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10 Side Hustles for Teachers UK

10 Side Hustles for Teachers UK

Teachers are professional educators that have a special skill set. Most teachers specialize in an area of education. They also have general knowledge about various subjects. While teaching is a full-time job, it does help educators to pick up a side hustle. If you’re a teacher, you should know that your professional training and background can make you some extra money. Keep reading to discover the following side hustles for teachers and how they can improve your financial situation.

Sell Lesson Plans

Teachers are busy people. They have to plan, go to meetings, deal with students, evaluate student progress, and constantly make lesson plans. Over the years, many smart educators figured out that they need to make their lesson plans in advance. This saves time and it helps to keep things running smoothly for teachers. Some teachers not only make their lesson plans early; they sell them for a profit to other educators.

Truthfully, why reinvent the wheel? There are many teachers who don’t mind using lesson plans from their peers. When you create a lesson plan, do it on your computer. Turn your program into PDF form and print them off to your clients. You can even sell plans on a disc or sell them individually on a site that promotes this product. Teachers pay Teachers and MASH are two sites where you can sell lesson plans for money.

Become an Exam Invigilator

College high school and secondary school educators typically provide examinations for their students to test their knowledge. If you’re a teacher with certification at these levels of education, you might consider the job as an exam invigilator. What’s an invigilator? It’s a fancy way of saying, exam proctor or exam supervisor. Educators can sign up for this type of work and help students with university entrance exams or with some other specialized area of education where exams are required. This position typically pays between £8 – £10 per hour and most invigilators work part-time hours.


Tutoring is a normal part of an educator’s duties. Sooner or later, all teachers will tutor a student. Since this is the case, you might as well create a side hustle doing this type of work. You can use your school to recruit students, or you can tutor through an online service. Teachers and tutoring go hand in hand.

Tutoring Online

Tutoring online is the same thing as tutoring but it’s done exclusively online. You can use videos to teach students, or you can use services such as Zoom to connect with students. Tutoring online is now a common part of the modern education system due to the coronavirus pandemic. You can provide your pupils with exclusive one content to help them to learn a subject. Having exclusive content can help your tutoring business to excel.

Market Educational Printables

Educational printable are paper items used to help teach children. They include things such as worksheets, homework papers, curriculum topics (for teachers), and fun sheets to help students to build their educational skills while having a good time. You can sell the printables online or sell them as paper sheets.

Set up an Educational Resource Site

You can also set up an educational resource site and sell educational products to teachers and students. This site can have everything from teaching aids, books, and resources for helping pupils to learn their material. If you can get creative, you might even be able to come up with your own unique brand of educational resources to market for quid.

Create an Educational Site for Clients

Some teachers don’t mind freelance writing and creating sites for other teachers. Taking this approach will allow them to earn money while helping other teachers to grow their site. This is a great way for teachers to make money without committing too much time to operating a website. As you help your client’s site to grow in popularity, you can increase your bottom line. Remember, teachers are busy people, and they might not have the time to keep a site up and running.

Proof Reading as a Side Hustle

Teachers must constantly read materials. This is just a part of their job. If you’re an educator that knows the Oxford English language inside/out, you can make money as a proofreader. Don’t forget that your grammar skills must be good to be a proofreader. This job requires that you have a good eye for detail so you can correct mistakes with documents, papers, books, and other forms of print media. You can sign up with a proofreading site and take a test to evaluate your language skills. If you pass the test, you’re in and on your way to making lots of cash. Polished Paper, Cactus Global, Freelancer, and Proofreading Services.

Creating Online Courses

You can create online courses and sell them from a website or from your own web portal. The portal can be videos, video-sharing apps, podcasts, or a streaming service. There are a lot of online courses available for consumers. You must make sure that yours stand out from the competition. You also must add value to a person’s life with the courses. Go out of your way to teach people something that will practically improve some area of their life or knowledge. Make sure your content is specialized and that you are teaching practical (useful) information to audiences. This type of side hustle can bring in a lot of quid if it’s done in the right way.

Write an eBook

eBooks are now a part of the modern print media industry. They’re electronic books that are sold online or on a disc. eBooks can be read on eBook readers, tablets, smartphones, computers, and even your television. All you need is the service and app to create, market, and sell your eBook. You’re eBook can be about anything from teaching kids about math to helping them to learn about science. eBooks are great learning tools to help students to succeed in school.

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