Urgent Recall on Selected Mothercare Baby Sleeping Bags

Life is tough. But, as a parent of babies and toddlers, it’s doubly so.. You are not only responsible for your care and wellbeing, but you are also in charge of a younger person as well.

Your little one does not understand the dangers that lie in this world. It’s up to you to navigate the waters of life on his or her behalf and keep your baby safe as you can.

This is why you must pay close attention to what he or she eats, wears, and even the tools you use to transport your little one bout the town. The catch is, sometimes issues catch the most vigilant parent unawares, as in the case with recalls from trusted brands.

With that being said, do you have a baby sleeping bag from Mothercare? If so, you should pay close attention. The children’s specialist recalled one of its products recently…

The company issued the recall for certain sleeping bags whose inside care labels say they have 1 tog. But, in actuality, they have 2.5 togs. For those who don’t know, a tog is a measurement that gauges how warm clothes and bedding are. The higher the tog, the warmer it is.

This talks of togs sounds rather innocuous at first. That is until you learn that babies who get too hot have a higher chance of succumbing to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Thus, it’s important you pay close attention to this measurement.

So, if the label for your specific sleeping bag says 1 tog, stop using it immediately. You can return it to any Mothercare store and get a full refund. If you have any questions, call Mothercare’s customer service line at 0344 875 5111.

About the Sleeping Bags…

The affected sleeping bags (RA217, RA218, RA219, RA184, and RA185) were sold online and in physical Mothercare stores in May of this year. They were sold individually or as part of a set of two. You can find the aforementioned style codes on the inside care label.

When sold on its own, the sleeping bag is white with grey stars. It also has grey lining around the edges. In the set, it featured another sleeping bag. This one a plain pale grey colour.

Mothercare no longer sells the individual bags online. But, the same isn’t true for the set, they reduced the price instead.

The Bottom Line…

Mothercare is a trusted line of baby products and has served its customers well for several years. But, it’s important to note, mistakes do happen, as is the case with their recalled sleeping bags. Still, it’s clear the company wants to make sure they are doing right by their customers. By being proactive and informing the public about this issue, the choice is now in your hands. Armed with this tidbit of information, you can decide for yourself the right course of action to take. Thankfully, this situation is very easy to fix. Simply return it to their store for a full refund.