Will Young Net Worth – How Much is Will Young Worth?

Will Young Net Worth – How Much is Will Young Worth?

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In this series of articles, we discuss your favourite celebrities and today, we are glad to bring you an updated piece of Will Young- the famous British singer-songwriter.

Who is Will Young?

Will Young (William Robert Young) is a British singer, songwriter, author and actor. This talented celebrity is best known for his music career but is also an outstanding film actor. Young has appeared in many hit albums, not to mention that he is arguably one of the first big names in the reality TV generation.

Before finding his breakthrough in the entertainment industry, Will Young studied musical theatre at the Arts Educational Schools in London.

How Old is Will Young?

Born in Wokingham, Berkshire, England, on January 20, 1979, Young is currently 42 years old.

Will is a twin brother to Rupert, who sadly passed away in August 2020. The two were separated by a span of 10 minutes, Will being the lead child. Will has an older sister, Emma, so he is the second born in the family.

Will’s parents are Robin Young, a director of an Engineering firm and Annabel Young, a nursery gardener.

How did Will Young Become Famous?

Will Young became a household name in the UK on winning the Pop Idol in 2002. Idols is a reality TV singing competition format that started in 2001 as the Pop Idol TV series. Will Young won the Pop Idol in 2002 and hence became the first winner of the Idol franchise in the world.

The Pop Idol win was such a big one for him, considering that over 13 million people watched it.

Winning Pop Idol was really the breakthrough for Will Young in the entertainment industry.

More about Will Young’s career highlights/ Awards:

Will Young did not stop at winning Pop Idol in 2002 but has since then made a couple of other outstanding accomplishments:

2002 – His debut single (Anything impossible/Evergreen) hit the 1million+ sales mark in one week, becoming the fastest-selling in the UK.

2003 – Will became fifth in the ‘World Idol’ competition, on performing his cover of Light My Fire.

2013 – Will Young’s performance in the London revival of the musical cabaret saw him nominated in the Laurence Olivier Award for the best actor in a musical.

2016 – He played a part in the series ‘Strictly Come Dancing,’ but later exited on personal grounds.

2020 – Will Young published his first book ‘To Be A Gay Man’ and co-hosted in a podcast series called ‘Homo Sapiens.’

Up to now, Will is still recording good music and is nowhere close to being out of mind. Today, Will has 8-studio albums, two compilation albums, 32-singles and tons of appearances. Some of his hit songs include All Time Love, Switch It On, Leave Right Now and, Jealousy.

Is Will Young Married?

Will Young publicly came out as gay in 2002, but his dating/marriage status is currently not known. As of January 2021, there was no information indicating that Will Young has a boyfriend.

In his first published book, Will majorly talks about his shame of being gay when he started out in the entertainment industry and the impact this had on his life and career.

Speaking about the book ‘To Be a Gay Man,’ Will Young specifically told ‘Gay Times’ that he was ashamed to be openly gay in the past. Will Young said that it was really hard to come to terms that he was a gay in his early career and he barely did anything to nurture his sexuality in the past.

Will Young adds that today he is way more confident about his sexual orientation and that it’s something you will see clearly in anything he does creatively.

What is Will Young’s Net Worth?

Will Young’s net worth currently stands at £3 million. This figure indicates that he is one of the most prosperous celebrities in the world.

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