Traveller Jobs – 15 Jobs for Backpackers

Traveller Jobs – 15 Jobs for Backpackers

Backpackers are a unique breed of people. They travel the world with nothing but a backpack and their will to experience new places. This type of activity is normally done for experience, recreation, adventure, and/or fun. However, there are some people who can earn money from this endeavour. While it doesn’t seem like there is money in being a backpacker, you might be surprised to know that you can make some quid from backpacking.

TEFL – Teaching English as A Foreign Language

English is considered the universal language. It is spoken in almost every part of the world. This language is extremely popular, and its popularity makes it highly valued in different parts of the world. One way that you can make money by backpacking is to teach English to people in other parts of the world. The demand for English is popular throughout Asia, South America, and in some locations in Africa.

There are even some European and North American locations where English teachers can make money when they backpack. A backpacker can do this job from a remote location through an internet connection while they travel, or they can teach it to live students at a designated area. If this is something that sounds interesting to you, then you will need to complete a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course.

You will also need to have a basic understanding of the people’s language where you want to teach. This type of work pays £25 (or more) per hour. Make sure to take the course and get signed up with a business that can get you jobs in different locations. You should also keep in mind that many people who hire you out for this type of work will usually pay for your room and board as well.

Working in America at Summer Camps

American people love to go camping during the summertime. American children are very fond of this activity. Parents from the states often make it a point to send their kids to camp when school is out. Honestly, they don’t want the little lids driving them bonkers by being home all day. If you ever wanted to explore the states and see how the Yankees live, you can go backpacking in the states. You can do this while working at summer camp which is the perfect place for backpacking.

Just a word of caution. America is a very big and settled place. They don’t take to kindly to people roaming the countryside with backpacks. They often view people who do this type of behaviour as dossers, homeless, troublemakers, or on the run from the law. So, if you decide to go backpacking in the states, make sure to do it on campgrounds or at some national park. Just don’t backpack in the cities or highways, because it’s really not acceptable behaviour by the Americans. You can make about £1200 for the summer doing this type of work. Some places will pay more. This isn’t a whole lot of money, but you can gain valuable experience and experience the states first-hand.

You can Work as a Farmhand or Labourer While Backpacking

Most backpacking excursions take place in the countryside. Since they do, a backpacker can pick up some extra quid by working at a farm or orchard. They can pick fruit or perform some type of manual labour chore. This type of work can be picked up while a person backpacks throughout the place. However, you might want to sign-up with an app that can direct you to farming locations for work. WWOOF is an app that provides this type of service. This type of work is great for backpackers that don’t mind meeting new people, sweating in the sun, and getting their hands dirty.

Au Pair/Nanny While Backpacking

You can backpack in a place such as Australia or Europe and work as a nanny while performing this task. This type of work is normally performed by females. However, there is some guy manny and they’re called a “manny”. This type of work is best performed by people who enjoy working with kids and who are registered with an organization that provides this type of service for clients. Au pair World is a company that can register backpackers for this type of service. Backpackers that work with clients that are located in remote areas can benefit from being a nanny. You can make about £400 (or more) a month from this endeavour.

Diving Instructor/Backpacker

Backpackers who trek through coastal environments could earn money along the way as diving instructors. This type of work should only be performed by backpackers who are qualified to do such work. You will have to take a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) training course and have your own equipment for this type of work. However, if you can complete the requirements and get the equipment you could make between £10 – £40 per hour.

Backpackers can Work as Massage Therapists

Here’s what you should know about this opportunity. Backpackers can travel to different locations throughout the world and work as massage therapists. Once they complete a training course and are registered with an organization. They should be able to perform this type of work around the world. You could travel to some part of Asia and perform massage therapy services there while backpacking around the area. Backpackers performing this type of work typically make around £20 for each hour they work. You can sign up with Udemy if this type of offer appeals to you.

Backpacking and Yoga Beach Instructor

When you backpack around coastal areas of the world, you can also become a yoga beach instructor. This opportunity works best for hotels, resort areas, and vacation spots located near the beach. This type of opportunity doesn’t require any formal training, but it does require some knowledge of the art of yoga. You can expect members to pay at least £10 per class.

Bar Work and Backpacking

Backpackers can help to replenish their income by working in a bar. They can pour drinks or perform some type of clerical or management duty for the place where they work. Many backpackers have been known to do this while traveling around a location. The amount of money that you can earn from this endeavor will vary. Just make sure you know how to make and serve drinks that are common (or popular) where you’re working.

Work at a Theme Park While Backpacking

Depending on where you decide to backpack you can work at a theme park. As a theme park worker you will have to report to the job every day. So, you couldn’t travel around too much once you get off work. Still, you do this job to make extra cash while you’re out exploring the countryside.

Beauty Treatments Offered by Backpackers

Backpackers can offer beauty treatments. While this might not make a lot of money it can be a great way to supplement income during an excursion. You should get registered with a resort or hotel to perform this service.

Backpackers who Double as Lifeguards

If you’re a backpacker who is a certified lifeguard, you can use these skills to make money during your trip. You will need to get certification to prove that you are qualified for this type of work. Once you are certified you can work in an area where you can offer this type of service.

Bushfire Jobs

Australia deals with a lot of bushfires, and you can work as a bushfire rescue and recovery specialist. While you explore the Outback, you can be registered as certified fire rescue and recovery specialist. This type of job pays well, and it often comes with lodging. You can check out Bushfire Recovery Jobs to find out some information.

Work at a Ski-Resort While Backpacking

Most people don’t backpack in Europe during the frigid winter months. However, if you don’t mind exploring a territory during the cold months, then ski-resort work could be for you. You could work as a hired hand at a ski resort or as a ski instructor. This job can make you money while you explore during your off days.

Backpacking on a Cruise Ship

Backpacking on a cruise ship is another way to make money. You can work on a cruise ship while traveling to different ports and locations. This job could net you £250 – £300 per week including tips. You’ll also get room and board. Figure out the type of work you would like to do on the ship and apply for that position. When you port for a few days, you can go exploring the different areas.


You can also work at a temp agency in areas where backpack. However, if you take on this type of position, remember that you might have to look professional. So, bring at least one set of casual clothing. Temp jobs are typically located in settled regions and cities of the world. So, if you plan on backpacking in a place near a city, this could be the type of work for you.

One last thing, if you want to work while backpacking you should plan in advance. Figure out what opportunities are available for the places where you visit. You should also make sure you are registered for the type of work you want to perform. Finally, work related to backpacking isn’t the most lucrative in the world, but you can make some money while out exploring the world.