Supermarkets to increase night-time deliveries to prevent stock shortages

The Government relax night-time deliveries to ease Coronavirus panic buying

Less than 24 hours ago the environmental department made the statement that they will be working alongside local councils to allow more frequent night-time deliveries to supermarkets and other food retailers. “By allowing night-time deliveries, stock will be more readily available to the consumer and we can move from warehouse to shelf at a faster rate.” – Environment Secretary George Eustice claims.

At present, there are restrictions of night-time deliveries in order to minimize the impact on locals living near delivery routes. These restrictions are now being reduced after a meeting on Friday to help tackle the “panic buying” that is currently ongoing. Eustice continues with, “We have listened to our leading supermarkets and representatives from across the industry, and we are taking action to support their preparations.”

Government officials have once again reiterated that “There is currently no need to stockpile for the CORVID-19” in an attempt to slow down the sweeping of shelves. Major retailers including Tesco and Waitrose are among the supermarket chains that have already implemented “ration” style services to ensure enough goods are being responsibly sold to a wider number of customers. The main items that have been selected for this restriction are Rice, Pasta, Anti-bacterial gels, wipes and cleaners, UHT milk and a variety of tinned goods. A Retail Economics survey estimates that 1 in 10 people have stockpiled for the CORVID-19 virus started hitting mainstream media.

Retailers have also made statements reassuring customers that “We have contingency plans for events such as this and although there may be a current shortage in shelf stock, the systems in place to relieve these gaps are already in full swing to buy cialis fast shipping keep the nation well supplied” The main message the Government and Retailers are trying to push is that buying a variety of goods that can sustain you and your family is better than bulk buying selected products.

“There is absolutely no need for anybody to stockpile anything” a quote from Culture secretary Oliver Dowden, he continues with, “we are confident supermarkets have the supply chains necessary to keep shelves stocked for people”.

At the end of the day, the overall message seems to be that we need to show the world the Great British resolve, keep calm and carry on. If everyone does their part in helping prevent the spread by washing their hands, cleaning properly and catching coughs and sneezes in tissues, Great Britain will confidently ride out this virus and its spread.​