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50 TikTok Ideas to make your Small Business go Viral!

TikTok Ideas

50 TikTok Ideas to make your Small Business go Viral!

Looking for TikTok ideas which will help your business go viral? well we have you covered!

TikTok is a social media platform that allows users to share short videos of themselves. The app has become extremely popular, with over 500 million active users.

For businesses, TikTok provides an excellent opportunity to reach a large audience with creative content. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are 50 TikTok video ideas for small businesses.

1. Introduce yourself – For an excellent TikTok video for small business owners, you need to let people know who you are and encourage them to engage with you. You need to introduce yourself and say a few things about your business. The more personal your business feels the more likely TikTok users are to connect with you.

2. Get personal – Customers want to see the person behind the business, so don’t be afraid to show your face and get personal in your videos. Share your story, tell people what drives you, and let them know what they can expect from your business.

3. Introduce your team – If you want people to know more about your company, what better way to do it than by introducing them to the people who work there? You can create a video that introduces your team members and provide a little bit of information about each of them. Doing so will help people feel like they know your company and its employees, making them more interested in doing business with you.

4. Share a behind-the-scenes look – People love seeing the process of making products or running a business. So share a behind-the-scenes video in the office or business to give TikTok users an inside look at what you do.

5. Offer a one-day tour – You can organise a one-day tour for people to come and learn more about your business. The tour will offer a glimpse of how you go about your day-to-day operations. Doing so allows your potential customers to know what your business is about and how it works.

6. Support your local community – You can use the TikTok platform to support your local community in various ways. For instance, you can make a video showing how your business is giving back to the community or collaborate with a local charity to help raise awareness for their cause.

7. Share Mission and Vision of your business – You can use TikTok to share what defines your company, its objectives, and how it plans to achieve them. Doing so will give your potential customers an idea of what you stand for and what they can expect from your company.

8. Share your success stories – TikTok has many success stories, and you can therefore use this platform to share your success stories. You can share the details of how you worked to get your business off the ground, your failures, and how you bounced back to become the owner of a successful business. Doing so will inspire other businesses, and people will be more interested in knowing more about your company.

9. Collaborate with other small businesses – Collaborating with other small businesses is a great way to reach a wider audience and gain new followers. You can partner with businesses in your industry or complementary businesses to cross-promote each other. You can achieve this by creating joint videos, sponsoring each other’s content, or holding contests together.

10. Offer Tips and Tricks – People love tips and tricks videos because they are helpful and informative. You can use TikTok to offer tips and tricks related to your industry or business. For instance, if you own a restaurant, you can share tips on making the perfect meal. Alternatively, if you’re a fashion designer, you can offer style tips to help people look their best.

11. Create engaging content – Appealing content is the key to success on any social media platform, and TikTok is no different. Therefore, you need to create content that people will want to watch, share, and comment on. To do this, you need to know who your audience is and what type of content they like.

12. Teach something – People love learning new things, so consider teaching your followers something in your TikTok videos. It could be a tutorial on how to use your product, some expert tips in your industry, or even just a fun fact related to your business.

13. Do a questions and answers session – A Q&A session on TikTok is an effective way to engage with your audience and answer any questions they may have about your business. You can also use this opportunity to get feedback from your customers and learn what they want to see from you in the future.

14. Go live – Going live on TikTok is a wonderful way to connect with your audience. You can answer questions, give shoutouts, and show your personality in a way that’s not possible with pre-recorded videos. Plus, TikTok will notify your followers when you go live, which helps to increase viewership.

15. Host a contest – Contests are a great way to increase engagement and reach a massive audience on TikTok. You can offer prizes for the best videos related to your contest hashtag, encouraging people to create and share content.

16. Share your Inspiration – What or who inspires you to work hard and pursue your dreams? How do you motivate your team? Use TikTok to share your story and why you’re passionate about your business. Inspiration is a powerful stimulation, and your video could be the catalyst that encourages someone else to start their own business.

17. About your business name – Use the TikTok video to tell your audience about how you came up with your business name and its meaning. This will help connect with your customers personally and make your brand more relatable.

18. List Your Products Online – Do you have a retail location and want to showcase your products? You can use TikTok to list your products online to allow your customers to see what you have to offer and how much it costs. You can also use this platform to give people a sneak peek of new products that you will be launching soon.

19. Show off Your Best Selling Products – You can utilize TikTok to show a product selling well in your company. That will help to increase interest in your product and encourage people to buy it. You can also use this platform to share customer testimonials about your product.

20. Most Requested Service – Do you offer a service that people always request? For instance, if you own an auto repair shop, the most requested service could be a tire rotation or wheel alignment, an oil change, or air conditioning and heating. Displaying these trending services is an effective way to reach your audience and get more sales.

21. Packaging your orders – Customers love seeing what they will get. Thus, showcase your product’s brand values by using sustainable packaging methods and tell people what goes into making sure each order is perfect.

22. The hurdle to overcome – Have you ever faced a hurdle in your business? Then, use TikTok to share your story and how you overcame it. That is a great way to show people that you’re resilient and not afraid to overcome obstacles.

23. Analyse the mistakes – Every business makes mistakes, but how you learn from your mistakes is what counts. Use TikTok to analyse the mistakes you’ve made in your business and what you’ve learned from them. This way, you will show your audience that you’re always learning and constantly trying to improve your business.

24. Free Giveaways – Everyone loves free stuff! You can use TikTok to give away free products or services. That is the best way to get people talking about your small business and consequently increase sales.

25. Offer discounts and coupons – Give discounts and coupons in your TikTok videos to encourage people to buy from you. You can also use TikTok’s ‘Swipe Up’ feature to link to a landing page or product page where people can learn more about your offer.

