UBER Driver UK – How to Become an Uber Driver in the UK

UBER Driver UK – How to Become an Uber Driver in the UK

If you have some spare time and don’t mind driving several hours each day then being an Uber driver may be for you.

There’s no better time than now to become one, mainly because of the introduction of Drivers Rights. Of course, there’s also the matter of making money.

Here’s your guide on becoming a UBER Driver in the UK

Uber Driver Requirements

Becoming an Uber driver in the UK is pretty much the same as any job- you send in an application and forward your vehicle and driving credentials, then wait for it to get approved.

Those who are interested can visit Uber’s main website, Uber.com and upload their documents online. In the UK you will need to be at least 21 years old and have a driver’s license.

Uber may need a few years of experience before they could hire you. There’s also the matter of passing the Uber Ignition test to see if you could see and react on time, read GPS maps and follow directions as well as a DBS check.

After going through that then you can start working as a UBER driver.

Uber Driver UK Benefits

Uber drivers have benefits that are very much the same as a regular employee.

In March 2021 Uber announced that drivers will have better working packages, and they get access to holiday pay and sick leaves. Before, drivers were considered contractors and thus those benefits weren’t available.

Hourly wages range somewhere around £15, and you’ll have access to contributions, pensions and more.

There’s a level of flexibility when you’re an Uber driver. You work only when you want to, which is picking up and driving a customer to his or her destination. You won’t get paid while waiting, and if you wish you can just log out the app. There’s no set hours and you aren’t forced to take on early or late shifts.

Uber has expanded to more than just taxi service- there are now bike courier and food delivery services under the brand. However, you only get the benefits if you’re an Uber driver, something that might change soon.

Making Money as an Uber Driver

It’s worthy to note that Uber has different rates in countries around the world. However, its drivers will always get a guaranteed minimum amount for every successful trip.

In the UK, Uber has stated that UK drivers will get at least minimum wage, as well as benefits such as the ones mentioned above and maternity, paternity leave and sickness pay.

Conversely speaking, you make money depending on factors such as peak times, location and frequency. The company offers promotions every now and then for added cash bonuses.

You can also make more money if you go to a high-demand area and work there.

As for Uber, they take 25 percent of your earnings as service fees, which goes to customer support and app development. You’ll need to maintain your vehicle in order to keep up with standards and get insurance as needed. For fuel and running costs it will be out of your pocket as well.

Potentially, UK Uber drivers can earn around £500 per week working 40 hours. Keep in mind that these are on-drive hours, not when you’re waiting around for someone to get a ride.

Uber Driver Payment Methods

Uber drivers get paid digitally and depending on their preferences. You can choose it to be weekly or monthly, and the final amount you get is minus the service fees.

Make sure to complete your online account and put in the necessary details so you can get paid in a timely manner.

Is Being an UBER Driver in the UK Worth It?

After the 25% service fee cut and the maintenance costs for your vehicle the pay is still significant enough that it’s worth your time and effort.

Uber has also moved on from being a gig job to having its drivers get benefits, such as sick leave, pensions and more. The fact that you get paid above the minimum beats out other side jobs that pay them.

Plus, you can work on your own time and get tips and bonuses along the way. It’s flexible enough so you can earn money and still have time for your partner, children and loved ones.