How to Sell Feet Pics Online – Make Money Listing Feet Pics for Sale

How to Sell Feet Pics Online – Make Money Listing Feet Pics for Sale

Do you think you’ve exhausted all the available options to earn online and boost your income? Well have you considered selling pictures of your feet online? Yes, you heard it right, it may seem like the weirdest thing to do with your free time, but it’s actually possible to earn a lot of money by selling feet pics online.

Selling pics of your feet is an easy, legit and a fun thing you can do to earn money. Many people are already making good returns out of this side hustle, so don’t be left out. Selling feet pics will definitely not be your sole income stream, but it has the potential to be a lucrative side hustle if handled right.

Do you think selling feet pics online is the perfect side hustle you’ve been searching for? If so you’re in the right place. This guide has everything you need to know, including where and how to sell…

Where can you sell feet pics online?

There are so many places where you can sell your feet pics, including specialty websites and apps, social media and stock photo websites.  All these options are discussed in this guide, so follow along to understand each entirely.

Is it illegal to sell feet pics?

Here in the UK, you are legally allowed to sell feet pics. This is not the case in every other country, so if you suspect that it’s illegal in your home country, do research before literally putting your feet into this side hustle.

Being 18 or over is one of the mandatory requirements for most feet sites. You must always have government-issued proof of your age, such as an ID.

What should I expect to earn selling feet pics?

The money you make depends on the commitment and the time you put in this job. If you decide to take it as a full-time job, you’ll definitely earn a full-time income. Most people sell feet pics as a side-job to boost their main income.

When working for specialty sites with a subscription model, you’ll most likely have the freedom to set the subscription fee and, thus, the earning you make.

In general, expect £7.07 per feet photo you sell.

Do you have to pay tax when you sell feet pics online?

This depends on the tax laws in your home country. In most cases, you’ll pay taxes for the extra income you earn selling feet pictures. For this reason, it’s recommended that you record all the earnings so that it’s effortless to file taxes if need be.

Who buys feet pics?

If you are wondering who buys feet pictures, check out these groups of people who need feet pictures:

• Advertisers – Foot models are needed to showcase products related to the feet, such as shoes, sandals, jewellery and skincare products. You can therefore go the extra mile and be a foot model to tap into this opportunity.

• Individuals with a foot fetish – Did you know that the feet are one of the popular sexual obsessions? Well, it’s for these reasons that you may be surprised to learn the number of people who are into your feet.

• Publishers – Feet pics are required as visuals for news and articles publications. Most publishers are one time buyers but come with very decent prices.

• Stock photo websites owners – Stock sites pay people to upload feet photos that they can add to their stock libraries. Stock photo sites can form long term engagements with feet pics creators.

Feet pics have so many uses and you may be surprised to learn that the demand is always high. With this, you can clearly understand why some people have found selling feet pictures a lucrative side hustle.

Can Men Sell Feet Pics Online?…

Definitely! It’s not just about female feet pictures – male feet also have admirers and buyers. It’s obviously more popular for females to get involved in this occupation, but males can also market their feet and make money.

How to Sell Feet Pics Online…

As you start out, you should leverage specialty websites dedicated to the feet pics trade. These are the easiest place to find buyers. They’ll charge a commission from your total earning, but the returns will definitely make sense.

Below are examples of good specialty sites you can use to sell feet pics:

How to sell feet pics on Instafeet…

This is a specialty and dedicated website for buying and selling feet pics. Instafeet connects you with your feet pics admirers and pays you for allowing access to your exclusive content.

Who can Sell feet pics on Instafeet?

Any person who is 18 and over can be a feet content creator for free on Instafeet. You first sign-up then apply for a customised profile to get started. A valid identity card is needed for this process.

The admins must approve every new creator and it’s good to know that not all applications go through. For this reason, it’s recommended that you read all the rules before submitting your application.

If your profile is approved, you’re required to upload your feet pics. When starting out, it’s recommended that you upload at least five pics.

Here, you are allowed to set your own price for the subscribers. Most creators set their subscription fee  at £7.07 or less monthly, as this way, it’s easier to attract multiple buyers.

10% of your earnings is charged as Instafeet’s commission fee.

Must you show your face when using Instafeet?

It’s not a requirement to include your face when using Instafeet. However, you can include it in your pics to increase your chances of making good sales.

Regarding your privacy, Instafeet will only make your photos accessible to your subscribers and buyers. However, they clearly indicate in their terms that they can use your pictures on their social media platforms for marketing purposes, so you need to think of your privacy when deciding on the nature of photos to upload.

