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Transcription jobs – Transcription Jobs from Home UK

Transcription jobs

Transcription jobs – Transcription Jobs from Home UK

Want to make some extra money? why not get one of the many Transcription jobs available online?

The economies of many nations are continually tightening, increasing the cost of living for many citizens of earth. Many of the unemployed and even some employed individuals are exploring alternative options trying to find any form of job that would sustain them or supplement their inadequate contemporary income. Look no further since we have discovered some of the best employment opportunities that one would embrace as a part-time job or a full-time career job while handsomely earning some money. The best part is that these jobs can always be performed in any location, even at the comfort of your home. This article essentially looks at some of the best online transcription jobs that would best suit individuals planning to dive into the online transcription industry.

What is Transcription?

Transcription is the systemic representation of spoken language through writing or printing in the form of a document or a text file. It is thus essentially the conversion of speech into written word for other purposes. For instance, if a meeting proceeding was recorded, the file can be transcribed into minutes for documentation purposes. As such, the transcriber would be keenly listening to the words from the audio/video file and appropriately writing them down. A good emulation of transcription is the subtitles on videos. They are always written individual speeches from every character in the video.

What Do You Need?

Adopting transcription as a job often requires an individual to possess some basic skills. As such, a transcriber always has to be a fast and accurate typist. In this job, speed is very crucial to prevent constant rewinding and extended completion periods. Despite the speed, accuracy is also important to ensure that what you are writing is grammatically correct and is actually what is spoken from the files.

Some other vital things you will need when planning to be a transcriber include;

  • A computer or a laptop
  • Stable internet connection
  • A good pair of headphones
  • A foot pedal

Acquiring these tools will guarantee a smooth transition and quality transcription jobs for your clients.

Where and How to Start?

Transcription jobs are everywhere in the modern-day technology-infested world; you only need to know where to look. Transcription, unlike other jobs, often requires minimal to no qualification, with most of the sites offering this kind of work providing a typing test to ascertain the basic skills needed for a transcriber. As such, these tests are just designed to see how fast and accurate you would type when given a real job with a deadline.

These jobs are always available on online platforms created by certain companies. These sites always bridge the gap between the client and the transcriber by connecting them. All you need to do is to check out some of the great sites listed below, sign up, take any tests if provided, and wait for job allocation. The sites include;


Accuro is a UK base transcription service platform with nearly over two decades of experience in the industry. They are trusted by thousands of clients in need of transcription services and transcribers looking to take up some transcription jobs. Their services cover several disciplines such as medical, legal, and other relevant professional fields.

Accuro often asks for minimal qualifications to the levels of past/recent secretarial experience as a necessity. Furthermore, to qualify, you also have to be based in the UK and have access to a PC/laptop with Microsoft Office, a broadband/fibre internet connection, and a professional transcription kit. This is one of the most recommended online transcription platforms, and as such, you should check it out.

AccuTran Global…

This is another renowned online platform offering transcription jobs. The company is Canadian based in the province of British Columbia, offering a platform for beginning transcriptionists in North America and Canada to find jobs. AccuTran Global often allows an opportunity for freelance transcription jobs and stenography.

They have minimum qualification requirements. For instance, they only require individuals with fast typing skills, preferably 70 WPM and a high level of accuracy, skills often ascertained by a small qualification test. They further require high levels of independence and discipline, guaranteeing timely completion of jobs as per the guidelines provided by clients. This makes them highly sought after in the online transcription industry.

Alice Darling…

Commonly referred to as ADS by the managers and loyal clients, Alice Darling prides itself in providing its clients with accurate, timely, and cogent transcripts. This has attracted many clients creating a platform filled with numerous audio/transcription jobs. This makes it a conducive site for beginners looking to score a transcription job.

They further ask for some minimal qualification requirements to secure a slot in their company. Some of these include;

  • A typing speed of at least 75 wpm.
  • Excellent English language and grammar skills.
  • Experience in transcription and word processing.
  • Ability to keep to a schedule.

