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Selling a Car – Where you can Sell your Car Online in the UK

Selling a Car – Where you can Sell your Car Online in the UK

Everybody needs transportation. Sooner or later, everybody will need a car to get around. Cars help people to work, go to school, shop at markets, and go on holidays. However, most people will eventually have to get rid of their car. This is something that can’t be avoided. When it’s time to sell your car, you should do it through an online app or site. Keep reading to learn how you can sell your used car online in the UK and get the best price for your vehicle.

Tips you Should Take to Get the Best Price for your Car

When people sold their cars in the past, they usually put a “For Sale” in the window. They displayed this sign while they drove around. They also took out advertisements in papers or hung fliers to let people know what they were selling. People still do these things to sell their vehicles. However, they also use the internet and mobile applications to sell their cars more effectively.

Today’s car sellers turn to the internet to market their vehicles. The internet helps to make this process easier to perform. A person simply signs up to a site or downloads an app, fills out the information, upload their information about their car, and then wait for buyers to purchase their car. That is an oversimplified explanation about how to sell your car online.

While the selling process has become very speedy, there are some things you should be doing to get your car ready for sale. First, you should fix the major problems with your car. Correcting problems with your vehicle will help you to get a better price. Hiding major problems from buyers is not recommended. Just think how you would feel if someone sold you a banger but didn’t tell you? If you want to sell it as is, then don’t complain if people want it checked out to discover potential problems. No one likes to get a bad deal.

If you have dents, try to get rid of them before you sell. If not, then be prepared to take off some money for the damage. If you have major scratches on your car’s body, buff them out and cover them best as possible. Remember, make your car look good enough for someone to want to take it off your hands. Don’t forget to clean out the inside of your vehicle.

You can also get new tyres for your ride. Don’t go overboard but new tyres will help your vehicle’s resell value. Make sure you know how to complete the selling process for your vehicle. We’ll discuss this momentarily. Finally, make sure your car is ready to be sold. Make it look presentable. While you want to make a profit, don’t sell your vehicle for more money than it’s really worth. Once you do these things, you should be ready to market your car. The following paragraph will explain the selling process.

Steps for Selling your Car in the UK

You must complete the following steps to sell your car in the UK. Legally, you disclose specific information about your vehicle. If you don’t, the sale of your vehicle can be forfeited. The information that you need to tell buyers includes colour, mileage, condition, your contact details, list of equipment/taxes, full-service history, the make and model of your car, manufacture year, and registration identifier. Again, if don’t list these things, you probably won’t be able to sell your car without problems.

Keep in mind that every car needs a registration certificate for ownership. All cars in the UK need vehicle registration plates. This vehicle identifier is also called a number plate. Once you have made a sale, you must write a receipt. Make at least 2 copies. One for the buyer and one for yourself. Next, you will have to complete a V5C (car title showing ownership) and send it to the DVLA. You should put the buyer’s personal information on the V5C to show they are now the new owners of the vehicle. The DVLA or Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency is the governing body that records motor vehicle records in the UK.

You will then need to give the new owners an MOT certificate, the car’s handbook, and the keys. You should also give them the service logbook and any other receipts you have on the vehicle. By the way, an MOT certificate proves that your car meets acceptable environmental and road safety standards. Sellers will have to give buyers an MOT certificate if the car is over 3 years old. So, it’s a good idea to keep all of these records in order and up to date.

This might seem like a complicated process. Truthfully, it can be if you don’t keep good records on your vehicle. Even if you have a banger that’s not worth much, you still must have all of this paperwork on it. If not, you’re seriously jeopardizing the sale of your vehicle. Also, if you sell your car without these certificates, you could possibly get in trouble with the law.

What cars sell best in the UK?

The information in this section will reveal the types of cars that people want to purchase in the UK. Most UK drivers like small or compact cars to get around. They use them for city driving and for saving money on petrol. In 2020, SUVs started to rise in popularity. They are gaining ground in terms of sales but people still like smaller cars.

Don’t forget that many roads in the UK are small and narrow. Vehicles such as hatchbacks do well on these types of roads. Hatchbacks are another great selling vehicle for drivers. People also drive saloons. Saloons are cost-effective on petrol, and they can easily navigate the tight roads that are present in the UK. If you have any type of these vehicles for sale, you might sell them quickly. If you have a high-end vehicle that your marketing, chances are it will sell right away. Remember the better your vehicle, the more buyers you will have to purchase it.

