Tesco’s Student Shopper Card – An easy way for parents to pay for student groceries

Tesco’s Student Shopper Card – An easy way for parents to pay for student groceries

Tesco has some good news for university students, their parents, and guardians. The British multinational groceries retailer has recently unveiled a new student card meant to make their life easier while away from home. Under the Student Shopper Scheme, the organisation gives two cards, one for the student and the other to the parent or guardian. With this arrangement, the parent can top-up the card, and the funds will be available to the student to put towards their grocery shopping.


The good thing with these cards is that they are linked together. This means that both the student and the parent can easily access them. As such, the student can easily spend the money and the parent can add money to the card at his or her own convenience. Loading up the card is also simple. There is no minimum top-up amount.

Signing-up to the scheme is absolutely free and Tesco has ensured that even parents who come from less privileged backgrounds can enjoy this unique service.  However, one can only top-up the card to a maximum of £200.  In case you want to top-up, you just need to visit the customer care desk in store. Tesco boasts of over three thousand stores spread as the UK. You can visit these outlets to add money to this innovative Student Shopper Card.


The card is easy to use. You can easily keep track of the balance by looking at the receipt after topping up or spending. This makes the card convenient to both the student and the guardian. Furthermore, you can find more about your balance by calling the company’s customer service line on 0330 123 4055. For security purposes, you need to note your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and the card number. Without these numbers, you cannot transfer the balance in the unfortunate event you lose your card. Thus, clients are requested to note down these numbers.

Most importantly, users of this card need to keep in mind that the cash in this card is not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. That means in case Tesco becomes insolvent, a customer risks losing his or her money. However, this should not deter students and parents from using the card since it has many benefits.

Enhances Better Spending Culture…

For a long time, students have been unable to prioritise their spending. The effect is that they end up spending money meant for necessities on other things. This had led to financial difficulties. Tesco realised that this problem is widespread and came in to assist these students in making prudent spending decisions. Through the card, parents and guardians are reassured that their children always have some money to spend on basics such as food among other household items. It is thus possible for students to have a spare budget for their necessities, which in turn streamlines their spending.