Ways to Make Money with a Van

Ways to Make Money with a Van

Having a van can prove to be a good investment in very many ways. Vans can be costly to purchase and the only way to get returns for your van is through investing the same van in business and services. You will be surprised how much you can make when you turn your van into a service provider. There are a variety of jobs and services you can perform with your van.

In this article, we provide ways you can make money with your van.


Food, shopping items, letters and mails, and shop appliances all fall under this category. A van is spacious and can carry a lot of stuff for delivery. You could deliver for your favourite stall or shop a variety of things.

Delivery and courier services can help you make money and get bills paid. First, you can enrol your van with a courier service company for courier and delivery services. You can also partner with a hardware or supermarket and offer them these services for a fee. You will only need insurance to state that you are legally allowed to use your van for these services. Once you have the insurance, you are good to go!

On the other hand, if you cannot drive your van, you can hire a driver who will do these errands for you. There are good drivers with good qualifications and driving skills who will be willing to turn up for the job.

This job could comfortably give you approximately $18 to $20 per hour depending on the distance of travel and volume of goods.

Renting it out

Giving out your van for a fee can be ideally a great way to make money. Though, renting out vans has had a toll on people’s vans, it is still a great way of making money.

First, you will want to insure your van so that in case of any accidents, you will be endorsed. Many individuals have errands to run and many also require vans as means of transport to help them run the errands. You could offer your van for a fee of up to £55 per day. Alternatively, you could enlist your van with car hire companies who will manage the van for you. They might also put trackers on your van which boost security for it. The firm could pay you up to 80% of the fee with 20% remaining for them.


This idea has had many van owners flock in as it is a great and convenient way to make money from. This idea is also known as mobile billboard or moving advert.

It comes with branding of your van with the given product. Do not worry about the paint of the van as the branding is done with wraps on the van. This is done by professional wrapping companies who are keen on the van’s paint.

Many advertisers look for vans to advertise from and this qualifies this idea as ripe and one to go for. With this kind of services, you could make a whopping £200-£300 in a month, depending with the type of product, brand or campaign. Location is also a determinant.


The thought of moving items or people from one location to another can be costly. Moving out of houses can be hectic too owing to the fact that moving services from firms are quite costly. Many individuals who want to move opt to find or hire vans to help them move.

Schools and universities too can also fall short of carrying services when ferrying students. Vans are a good replacement in such circumstances.

With a van, moving can be a way of making up to £15 per foot squared of a house. This will also depend with the location and miles travelling to, meaning it could be more.

In addition to the above ways, other ways include;

  • Towing/hauling services
  • Bicycle and motorbike carriage
  • Pick up and cleaning services
  • Food truck

Generally, the idea of making money with your van can be enticing. This will help you pay bills and even the van mortgage if you purchased it with such terms. It is important to always have insurance and permits where necessary when doing these services.

In this day and age, people are getting more creative with vans as assets. They are great investments indeed.