What’s Happened to Printable Coupons in the UK?

What’s Happened to Printable Coupons in the UK?…

We’ve all seen the American programme and watched in amazement as they walk away with trolleys full for just pennies and while you can’t go to that extent in the UK it is possible to extreme coupon.

This however, has never been an easy task and required a lot of work but recently the task got that much harder.

One of the main places to find your printable coupons is SuperSavvyMe, every month the would have a selection of manufacturers coupons from Procter & Gamble that you would be able to save to your basket and then print. But suddenly, a few months ago they just up and disappeared with warning or word on what was going on.

What Happened?…

There’s no official reason for the disappearance but rumour has it a major supermarket refused to accept any printed coupons stating coupon fraud as the reason, also one of the main issuers of coupons went bust supposedly due to coupon fraud.

What is Coupon Fraud?…

Apart from being illegal coupon fraud ruins couponing for the genuine couponers that follow terms and conditions. Coupon fraud refers to photocopying already used coupons and using a coupon against the terms and conditions and the stores policy. Once a store is aware of fraud occurring it is down to the manager’s discretion on whether they refuse to accept coupons at all. This appears to have happened on a national level prompting Super Savvy Me to temporally withdraw its printable coupons.

Have they come back?…

The answer is Yes but with stricter terms and conditions. The coupons now state in big red letters that they “can’t be used in conjunction with any other offer including any instore promotions”. Simply meaning you can only use them on full price items from now on.

What does it mean for couponing now?…

That’s a big question and the honest answer is no one knows. If you take Asda, for instance, their Rollback which is available on a wide variety of products is classed as an in-store promotion and therefore you shouldn’t be able to use a coupon against a rollback item. However, when at the tills some have said they have gone through without an issue will others are saying it has been picked up and their coupons refused. It’s just a confusing time for coupons now. It also varies from store to store. One store may take them but a store 5 miles down the road won’t.

What can you do?…

Check the stores’ coupon policy, it can be found online but if you aren’t sure just give them an email for clarification.

Find a supervisor upon entering and inform them of your coupons and ask for the best thing to do

If the coupons aren’t accepted, you can ask for a supervisor or manager to clarify things for you.

If in doubt contact head office

Remember its always at the manager’s discretion

always stay calm and be polite, you won’t help anyone by arguing

Don’t be disheartened if something goes wrong, couponing isn’t easy if it was everyone would do it but for the diehard couponers out there if you have stuck to all the terms and conditions of the store and the coupon there shouldn’t be an issue.

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