8 Websites Where Teens Can Make Money Online UK

8 Websites Where Teens Can Make Money Online UK

Teens seem to have it rough in life. They’re in that awkward life phase where they want to make their own money, but they still want to depend on their parents for support. Also, teens don’t have a lot of money-making opportunities available to them. Since they don’t, they have a limited way to earn income. Thankfully, they can log online and take advantage of some of those money-making schemes. The following money-making opportunities for teens are available below.


YSense is an online site that allows teens to make money by taking surveys, reading ads, and trying out offers. Teens can even make referrals to earn money as well. YSense allows 13-year-old teens to sign up for free. Once a teen signs up they can even upgrade to a full-year membership for only $17. The full-year membership will allow a teen to make more money and get more rewards. This is a great income opportunity for kids who want to earn some extra spending money or who are trying to save up for a special purchase.


Fiverr has been on the internet for many years. This is a site that allows people to sell their skills, talents, and abilities for $5 (or more) to customers. This site allows young teens who are 13 to sign up to earn money. If a teen has the ability to write, can teach a subject, or provides a special online service; they could earn money from their talent. Fiverr is a vetted site that has lots of legit income-earning opportunities. People do make money from this site, and it is a great way for young teens to try out their endeavors.

LifePoints Panel

LifePoints Panel (previously Global Test Market) is all about the surveys. You have to be 14 and older to make money. However, if you’re at least 14, you can sign up to this site and take advantage of what this company has to offer. You’ll fill out surveys that are teen-appropriate. Surveys can be from companies that are looking for information about teen spending habits or gathering information about the types of products and services that they use. Global Test Market also are aware of parental responsibility with their business. So, they make sure to be transparent and to make sure that dads and mums approve of their offers.


iPoll is an online survey site that young 14-old-kids can use to earn an income. This site provides surveys, and the surveys can be completed by teens. Teen members just have to let their parents know about this opportunity and fill out the form. Once they do, they should be able to start earning money right away.


Swagbucks isn’t just for teens, but teens can use the app and site to make cash or to earn vouchers. This site allows 13-year-old teens to sign up. Once they register, they can immediately begin to make money. They can watch videos, play video games, fill out surveys, and complete offers. The site restricts the type of jobs available for teens. This way, parents don’t have to worry about getting offers that might not be child-appropriate. Teens can generally earn good spending money from this site if they are willing to put in the work.

Slice the Pie

Slice the Pie is a music review site. People are generally paid a few cents to listen to different music and to write reviews for each song. This site has been around for many years and it’s legit. However, a teen is going to have to really work hard to build up the cash. The songs are teen-friendly and young people are not given any other offers but the music. The age of 13 is the minimum age that a person must be to sign up.


Surveysavvy is another survey site. A kid has to be at least 13 to register. surveysavvy is another teen friend survey company where teens can make some cash. Teens will have to work hard to ensure that they are earning enough for whatever they want. This site can help them to save money, earn spending money, or have an income stream.

Valued Opinions

Have you ever told a teen that their opinions are valued? If you did, then you know how important this is to them. The Valued Opinions website gives teens the ability to earn gift cards that can be used in different places. Valued Opinions is for older teens who are at least 17. So, younger teens won’t be able to join. Still, if a teen is looking for a great way to get some extra cash, Valued Opinions could be the site they need to fulfil this purpose.