Voxpopme Review – Earn Money Online with Voxpopme

Voxpopme Review – Earn Money Online with Voxpopme

Making money is something that everyone wants to do. One way that you can earn extra income is through the online app Voxpopme. What is Voxpopme? Voxpopme is an online survey app where you give your opinion. However, you’re not completing the surveys, you’re uploading short videos about your opinion on a particular subject. Keep reading to find out more about Voxpopme and what this survey app site has to offer.

Sign up to Get Started

You can download the Voxpopme app from Apple or Google Play Stores. After you download and install the app, open it up and sign up to become a member. Once you become a member you are now ready to get started with the site. By the way, you only must be 16 to sign up.

How do you get started on Voxpopme?

After you sign up you will go to your home screen and see a live stream of paid questions. You have to select a question and then record (videotape) your response. You have to be fast with retrieving the questions. There are only a limited amount and they do go fast. You are strongly encouraged to turn on the app’s notification button. This way, you can be alerted every time a question is made available. You can also wait around until questions arrive. After you answer the question, you will be prompted to fill out a short survey. Then, you upload your video, and you will receive your payment within an hour or less. Once you reach the minimum amount to cash out, you can then collect your money. You will need a Paypal account to use this site. So, don’t forget to create one if you don’t already own one when you sign up.

How long are the videos that you need to make to answer questions?

Video lengths for each question are between 15 seconds and 1 minute. Some can be longer than a minute. However, most are not. You must talk for the allotted time that has been given for each question. If not, you will not get paid.

How does Popvoxme use the videos they collect from members?

The videos that members upload are normally viewed by the clients who created the jobs. Member videos can be placed onto websites, video ads, and quite possibly store and/or product sites. Members will have to read the terms and fine print to see how this works. Now, if you’re not the type of person that wants your presence to be seen on the web, you might not like this opportunity. This is basically how Popvoxme uses the videos.

Can a person make any money with this app?

Yes and no. Yes, you can make money with Voxpopme. No, you’re probably not going to get rich from this site. The reason being is that members are constantly fighting over questions to answer. Remember, the key to this job is that you must be quick enough to snag questions and be fast enough with your responses. This doesn’t always happen for people.

On some days members can probably grab a bunch of questions but on most days, they will have to work hard just to get one. Members must be prepared to allow their money to build up over a few months before cashing out. This will provide them with a nice chunk of cash over time.

Is Voxpopme a credible app?

Yes, Voxpopme is a credible app to earn money. Just take a long-term approach with this app and only cash out about 4 times a year. The app will allow you to earn extra income over time which is a great way to pump up your finances.

A Final Word about Voxpopme

Voxpopme provides members with a great way to make money. Once a person signs up and figures out how to work the Voxpopme system, they can start to earn income. The competition will be fierce, and people will have to really pay attention to get enough questions to make this opportunity work. The site makes legitimate payouts to customers and there have been few complaints about its service. Again, Voxpopme is available in the Apple and Google Play stores.