Alice darling is a globally recommended company, and as such, you should try and seek out a job opportunity by forwarding your resume and a cover letter to Sergio and Michael at

BAM Transcription…

This is a popular transcription company based in Los Angeles, the USA, that has proudly serviced the film/television industry for over three decades. The company also works with some legal establishments. BAM Transcription is by far the best among many platforms as they have slots for beginners as long as they pass a basic qualification test. The company is not much for fancy qualification requirements. Another benefit giving beginners a chance to showcase their skills for the first time.

Application is always simple as they expect applicants to them an email expressing interest at Having some experience in the transcription industry or relevant field could boost your chances of getting a transcription job with this company. You should, however, always adhere to the preferred work schedule to avoid complications with jobs on tight deadlines. Nonetheless, you should give this company a try. You would not be disappointed with returns.

Birch Creek Communications…

Birch Creek Communications is a renowned transcription company that has garnered its popularity through high-quality professional transcriptions they have performed for their corporate clients for over 13 years. The company has different platforms dealing in different fields. For instance, they have a platform specifically dedicated to legal transcription jobs. Moreover, reviews by employees and former transcribers who have worked with the company further painted a good picture indicating reasonable pay for a job well done. The pay rates are usually dependent on factors such as turnaround time, the type of the job, and the quality of your final work. Therefore, with payment ranging from 0.4 to 1.75 per audio minute, consistently high accuracy levels will always reflect higher pay, and vice versa is true.

Birch Creek Communications always pay per audio minute, implying that they only consider how many minutes of audio you transcribe within the allocated timeframe and to what accuracy and not how long it takes you to complete the job or the number of pages completed. Thus, this company will guarantee decent pay for any beginning transcriptionist with minimal requirements of being a US citizen and current resident with a full transcription kit with other tools like a laptop, internet connection, a phone line, and a spelling/grammar checker. Application is straightforward by sending an email to expressing your interest as a transcriber.

Cambridge Transcriptions…

This is a US-based company that has been providing transcription services to clients in the legal, medical, financial, and technology-related fields for the past 20 years, reflecting their authenticity and dedication to serving clients and employees. Cambridge transcriptions often offer part-time positions to individuals intending to join their stuff either on-site or remotely at home. They are always looking for people with experience in the varied transcription fields especially;

  • A+ Legal Transcriptionists
  • Corporate Transcriptionists

Although the open posts might not be favourable for beginners, any individual qualified enough should apply for a position on the Cambridge Transcriptions staff since their pay is always reliable and fairly adequate.

Capital Typing…

Capital typing often offers a wide range of transcription services, from general transcription to corporate, legal, medical, and technical transcription, among others across several industries. They also touch on several presentation formats from interviews to focus groups, conference calls, dictations, meetings, among others. This has essentially created several opportunities for beginning transcriptionists to secure a position with the company as part-time or full-time employees, depending on their schedules and ability to deliver quality work. All you need to do is forward your CV, Skype information, salary requirements, and a completed test sample (test available at to ascertain the proclaimed transcription skills to


Castingwords is a great site dealing in online transcription jobs for those looking for remote home-based work. The company always works with freelancers in the capacity of independent contractors. Signing up to this platform is usually simple, with applicants required to some of the following basic requirements.

  • They have to be at least 18 years old.
  • They must live within one of the supported countries/states.
  • They must be able to receive payments through the PayPal Mass Payment system.
  • It must be legal for the applicant to work as an independent contractor as per their country/state law requirements.

Fulfilling these will score you a slot on the company’s staff with flexibility in terms of when and where you do your job as long as it is timely completed. The pay is also adequate ranging from 8.5 cents to slightly over a dollar per audio minute of transcription jobs. Payment always depends on several factors, which are essentially summed up to pay categories, with those graded 0-4 being discarded and redone, subsequently not paid. All the other works graded 5-9 always receive a multiplied base pay amount, with 5 receiving the least (the base pay) while 9 receiving the highest as a total of 3.0 times the base pay amount. A grading of 6 receives 1.5 times, 7 receives 2.0 times, while 8 receives 2.5 times the base pay. Essentially, great quality work will earn you a good some of the money able to sustain you or supplement your current income status.