26. Teach your customers about using your products – If you have a product that requires assembly or one to read the owner’s manual, you can use TikTok to educate your customers on using your products.

27. Request likes and follows – Don’t be afraid to ask your viewers to like and follow your TikTok account. Having more likes and followers helps boost your brand and increase your sales and revenue. Apart from using your TikTok videos to make sales, use them to support your loyal customers and build a community around them.

28. Stock updates – Show people when you have new products in stock or when popular items are running low. That will create a sense of urgency and encourage people to buy your products before they run out.

29. Offer photoshoot tips – If you’re a photographer, use TikTok to share tips on how to take better photos. You can also use this platform to show people how to edit their photos and make them look professional.

30. Make your videos funny and exciting – Funny videos always win on TikTok. So use hum or, wit, and sarcasm when creating videos to keep your audience engaged. People tend to watch and share your videos if they’re entertaining.

31. Get creative with hashtags – The use of creative and targeted hashtags can do wonders for your small business on TikTok. By using the right hashtags, you can significantly increase the reach and engagement of your videos. Some popular TikTok marketing hashtags you can use are #foryoupage, #tiktoktips, #smallbusiness, #fyp, #viral, #funny, #duet, #trending, #love, etc.

32. Share customer stories – Customer stories are a compelling and inexpensive way to connect with your audience and show them the impact of your business. For example, you can share stories of how you’ve helped customers achieve their goals, overcome challenges, or improve their lives somehow. These stories humanize your business and make it easy for people to connect with you.

33. Collaborate with influencers – Like YouTube, TikTok’s most crucial feature is sharing videos, which helps to explain the high engagement rate. Therefore, if your target audience is on TikTok, engaging influencers to create fresh, authentic content could be the best option for your brand.

34. Use trending songs and audio – Jump on board with popular songs and audio clips that are trending on TikTok to make your videos more discoverable. That will help you reach a wider audience and get more views, likes, and comments.

35. Repurpose content from other platforms – If you already have videos on other platforms like YouTube or Instagram, you can easily repurpose this content for TikTok. All you need to do is edit the videos to make them 15 seconds or less, add some trending music or audio, and post them on TikTok.

36. Use TikTok’s duet feature – The duet feature on TikTok allows you to create a video that responds to other TikTok users’ content. That way, you can get your videos seen by a larger audience and increase engagement with other users.

37. Use TikTok’s Hashtag Challenge feature – TikTok’s Hashtag Challenge feature allows you to create a challenge around a specific hashtag. Since most People participate in these hashtag challenges, using the proper hashtag challenge will enable you to reach a large audience and get people talking about your brand.

38. Use TikTok’s branded lenses – Branded Lenses utilizes the AR effect to allow users to add 3D objects, face filters, and other similar effects to their brands. Creating a branded lens enables your business to be more recognizable to your audience.

39. Take advantage of TikTok’s shopping feature – TikTok’s shopping feature allows businesses to sell products directly from their videos, which is a great way to increase sales. This feature is still in beta, but it’s worth signing up for if you’re interested in selling products on TikTok.

40. Use TikTok’s native advertising – TikTok offers businesses the ability to run native ads, which are videos that blend in with the rest of the content on the platform. These ads are less intrusive than other types of advertising and can be an excellent way to reach your customers.

41. Use TikTok’s brand takeovers – A brand takeover is when advertisers display their ads immediately when a user opens the app, which lasts for a few seconds. The ad can be linked to a Hashtag Challenge within TikTok or a brand’s landing page. These ads are engaging and great for brands seeking mass awareness.

42. Create how-to videos – Instructional videos are extremely popular on social media because they’re helpful and informative. People love watching these videos because they learn something new or ways to do something that they could not do before. You can use TikTok to create how-to videos that teach people about your industry or business. For instance, you can show people how to make a perfect meal or style their hair in a certain way.

43. Spread awareness about small businesses – Small businesses are the backbone of any economy. Therefore, you can use the TikTok platform to spread awareness about small businesses and their importance. That will help small businesses get more customers and sales, including yours.

44. Urge people to shop small – In addition to spreading awareness about small businesses, you can also urge people to shop small. You can do this by sharing videos about the benefits of shopping at small businesses. For instance, you can explain how shopping at small businesses helps to support the local economy.

45. Educate your audience about your industry – Use TikTok to educate your audience about your industry. This is a great way to show people that you’re an expert in your field and that you know what you’re talking about. You can also use this platform to dispel any myths or misconceptions about your industry.

46. Offer business advice – Do you have any business advice for other entrepreneurs? TikTok can offer a platform to share your tips and tricks, which can also help other businesses grow and succeed.

47. Promote other businesses – TikTok is a great platform to promote other businesses, especially if they’re small businesses. By promoting other businesses, you’ll be helping them to grow while also building relationships. These relationships could lead to future collaborations down the road.

48. Start to Finish Time-lapse – Have you ever completed a project from start to finish? Use TikTok to create a time-lapse video of the process. Followers will enjoy watching you carry out tasks at high speed. When shooting the time-lapse video, ensure you use a low ISO and higher light setting to reduce photographic graininess and noise.

49. Celebrate Special Occasions – If you have any upcoming special occasions, use TikTok to promote them. That could be anything from a new product launch to a holiday sale. By promoting your events on TikTok, you’ll reach many people and generate more interest.

50. Say thank you – Last but not least, be sure to show your appreciation to your customers by saying thank you. You can do this in a TikTok video or in the comments section of your videos. This will show people that you appreciate them and are grateful for their support.


These are just a few ideas to get you started. There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating content for TikTok. So be creative, have fun, and experiment with different videos to see what works best for your business. There’s no right or wrong way to use TikTok, so go out there and start creating!

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