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23 Places to Sell your Story for Cash in the UK

When it comes to stories, people tend to think that only one in a million stories sell. The truth of the matter is, not all stories should be scandalous to sell, in-fact most press outlets are willing to pay you for standard stories that happen in your ordinary life.

Below is an exclusive guide on how to sell your story to the UK press for cash detailing how to sell your story and how much you are likely to make from the media.

Where Can I Sell My Story?

This is one of the most common questions that people ask themselves. The good news is, the UK press is always hungry for exclusive stories to write while in turn, earning you some cash. Some of the best places you can sell are…

Content agencies:

Content agencies help you get your story published, and the best thing about agencies is that they sell your story to the highest bidder, and they don’t take any cut from your fee. Some agencies you can sell to are…

Real-life magazines:

Real-life magazines are always looking for sensational stories, and they always pay a fee for them. They also conduct case studies of which you get paid if you are part of the study. Most magazines have forms online in which you can fill, these include…


You can always visit the publisher of your choice and sell them your story. Newspaper editors require a tip of a good story, the most popular newspapers looking for stories are…

Tips for selling your story:

  • Identify a suitable place to sell your story and approach them. Having made sure your documents are good, and your story is fascinating, they will probably assign an editor to work with you.
  • Go through the story before it is published to ensure that no extra information has been added so you can reserve all rights before payment is made.
  • Settle on a good amount. If your story is going to be exclusive, you may need to sign a contract. Selling your story is free; therefore, you do not have to pay for anything.

How Much Money Can You Make?:

The amount of money you make, selling your story to the UK press will depend on several factors.

Story demand -If your story is being sought after by many newspapers, you are more likely to get a much better price for your story

Exclusivity – If your story is exclusive to one media the more chances, you get paid more

Legality – If your story has no legal limitations to publish, you get a better deal

Availability of proof – Video or pictures evidence is more paid for than just an ordinary story.


If you have an exclusive sensational story, why not share it with the press? Your story could bring awareness, impact lives, popularise your brand, and above all, earn you some cash along the way. So get to it, share your story.

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