Parents Raving about the £1 Vapour Bath for Babies at ASDA

Parents have taken to our Facebook Group to share their love for ASDA’s Little Angels Vapour Bath which only costs £1!

Laura LR took to the group to thank other members for the recommendation…

Other members where also quick to praise the £1 baby bath…

Jade EveThis stuff is amazing, use it if me and my daughter have a cold and throughout the winter. Also use the bath time lavender bath stuff to help with bed time. I’ve even used both of them together! 

Stephanie Ann Reeves – This stuff is amazing I have been using it with my daughters since the were babies my oldest is nearly 5

Katie Piercy – Love this stuff it’s amazing, we have a stock of it, when I get down to last two bottles I buy more

With the post gaining over so much attention we are sure this product will sell out quickly! so why not head to ASDA and pick up a bottle?