Cyber Dictate…

Cyber dictate is a US-based online transcription platform often interested in recruiting intelligent transcribers within the continental United States only. They recruit individuals as freelance independent contractors capable of satisfying client’s requests. Unlike other transcription sites, Cyber dictate currently has job opportunities for legal transcriber applicants only. Therefore, before considering you as a potential candidate, you must satisfy the following requirements by having;

  • A headset
  • Foot pedal
  • Transcription software
  • A PC/Laptop with other crucial software like Microsoft Office.
  • No less than 3 years intensive prior legal experience in law firms within the past 5 – 7 years.
  • An impeccable professional reference
  • Availability during normal business hours.
  • A minimum typing speed of 85WPM.
  • The ability to work well under pressure and strict time constraints.

Fulfilling these requirements will allow you the opportunity to take a test to ascertain your skills. Passing this will land you a slot in one of the promising transcription sites with descent pay.

Daily Transcription…

Daily Transcription is a transcription service provider based in the US and popular globally for rendering quality transcription services to stakeholders in several fields such as entertainment, legal, academic, and corporate institutions. The platform is most appropriate for many individuals since they come packed with several benefits such highest flexibility, weekly payments of high rates starting from 0.75 to 0.85 dollars per audio minute for files transcribed.

Daily Transcription has often prided itself as all-inclusive by creating job opportunities for all individuals with minimal qualification requirements. As such, the company allows applicants in all levels of Transcription, such as professional level, novice, and even beginners. Applicants are usually required to have;

  • Good typing skills of at least 50 WPM
  • Exceptional listening skills
  • Good mastery of the English language
  • Ability to meet strict deadlines
  • A commitment to perfection

Full transcription kit of a computer with internet access, a transcription software like Express Scribe, a pair of headphones, and a foot pedal (highly recommended).

Daily Transcription has an on-site scheduler organizing how much to be assigned as per your suggestion. Applications are, however, only approved when the applicant successfully passes a skills assessment and transcription tests. Don’t miss out on this online transcription job opportunity.


This company is a professional transcription specialist which majorly focuses on financial and investor relations since 2003. They have, however, expanded their services to incorporate other industries such as the legal, insurance, and media sectors, among others. Expedict often only accepts experienced subscribers who are usually subjected to a skills assessment test to ascertain competence as claimed. Moreover, Expedict always pays well at a rate of around one sterling pound per minute of audio transcribed. The payments usually vary within the range due to other factors such as transcript quality, turnaround time, and the technical nature of the files to be transcribed.

Apart from experience, applicants are required to demonstrate typing skills of at least 60 words per minute. You must also have exceptional English language skills, and any background knowledge in finance improves the odds of scoring a slot at Expedict’s team. If appealed by the opportunity, you should send your inquiry to the company email with a CV and a cover letter. This site has proven very effective at hemorrhaging money for many individuals in correspondence to their hard work of transcribing numerous files.

GMR Transcription…

GMR is a US-based transcription company with thousands of happy and satisfied clients. The platform only accepts applicants based in the United States with a guarantee of transverse experiences in various fields and 99% accuracy. The platform requires zero qualifications to apply for the job. However, earning a slot in the company usually requires passing a strict transcription test. Moreover, you also need the basic transcription package of a computer, high-speed internet, Microsoft Office, foot pedal, and good headphones.

GMR allows great flexibility for its employees as they have the freedom to work from home at their own convenience. The company always has general transcription slots available for filling. Moreover, they also pay quite well, with transcriptionists earning between $1000 to $3000 depending on skill sets and the kind of work taken in terms of technicality. With the good pay and low qualification requirements, this is a great site for beginning transcribers.


This is another web-based transcription ideal for beginners. Expansion efforts attract more transcription job opportunities. As such, GoTranscript is actively looking for transcription job applicants. Furthermore, the company requires zero qualifications provided an individual can successfully pass their skills assessment test. The applicants are also often required to have a complete transcription kit coupled with good English Skills. The company’s pay is fairly average and capable of supporting wherever needed with a $0.60 minimum for a minute of the audio/video file.

It has also been estimated that GoTranscript earns an averagely working employee about $150 to $1215 per month. It allows beginning transcriptionists to transition and continue smoothly by giving even slower typists an opportunity to improve essentially great for beginners since they are just learning the skills and thus could be slow. As a transcription beginner, you should check out their site and sign up for guaranteed transcription jobs upon passing the assessment test.