You should also know that certain car colours sell best in the UK. Grey is the most popular car colour in the UK. Black motors and white vehicles are also popular. Blue, red, and silver are the next popular colours. Neutral colours also sell. Most used cars that are grey, black, and white tend to sell quickly. Cars with bright or off colours don’t sell as quickly. Colours such as yellow, purple, pink, orange, and brown, tend to sell less in the market. Green cars are often avoided by most UK drivers. It has to do with bad luck. While some UK vehicles are green, there aren’t a lot of them. If you have a green vehicle you’re trying to sell, it might be a while before you’ll get a buyer.

Keep in mind that people are always looking for a car. Teenagers looking for their first car will always be in the market looking to buy. Families looking for a second vehicle will also purchase vehicles as well. There are plenty of buyers for cars. Just make sure you have the type they people want to purchase. Even if you don’t, you can still get money for your car. Sooner or later, somebody will buy it. Just don’t forget that some vehicles in the UK sell better than others.

WeBuyAnyCar… is a website that specializes in buying (and selling) vehicles. They will purchase a person’s car after they sign up on the site. You’ll have to offer your registration plate and some details about your vehicle. Once you do, the site will then provide you with a quote about your car.

The site then gives you 4 days to act on the quote. You will have to set up an appointment to get the company to come out to see their vehicle. Once an inspector comes to evaluate your car, they will then offer a new quote (or keep the same one) based on what they see. Again, make sure your car is presentable you might get more money if you do. You can agree with their quote or dismiss it. You are not obligated to sell, just because they come out to see your vehicle.

There are fees associated with the sale of your vehicle. Fees will vary for each type of car that is being sold. You will need to have an active banking account to receive your money. The company will deposit your funds into your account once you make your sale.


Motorway works with car dealers all throughout the UK. This gives buyers a serious advantage with selling their vehicle. Car owners with bangers can even find a dealer to take their junky car and sell it. Once you sign up your vehicle’s registration on-site, they will take this information and relay it to their network of dealers.

Those dealers will eventually start to quote prices for your car. You can then choose the best offer. This process can take days, weeks, and months for some people. However, some sales have happened in less than a day on this site. Once you get an offer on your car, and you agree to the price; Motorway will pick it up for free and deposit the money into your account.…

We Want Any Car is a website like We Buy Any Car. The difference is that you take your car to a We Want Any Car location and they will perform an inspection there. Still, you must sign up on the site, and provide registration information about your vehicle. You will get a quote. Again, you will have to sign up on the site to start the process.


Money4YourMotors provides auto sellers with a different way to purchase a vehicle. They require sellers to fill out registration information on their site. Once a person does this, they will get a quote. They will then get a call by Money 4 Your Motors representative. They will gather more information about your vehicle and then set up a time to inspect it. If you decide to sell after the inspection, you will get money deposited into your bank account. There is an administration fee with using this site. This site will also buy non-runners if they believe it can some value from it. So, this site can also be a great way to get rid of your bangers that don’t operate.


Car Converter is a website that specializes in non-runners and bangers. Cars that typically get overlooked for sale are often purchased by Car Converter. They will even take cars that have a bad MOT rating. Car Converter will send out its personnel to collect the vehicle and then pay you quickly through your bank account. This site is perfect for bad cars.

eBay Car Sales…

You can sell your car on eBay. Many people don’t do this or even know that this option exists. However, you can sell and purchase cars on this site. When you sell your car, you must register it with the site and make sure that you have all the important information listed about the vehicle. Make sure to take lots of pictures so people can really get a good idea about what they are buying.

Set a reasonable price for your vehicle. You should also make sure that the car must be collected to complete the sale. If you don’t, you will be responsible for delivering the car to the buyer. Keep in mind that eBay charges various fees for selling your car on their site. If you don’t want to pay the fee, then you should consider one of the other sites.

GumTree for Car Sales…

GumTree is a site that helps car sellers properly price their cars. They also help sellers to market their vehicles to the public. You can even list your vehicle with an urgent rating, so your car can quickly be sold. GumTree charges fees for their service. Just remember that you will receive advertisement information, pricing resources, and other useful tools for selling your car.

Facebook Marketplace for Selling your Car…

People sell their cars on Facebook Marketplace. You can sign up for this service through the popular social media site. Once you sign up, upload up to 20 pictures, list information about your car, and then set a price. You can also market your car in local Facebook groups. You might have to negotiate your price if someone wants to buy it at a cheaper cost. Still, Facebook Marketplace provides another great service for selling your vehicle.

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