How should you set your pricing on Instafeet?

As mentioned above, you have the freedom to put down your own rates on Instafeet. They mainly recommend that you start with a £7.07 subscription charge per month and then increase it as you add more clients to your circle.

Tips to make a successful application on Instafeet

Instafeet is serious about the content you upload as a creator and they expect you to follow some rules. You should understand these terms before you make an application. In addition to this, consider the following tips:

  • Use a valid ID
  • Upload vivid pictures
  • Upload both feet and face pics
  • Accessorise your toe and ankle with jewellery.
  • Wear nail colour or have a complete pedicure before taking the feet pictures.

How to sell feet pics on Feetfinder

This is one of the best specialty websites for the exchange of feet pics. All the features on the site are refined to simplify the process and there’s a wide and dedicated user base to interact with.

Feetfinder is available globally and to use it, you just need to provide an ID as proof that you’re of age.

As a seller on this platform, you need to pay a monthly subscription fee of £2.11 or a yearly fee of £17.66. This gives you exposure and access to buyers, thus boosting your sale. The good thing is, you can cancel this as you wish.

How Feetfinder handles yours personal information

All the delicate personal information added to the site is never shared. For example, details about your ID are only used for verification and in the payment process. Only what you have on your profile (username, bio, photos, foot size and authenticity) is made public and is meant to attract interested buyers.

Selling feet pics on Feetfinder

The first step is to sign-up and confirm your identity. On successfully creating an account, upload your best feet pics and wait for interested buyers to reach out. Note that buyers with basic accounts are only limited to buy your Individual photos/videos you post. Anyone who wants to access your entire profile must pay a subscription fee.

The photos you upload on the platform are initially blurred so that they cannot be accessed by just anyone. Only buyers who purchase the pics are allowed to receive the blurred version of the pictures.

Must you show your face when using Feetfinder?

To add to anonymity, it’s not a must to show your face in your pics but the site claims that people who show their face or entire body along with their feet have better chances of making good sales and good deals too.

How much money can you earn on Feetfinder?

Since you have the freedom to dictate your own prices and even the monthly fee for subscribers on Feetfinder, the amount you earn depends on you.

Still, you can allow interested buyers to contact you and share with you their preferred custom prices. Again, you have the freedom to accept or turn down them depending on how suitable you think they’re for your photos.

On Feetfinder, you get 80% of the earnings you make while the platform retains the 20%.

How to sell feet pics on Feetify…

Although not highly professional and polished like the sites above, Feetify is a nice marketplace to sell and buy feet pics. The site has a wide user base meaning that people trust it as a marketplace for feet pics.

To sign-up, you need to be at least 18 years. Feetify is free to register, but there’s a premium option that you can pay for to get more opportunities to sell your feet pictures.

Once you register, you should create a profile by uploading your best feet photos and videos. If you’re lucky, you may get a direct request from a person that’s interested in buying the pics.

The platform also has a messaging system that you can leverage to establish connections with users. Most people sell their feet pics via these connections.

Always remember to keep your privacy when using Feetify. Never share your personal information as you create your profile or use the messaging system. Additionally, use the payment system offered by Feetify instead of giving out your payment details directly to customers.

How to sell feet pics on DollarFeet…

This site is pretty different from the ones we’ve discussed above. Here, you don’t sell to customers but to the website itself.

For this site, though, you must include your face when taking your photos. If this makes you uncomfortable, DollarFeet is not the site to work with. On DollarFeet, you’ll be paid for your photos and videos.

To join the website, you need to be 18 years and above. If you meet this criteria, complete the application form and upload the required photos and videos. Here, it’s advisable to scan the site to see what’s required in the photos/videos you upload.

How to sell feet pictures on social media…

Social media is the other common method of selling feet pics online. Anyone with a social media account can connect instantly with feet pic buyers and market their offerings. Unlike specialty websites/apps, social media platforms don’t charge a commission fee, meaning you’ll keep all your earnings from your feet pics.

There’s no dedicated audience for feet pics on social media, so you need to establish it on your own. The plus point is, you’ll not share your established audience with anyone else, so there’ll always be a market for your feet pics.

Let’s discuss some of the social media platforms you can use to sell feet pics.

How to sell feet pics on Instagram…

Instagram is well known for visuals and is a perfect place to build an audience to admire and buy your feet pics.

On Instagram, #feet and #feetpics hashtags are very popular and feature in millions of posts. This is a clear indication that the demand for feet pics is there, you just need to leverage this opportunity.