Hollywood Transcriptions…

This company is often popular in the transcription industry by garnering a fantastic reputation through the years for the quality transcripts they usually deliver to clients. Hollywood transcriptions are currently hiring transcribers for general work. They always require their transcribers to meet the following condition requirements;

  • Observe accuracy and ensure detailed work
  • Adhere to the allocated deadlines
  • Type at least 65 wpm
  • Own a digital foot pedal
  • Acquire a transcription software
  • Have great English language skills, especially in grammar and spellings
  • Have a reliable PC/Laptop
  • Have a good internet connection
  • Have an email account
  • Have some computer knowledge and skills

The transcription company is always associated with good pay of up to $15 or even more every hour, depending on the jobs taken. As such, you should apply as this would allow you to make some good money.

Mulberry Studio…

This is an international transcription service providing enterprise situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The company is popular, providing clients with high-quality, timely, and intelligent transcript deliveries globally. Mulberry studio offers transcription services to nearly all fields by employing individuals with diverse experience backgrounds. This makes them ideal for any transcription job, be it medical, academic, finance, technology, media, or business. This diversity has created job opportunities as the company’s clientele is huge. With over 30 years of successful transcription service provision, more people are trusting their files with Mulberry studio for Transcription.

Moreover, the company also offers competitive pay for all the files transcribed, with the rates being a minimum of $90 for a one-hour recording completed. Therefore, the more hours and high accuracy, the more pay, a situation conducive for the growth of a beginner. As a beginner in the field, you should apply for a position in this company as it requires minimal to no qualifications with rewarding pay. The application simply involves filling out an online form. However, make sure to add your CV and cover letter just in case, as these could boost your chances of being selected.

Pacific Transcription…

This is an Australian-owned transcription service providing company with over two decades of offering clients high-quality transcription services. Their services are always international, however, limited to a select few countries around the globe. Pacific transcription usually offers services to four major field categories. These include;

General Transcription – this usually touches on everything from interviews to legal, media, and even financial briefings. For this opportunity, at least 3 years of transcription experience is always required with knowledge of the specific topic improving one’s odds at getting the job. Moreover, understanding and transcribing a range of accents, specifically Asian accents, would also increase the applicant’s chances.

Medical Transcription – in this category, pacific transcriptions require at least five years of experience as a medical typist across several disciplines. Moreover, the ability to translate accented English by some medical specialists to whom English is a second language would improve the applicant’s chances. You should also have some medical terminology knowledge and great research skills.

Finance transcription – here, applicants stand a chance if they are familiar with the international finance language. Interpreting accented English would be a plus for the applicant as many stakeholders in this industry speak English as a second language. Also, some previous transcription experience is always required, with some knowledge of financial terminology and good research skills.

Minute taking – this is the final category of transcription service offered by Pacific transcription. Applicants are always required to have some highly developed critical thinking, listening, and communication skills. High proficiency in Microsoft Office, previous minute-taking experience, and some established confidentiality records are also considered upon application.

Pacific transcription often demands a minimum typing speed of 70 wpm, which is usually tested during the skills assessment test. They also require their employees to transcribe at least 4 hours of an audio/video file weekly, translating to roughly 15 – 20 hours of typing every week. The platform has numerous opportunities, and if you feel qualified, you should apply immediately by filling in a specific form on their website.

Pioneer Transcription Services…

Pioneer often only hires freelance independent contractors to handle their jobs. However, this usually requires qualified personnel warranting for some form of qualification requirements to ascertain an individual’s worth to be added to the staff list. For instance, a foot pedal is always required and having this during application would improve your chances of getting the job. Other tools often required by Pioneer transcription company include a PC/Laptop, stable internet connection and a transcription software.

Getting a job with the company is even much easier since all you have to do is fill out an online application form, and at least include professional references. However, you always have to complete and pass an assessment test before being subcontracted by the company. Landing a contract with Pioneer transcription will ensure a long and constant supply of transcription jobs all suiting your individual schedule. As such, it would be worth trying out. Due to job overflows, the company is currently hiring general and legal transcriptionists whenever need arises.


