Survey sites where you can make money online

Survey sites where you can make money online

The pandemic has been hard on everyone. While we all wish we could have saved plenty of money during this time, it hasn’t happened for many. Instead, we’ve been forced to use our incentives to just pay for daily living. Even the prices in the grocery stores have risen dramatically. With all that has happened, it’s now time to focus our thoughts on recovery. Most people will be able to get the vaccine this year. However, while people wait, it’s good to put that time off or free time to good use. There are so many survey sites in the UK that can help you make extra cash. In this article, we will be reviewing them.


Swagbucks is easy to join. You often can sign-up and get a bonus right away. After this, you can earn money for surveys as well as polls and other incentives. You can even get cashback from your favourite stores.


Hiving has some surveys as well as other perks. This means that you can test products, play lotteries, do raffles, and enter competitions while you’re waiting to get your survey cash.


You can do these polls and also help shape the news. This can be exciting to participate in. Additionally, you will be paid in PayPal or BAC.

Panel Base

This is a UK-based survey site. You can take surveys in all different mediums, including the telephone. UK-based sites are great as they generally want local feedback.

Branded Surveys

Like most of these sites, you will have to fill out your profile. After this, you can start having access to all of the types of surveys, including product testing.


Yuno surveys generally go through very well. They will ask you some questions, and after this, you can start getting surveys to your e-mail.


YouGov works for many different countries. You will just need to make sure you get signed up under the UK. After this, a person will have surveys that go through more times than not.


This site is a part of Ipsos. Ipsos is one of the major players when it comes to surveys. The surveys tend to be higher paying. When a person signsup, they are entered to win £90.

Opinion Outpost

This site has been around for a while. One of the major benefits of this site is that you can redeem for 2.50 pounds. Other sites generally start at 5-10 pounds minimum at least.

Vindale Research

Vindale is open to UK residents. One of the nice parts of the surveys is that they often include watching videos. Once one reaches $50, then cash out is available.


Pinecone has very high-paying surveys, sometimes $5 per survey, but they are hard to get in with. You can apply but only lucky candidates will be accepted. Thankfully, they may be looking specifically for more UK participants.

New Vista Live

This site is good to work with, however, they have a high pay-out threshold of 50 pounds. This means that you will be doing quite a few surveys until you can actually redeem any reward.

Pure Profile

This site allows surveys as well as visiting websites to make money. People get the personalized offer that also allows them to save on products.

ACOP Research

This site is all about looking to see if new products will be a hit in the marketplace.

Oh My Dosh!

This site is extremely well paying. It even involves subscription boxes. A person can be paid 20 pounds per survey. They also don’t make it hard to cash out with a minimum of 10 pounds.

Life Points

The site works with some of the biggest brands in the world.

Survey Friends

If you like to save time, sign up for this site. They estimate the survey times are under five minutes.


Toluna requires sign-up and wait for processing, but once you’re in, you have access to a lot. They will allow you to make money writing blogs, playing games, doing polls, and of course, through surveys.

Inbox Pounds

This site will send e-mails and offers to your inbox once you have signed up.


There are several ways to earn money from this site. Take note though that this won’t provide cash, only product rewards.


It may be competitive to get in as there are already 70,000 people on board. However, some survey sites have more participants, so this site is still worth a try. The pay per hour is $6.50, and this is pretty decent as far as survey sites go.

Survey Bods

This is strictly a survey site, but the participants are also entered in draws just for staying on board.

Survey Spotter

This is a great site to sign up for because it has the best of all the surveys in the UK. Additionally, a person gets an average of 3 pounds a survey. The maximum pay per survey is 5 pounds.

Panel Opinion

This is a good site to sign-up for if you don’t have a lot of time to devote to surveys as they pride themselves on offering short surveys. Also, the minimum pay-out is only 10 pounds.


In order to sign up for this site, a person will need to put the app on one’s phone. After this, you can just go on missions and earn money.

Survey Compare

This is easy to sign-up for, and then you will get notified in your inbox of all the new survey sites. Since the industry continually changes, it’s nice to keep in the loop with the upcoming developments.

Populus Live

This site pays well with an opportunity for one pound for just five minutes of one’s time doing surveys and polls.

Google Opinion Rewards

This site requires an app. The best part though is that the surveys take less than 20 seconds.


The surveys on this site are more interesting, so it is worth signing up. Also, the pay-out starts at just 4 pounds.

Your Say Pays

This is a site worth signing up for as you can get paid in PayPal or Amazon vouchers.


This is worth signing-up for if you have an Amazon account as you can get vouchers for this. It is a UK-based site.

Mind Mover

This is a UK-based site again. Those who want PayPal or Amazon rewards should sign-up.


People can earn quite a bit on this site for very short surveys. It is definitely worth signing up.


Surveys can be a great way to make extra income. The ones listed above that are exclusive to the UK are especially pertinent. Those sites can be easier for UK residents to get signed on for. Keep in mind that all these sites are competitive, so they may have enough of your particular demographic and reject you. However, with 34 sites with unique advantages, you are sure to find some that really work for you. It will help to pass time during the pandemic and help you to start feeling financially on your feet again.