How to grow and refine your Instagram account to sell feet pictures

Improve your bio

Your Instagram bio should include that you’re a feet pics creator. It will help if you are clear with what you have to offer so that interested people can follow your posts and possibly buy from you. However, don’t just focus on feet content, put out your general personality clearly as people are more attracted to this.

Post consistently

To grow followers on your Instagram account, you need to be consistent in the way you post. People like following people who upload regularly, When starting out, it’s advisable to post daily.

Be versatile and flexible with your posts

While we’ve mentioned that you should be consistent, don’t confuse it with sticking to one way of posting. Leverage the numerous ways Instagram allows you to post and don’t hesitate to test all the options. You can, for example, post single photos, reels, stories or even a carousel.

Posting your feet content in various ways will increase your chances of engaging with a vast audience. What’s more, you’ll know what gets the most engagement and eventually you can focus on that.

Write interesting and engaging captions

Don’t just upload your photos and forget the captions. Sometimes, captions are all that matters on social media as they give a brief of what the photo you post is all about.

Captions can be long or short, but they need to be precise and interesting. Think carefully about what you wish to include and don’t forget to add relevant keywords so that they can appear in related searches on Instagram.

Use hashtags

Just like captions, hashtags help people on Instagram find posts that match their expectations. With well-researched hashtags, you’ll always have people interacting with your posts.

There are popular feet posts-related hashtags such as #feetpics, #feetlove, #feetstagram, #prettyfeet, #feetselfie, etc. Leverage these but also mix them up with less popular hashtags to reach all new followers.

Since people will search and follow popular hashtags, there’ll always be people engaging with your posts.

Improve your engagement

Reply to people’s comments and ensure you respond to everything in a polite matter. Also follow other people’s accounts that are related to yours and also like and comment on their posts. It’ll aid you to build relationships that’ll, in turn, help you build your brand.

How to sell feet pics on Twitter…

Twitter is a viable social platform to market your feet pics. Most of the things you do on Instagram, such as using hashtags and engaging with your audience, can be replicated here.

How to sell feet pics on Reddit…

Reddit is a great social platform to market your feet pictures. The subreddit ‘feetpics’ has over 200k members meaning this topic is pretty popular on Reddit. You cannot openly advertise feet pictures on Reddit, but interested follows will know your intentions and engage you accordingly.

Posting good quality photos is what will set you apart from everyone else doing this side hustle on reddit. It’s advisable to make it clear in your posts that you welcome comments and/or DMs.

How to sell feet pics on OnlyFans…

OnlyFans is a great platform for selling your feet pics on social media. This is a subscription platform, meaning that buyers pay a monthly fee to access your content. The subscription fee ranges from £3.53 to £35.33, but you have the freedom to set your subscription.

Become a foot model…

You may lack a typical model’s figure, but your pretty feet could be your ticket into modelling. As a foot model, you’ll deal with advertisers that require these types of photos and videos.

Brands such as those selling shoes, sandals, beauty products and jewellery can give you a life-changing opportunity to work for them.

How to sell feet pics on stock photo websites…

Did you know that most photos you see in magazines and articles are sourced from stock photo websites?

It’s not as profitable as selling your pics to people with foot fetish, but it’ll add to what you earn overall from this side hustle. Examples of these sites include Pexels, ShutterStock and Pixabay.

You can also try out Foap, a photo selling app and a great community to market your feet pics and make money.

Factors to keep in mind when selling feet pics online…

Understand what you’re comfortable with – one of the reasons why people buy feet pics is for fetish purposes. For this reason, it’s no wonder you will get some weird requests. You should, however, not feel pressured to do something you’re not comfortable with.

Decide what kind of content you want to post – Decide whether adding your face in the pics or videos is a plus for you. Most importantly, make a decision that’ll not compromise your privacy.

Conduct proper research – Before registering to a specialty site, understand all its terms & conditions. Check the anonymity and the rights granted to your pics.

How to avoid being scammed when selling feet pictures online…

  • Don’t pay to join any site (no legit feet pics website will charge you upfront)
  • Always insist on getting the payment before sending photos.

Tips for selling Feet Pictures Online…

  • Moisturise and accessorise your feet frequently
  • Take high-quality photos
  • Diversify how you market them
  • Always be conscious of your privacy – don’t share your delicate personal details and banking information
  • Read terms and conditions when registering to specialty sites

Final Thoughts…

Selling feet pics online is a legit, easy and fun side hustle that can earn you some money to boost your current income. It’s an interesting side hustle that everyone can handle to make extra cash online. Give it your shot today!