This is another renown transcription company that is popular for transcribing all file types including voicemail messages. Quicktate often only offer recordings shorter that 5 minutes transcribing both English and Spanish files. For files longer than 5 minutes, clients are always advised to use iDictate which is essentially similar to Quicktate except it does not transcribe voicemail messages. Freelance contractors by Quicktate are always super flexible to when, where and how long you want to work on a file. Before acceptance as independent contractors, applicants must always fulfill the following requirements;

  • Ability to follow instructions appropriately
  • Have great English skills from spelling to grammar and punctuations among others.
  • Have some form of experience as a professional transcriptionist.
  • Present with individual transcription equipment, supplies and facilities.
  • Embrace honesty, integrity and reliability always
  • Zero convictions as a felony/misdemeanour on your records
  • Ensure to take a quiz for every language/specialty you are interested in as a transcriptionist.
  • Take a test to identify and understand Quicktate’s requirements

Take a test to identify and understand Quicktate’s requirements

Despite all the numerous requirements, this site is always crucial at supplying individuals with transcription jobs globally, with a good pay routine of 1.25 to 1.99 dollars every week in the economy package whereas the standard package allows for payments ranging from $5 to $6.99 weekly. This should essentially be enough to supplement any other form of income or survive.


On any given day, Rev is always flowing with hundred of projects most of which need transcribers. Therefore, as a transcription company, Rev has created a lot of opportunities for many transcribers while also offering chance for beginners to join in the hustle. Rev requires no qualifications or prior experiences to offer a position. However, these are always recommended for many seeking to join. Audio files are always constantly updated in the platform providing lucky transcribers with a constant flow of jobs. Payments are always weekly, specifically Mondays via PayPal. This is usually based on all the audio files transcribed within the one-week period. Individuals always have the choice to stick with a job if its conducive or ignore if difficult or at an inconvenient time. The pay is always average at 0.36 – 0.65 dollars per audio minute which is essentially enough for a hardworking transcriber to survive or supplement their income.


This is another popular online transcription platform which offers transcription services to clients and job opportunities to individuals with the necessary transcription skill sets. The company is always looking for professional transcriptionists specifically in the interview transcription segment thereby having even the slightest past experience in the area especially research would be advantageous to the applicant.

More endorsements often follow some experience working on healthcare sciences. The company is US based and only allows US -based applicants/personnel to operate. Application process is also simple requiring only the filling of an online form and may be some form of a skills assessment test common across many transcription platforms to ascertain the level of skills presented by a beginner. Essentially, samedaytranscriptions is also appropriate for individuals looking to venture in to transcription industry.


This another great site where an individual could get online transcription jobs pending proper sign up of the individual. Attaining apposition at Scribie as an employee often requires minimal qualification needs except for some basic transcription skills such as;

  • Good communication skills
  • Proficiency in spoken/written English
  • Clear understanding of American/British/Australian/Indian accents
  • Scribie also deals with files from multiple fields/industries such as academia, finance, general among others. Nonetheless, becoming a transcriber for Scribie often comes accompanied by responsibilities. Some of these include;
  • Transcribing audio files to text
  • Reviewing audio transcripts for accuracy
  • Verifying that the audio transcript matches the audio
  • Interpreting speech and identifying contextual mistakes
  • Correctly identify each speaker and label them
  • Correct spelling, grammar and punctuations in the script.

Application process is always very simple, all you have to do is go to the website and fill out the application form expressing interest as a transcriber for Scribie.


This is also a great transcription site with a slight difference in operation. Terescription always does transcription and logging specifically for production studios. There are always a lot of work to be transcribed in production studios and this offers employment opportunities around the globe for those seeking to make some little cash.

They request that applicants have access to/own the following tools;

  • A windows operating system
  • Windows Media Player
  • A PC/Laptop
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Good headphones
  • A foot pedal (recommended always)

Application is always easy as it entails downloading a sample media file, transcribing it then forwarding the transcript to the company’s email, and await confirmation for acceptance or rejection. Acceptance always warrants signing of independent contractor agreement while failure always attracts another trial after some time. With no fancy qualifications required, you should make an effort and apply for a job opening.


