellow sticker shopping is an open secret that can help you reduce your grocery bills significantly. And when it comes to yellow sticker items, few places do it better than Morrisons, one of the UK’s major supermarkets.

Why Morrisons for Yellow Sticker Shopping?

Most people might have their favourite cheapest supermarket, but many have found that Morrisons consistently offers the best bargains.

Like all supermarkets, Morrisons does its part to combat food waste by reducing the prices of items nearing their sell by dates. These reductions tend to result in fantastic deals for the customer in their yellow sticker section.

But when exactly does Morrisons reduce their food prices? The answer is: it’s completely store dependent.

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When to Find Yellow Sticker Deals at Morrisons

Most stores follow a rough guide to reduction times. However, the actual timing may vary based on factors such as how busy the store is, what items they have in excess, and even decisions made by individual store managers.

Early Morning Reductions: Stores open early and the first reductions usually happen in the morning, around 8 AM. You can find fresh fruit, vegetables and bakery items with yellow stickers indicating a small reduction in price.

Afternoon Reductions: By 3pm, most items in the yellow sticker section would see a further price drop. This includes big brands, meat products and ready meals that are close to their sell by or use by date. It’s an excellent time for food shopping if you’re on a tight budget.

Final Reductions: The best bargains come at the end of the day, typically an hour before the store closes. At this point, prices of reduced items could go down by as much as 75%. These final reductions make a big difference to your wallet, especially if you’re buying for family members.

It’s important to remember, though, that these are general guidelines. Each local store might have their own specific timings. Always check with the store for the most accurate information.

Making the Most of Your Morrisons Yellow Sticker Shopping

In addition to knowing the reduction times, there are other strategies to maximise your savings:

Plan Ahead: Incorporate the reduced price items into your meal plan for the week. If there’s one meal you can make from the yellow sticker items you found, that’s one less full-price meal you have to pay for!

Freeze: Use freezer bags to store bread, meat, and other perishables. That way, you can keep food longer and avoid unnecessary waste.

Loyalty Schemes: Take advantage of Morrison’s “More” loyalty scheme. It’s one of the many ways supermarkets provide better value to their customers.

Donate: If you have too much, consider donating to food banks. It’s a great way to help those in need while preventing food waste.

Final Thoughts…

Supermarkets reduce prices as a way to reduce waste, but for many shoppers, it’s a way to save on their weekly grocery shopping. Remember that the veg prices, meat prices, and other prices you see at the end of the day are not a reflection of quality – many items come from the same factories that supply full-price goods.

So next time you’re at Morrisons, make sure to check out the yellow sticker deals. You might be surprised at how much you can save and how much your food bills can drop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Yellow Sticker Deals at Morrisons.

What Time Does Morrisons Reduce Their Food?

The times that Morrisons reduce their food is completely store dependent. Generally, the first reductions usually happen in the morning around 8 AM. Further reductions usually occur by 3pm. The best bargains with the largest reductions often happen an hour before the store closes.

What Are Yellow Sticker Items at Morrisons?

Yellow sticker items at Morrisons are goods that are nearing their sell by dates or use by date. To combat food waste, the supermarket reduces these items’ prices. They are typically found in the yellow sticker section of the store and can include fresh fruit, vegetables, bakery items, meat products, and more.

How Can Yellow Sticker Shopping at Morrisons Save Me Money?

Yellow sticker shopping can save you money as the reduced items are significantly lower in price than their original cost. You can incorporate these items into your meal plan, freeze perishables for later use, or even donate excess to food banks. Combining yellow sticker deals with the ‘Too Good to Go’ boxes and Morrisons’ loyalty schemes can lead to significant savings on your grocery shopping.

Does Morrisons Reduce Prices of Big Brand Items?

Yes, Morrisons does reduce the prices of big brands as well as their own brand items. The reductions include all items nearing their sell by or use by date, regardless of the brand.

Can I Use Loyalty Schemes on Reduced Items at Morrisons?

Yes, you can use the Morrisons’ “More” loyalty scheme on your yellow sticker shopping. This is an additional way that Morrisons offers better value to its customers.

How Do I Find the Best Bargains at Morrisons?

The best bargains at Morrisons are usually found an hour before the store closes. During this time, the prices of reduced items could be down by as much as 75%. It’s also worth checking the ‘Too Good to Go’ app regularly for available boxes at your local store.

Are Yellow Sticker Items at Morrisons Safe to Eat?

Yes, yellow sticker items are safe to eat. The reduced prices do not reflect a reduction in quality. The items are usually reduced because they are close to their best before date or use by date but are perfectly safe to eat if consumed promptly or stored correctly.

Can I Freeze Yellow Sticker Items from Morrisons?

Yes, most yellow sticker items, including bread, meat, and other perishables can be frozen. Use freezer bags to store these items, so you can keep the food longer and avoid unnecessary waste. Just ensure to freeze the items before their use by date.

These answers should provide a clear guide for anyone looking to save money on their food shop at Morrisons. Happy yellow sticker shopping!

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