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Get Paid for Being a Wingman in your local pub

Get Paid for Being a Wingman in your local pub

Whether it’s at a bar, club, or coffee shop, it takes a lot of courage to go up to someone and start a conversation. You don’t know how the situation is going to play out and it’s embarrassing when you get turned down or rejected. A lot of this can be prevented if you have a good wingman by your side.

For the first time in history, there’s a professional wingman service that pays not only men but women money for being someone else’s wing person. You no longer have to use those dating apps on your phone to make yourself look good when you have someone doing it for you.

The service is in America and is so popular that it’s moved to the UK as well. Wing woman and wingmen are connected with clients and are basically matchmakers who follow you around and let you know about potential hook-ups.

The wingman website is always looking for new people to join and help out. They’re more than generous and pay up to £30 an hour for anyone willing to chaperone for the evening.

Technology has shifted how modern people date and mingle. Studies have shown that one in every five people now meet their romantic partners online via websites or their smartphone apps. With everyone switching to tech it leaves 12% of people who meet and get acquainted in public.

The creators of this service are the same people who run After a ton of people on their website wanted people who were good at dating to help them, they launched the service focusing on people who don’t have anything else to do or don’t use dating websites or apps.

For people who like to go out and spend their time mingling with people, being a wingman can be really lucrative. For all of you who like to matchmake and are happy doing it you can find the advertisement on It states that the rate of pay is £30 but you can set your own rates if you want to. Once you become a love matcher you have to follow the client wherever they go for the night whether it’s a coffee shop or bar.

There are some rules set in place so that everything goes more smooth and no problems arise. The following guidelines are…

  • You have to be 18 years or older to get into clubs or areas with alcohol
  • You have to be able to teach the client how to hit it off with someone and give constant advice
  • You must be confident or good at talking to people to set them up
  • You must not flirt with the client’s potential partners since you’re on work duty

If you’re on the other side of the spectrum and are looking for a matchmaking mentor you can find them on You have to provide your zip code and your dating preferences so that they can help find a wingman near you and be ready to find your perfect type. Once that’s done they’ll send you a list of wingman and wing-woman to choose from along with their rates.

The co-founder of Kai Feller says that the majority of their requests are because people don’t like online dating or because they don’t have any friends who are available to help them.

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