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Shoppix – Earn Money from Scanning your Receipts with Shoppix App


Shoppix – Earn Money from Scanning your Receipts with Shoppix App

With Shoppix, you’ll think twice about throwing away the little slip of paper that comes with your groceries. If it’s your first time hearing about it, here’s a quick and useful guide to get you started on the Shoppix app.

What is Shoppix?

Shoppix is the name of an app that rewards you for sending them pictures of your receipts.

Shoppix is available on both iOS and Android devices. You’ll usually want to install the app on your smartphone since it’s always with you.

To use Shoppix you will need to build up a habit of snapping your recent receipts to earn tokens. Once you have enough you can exchange it for real money, vouchers or gift cards.

Getting Started – A Step by Step Guide on Using Shoppix

Step 1. Download the Shoppix App

Go on your phone’s app store and download the Shoppix app. Open it, then you’ll be presented with a short questionnaire before you could capture receipts.

Step 2. Start Snapping Receipts

In order to earn tokens you will need to open Shoppix and upload a recent shop receipt by taking a photo. Keep in mind that there are few rules you’ll need to follow in order to successfully earn points (more on the rules later).

Step 3. Earn Enough Tokens, Then Exchange for Rewards

Accumulate enough tokens to exchange for real money, or opt to get gift cards and vouchers. Repeat the cycle and do it again!

Shoppix makes it easy for users to earn tokens and use their app. Everything is explained in the App Store or Play Store, in-app and also on the official website, so if you’re confused about the mechanics or how you can earn money you can always browse through the app or the FAQ section.

Shoppix Receipt Rules

Shoppix has set a few guidelines on how you can successfully earn tokens:

  1. They only give you token rewards to a maximum of 30 receipts over a 7-day period.
  2. Users can only redeem one receipt from one shop in a day. This means the second receipt will not be honoured for that day, but you can scan it the next day.
  3. Receipts that are older than 7 days will not be honoured.
  4. Scanned receipts must have the date, store name and the list of items you bought.

So, the process is really simple. Any time you make a purchase, keep the receipt and open the Shoppix app and scan it. After uploading you can wait until the app rewards you tokens.

Shoppix has a same day bonus where you get an additional 5 tokens for receipts that are scanned on the same day. A normal scan will reward you 25 tokens but you can get a maximum of 30 when you snap on the same day.

Other Ways to Earn Tokens on Shoppix

Other than snapping receipts you can also earn tokens by completing the occasional survey, giving your opinion on recent shopping trips and joining raffles and grand draws for bonus prizes.

Surveys come up every now and then, and it’s in your best interest to answer it as soon as possible because it contains both tokens and a virtual scratchcard. Doing the scratchcard can net you additional tokens, but there’s a chance you can get up to 50 tokens or nothing at all.

Shoppix rewards consistent users by giving them scratchcards for snapping receipts consistently. Also, bonus tokens are awarded for consistently uploading receipts without missing a week.

For every scratchcard given you’re automatically awarded an entry into the ‘Weekly Draw’, where the first prize is 10,000 Shoppix tokens.

Referrals also get perks here. You can get 200 tokens every time you refer a friend or family member to Shoppix.

Currently, the exchange rate for Shoppix tokens is as follows:

  • 3,200 Tokens equals £5
  • 6,000 Tokens equals £10
  • 11,500 Tokens equals £20

You can choose to exchange your Shoppix tokens for Amazon, iTunes or Love2Shop vouchers.

Final Thoughts

Shoppix is a definite must-try since you’re accumulating receipts almost on a daily basis.

If you’re okay with giving up shopper data in exchange for money and gift cards, then you can download Shoppix now on your smartphone.

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