Tigerfish is another US based transcription company which only accepts applicants from the US and must be a legal resident. The company has existed from 1989 constituting one of the early transcription companies. Transcribing with this company always requires no qualifications except for a test admitted to assess the transcription skillset levels. Applicants/beginning transcriptionists are also required by the company to have;

  • High-speed internet access
  • A telephone number regularly used
  • Windows-based computer
  • A copy of Express Scribe transcription software

The test always entails downloading an audio file, transcribing it and sending it to the company’s mail to awaits further news on progress. Essentially, with transcription jobs here, you will be set to survive or supplement contemporary earnings.


Trusted by thousands of customers and over two million qualified skilled team members, TranscribeMe has surpassed many people’s expectations by ranking among the best online transcription job platforms. The company usually touches on many fields from medical, to legal, financial, academic and many more. They claim to have the best pay rates globally for online transcription industries. For instance, earning in this platform starts at $15-22 per audio hour and maximum monthly earning at $2200. Essentially, the average earnings like a monthly average of $250 is also fairly adequate to supplement other income sources.

Transcriptionists with experience in specific fields more so legal and medical are always paid even higher. As such payment is also fluctuating as per some factors like transcript quality, and technical difficulty. Other avenues of the platform are pretty much free working anywhere any time and a capability to request and receive payments at any moment in time in USD via PayPal. TranscribeMe always requires applicants to have some basic skills and tools like;

  • A high school diploma
  • Fluency in English
  • Proper understanding of grammar and punctuations
  • These are common among many individuals and thus should not deter you from signing up to potential opportunity of employment.

Verbal Ink…

Verbal Ink is another great site to find some online transcription jobs are is also friendly to beginners. Application for a job in this site is always straightforward requiring the applicant to forward their interest letter and possibly a CV and a cover letter to the company’s email to boost their odds of emerging victorious.

Applicants/beginning transcriptionists are always required to acquire a transcription software, foot pedal, a QuickTime Player/Windows Media Player, a PC/Laptop and internet connection. You should apply for this job opportunity to see whether you qualify or not since their pay could supplement in some ways.


This is an international transcription company established way back in 2002. The experience gathered over the years has helped the company attract a massive client list and employees from all over the world. The company’s pay is always good depending on the project turnaround time. Employees usually earn between $0.45 – $1.73 per audio minute whether freelance or full time.

WayWithWords usually recruits transcriptionists of all levels from beginners to seasoned individuals. The recruitment process always occurs in three stages;

Stage 1 – Online Assessment

This is usually divided into general language, research and audio sub-sections separately graded during as assessment test. Passing one segment allows you to progress to the next and failing even one segment cancels the application process as you will be unable to complete the remaining segments, rendering the process unsuccessful.

Online assessment will require approximately an hour to complete. Leaving the assessment page for any reasons such as closing of the browser or having issues with the internet would also prompt termination of the application process giving you up to 24 hours before engaging another trial.

Stage 2 – Offline Assessment

This always comes after successfully completing the online assessment section. The platform always avails a link to an offline assessment page. This does not always require constant presence on the website’s assessment page.

Stage 3 – Assessment Submission

This is the final application stage and it entails uploading all the documents completed during the offline assessment to an online application form platform. Completing this should allow the company to render a verdict whether you are qualified to join their expert teams or rejected.

Essentially, you should try and apply as instructed above to this website as it will guarantee some form of income once approved and assigned some transcription jobs.


WeScribeIt is a US-based transcription company which usually allows only US residents to apply for a position. They require some form of previous experience specific to a certain field of interest using pre-formatted documents. The company also offers transcription services across several industries like academic, medical, legal among others. The pay from the company is also ever great with;

General and legal transcriptionists starting to earn at half cent per word ($0.005)

Medical transcribers earning from three-quarter cents per word ($0.0075)

Per minute files starting pay at $0.75 per minute

The application process is also always straight forward with the applicants required to fill out an application form, successfully complete a test emailed to the applicant and acceptance implies prospective contact to complete the testing/hiring process. Simple application with significant pay should motivate you to check out this site.


In conclusion, these sites constitute some of the best online transcription sites in the UK and globally. You should thus ensure that you go through the article thoroughly in the anticipation of finding at least one site best suitable and most appealing to your needs. Online transcription will guarantee some money on the table while also making your career.

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