10 Places you can Sell your Old Phone in the UK

10 Places you can Sell your Old Phone in the UK

If you have an old phone (whether working or faulty), you can sell it for cash online. Nowadays, numerous recycling websites offer instant cash once they receive your handset. Most of these recycling websites accept the phones in various states, i.e. brand new, slightly damaged or worn out phones although your phone’s condition affects the price.

Before you send to check the price of your phone on a website and send it away, remember to wipe all the data and images. Also, taking a photo before sending to the recycler as proof of its condition is recommended. According to the experts, one should consider selling his or her phone as early as possible to get the best possible price. Bottom-line, when a new iPhone model is announced, the resale value of older models drops significantly. Therefore, if you want to get a high return on investment (ROI) selling your old phone early (in its best condition) is the best option.

How much is my old phone worth?

The value of your old phone depends on several factors including the model, condition, market condition, the network it is locked to, how old the phone is, and the recycling company, among others. Your device’s status will determine whether it will be exported abroad, Resold or broken down to provide recycling parts.

Where can I sell my old phone?

Amazon, Oxfam, Compare & Recycle, Envirofone, Mazuma Mobile, eBay, Sell My Mobile, Music Magpie, 02 Recycle and Tesco Mobile

Can I still sell my phone if it is damaged?

Damaged phones are bought because they have a wide range of uses. Although their prices are lower than those of working phones, you can still sell a broken/damaged phone. Recyclers tend to have different criteria for selection or preference. However, handsets with cracked screens, scratches, significant dents and dodgy buttons are still valuable.

To sell your phone, here are three necessary steps to follow…

Compare quotes – use a search bar in a recycler’s website to find and compare different offers

Send it off – after picking an offer, mail your old phone to the recycling company via the postage package they provide

Get paid – after the recycler receive and review your phone, they send you your money in the post

Why should I recycle my phone?

Firstly, selling your phone helps you earn extra money which you can use to supplement your income. Secondly, recycling your phone is a way of clearing out your drawers and getting rid of electronics you do not need safely. Thirdly, recycling devices is a safer and better way of disposing of electronics without causing severe damage to the environment. Finally, before you send your handset to an online recycler, research thoroughly or get referrals from colleagues or close friends to get the best offer and avoid being scammed.