Sell Books Online UK – We Cover WeBuyBooks, Ziffit, Fatbrain and More!

Sell Books Online UK – We Cover WeBuyBooks, Ziffit, Fatbrain and More!

Books are good items to sell on the internet and through apps. They don’t go out of style and people will always read. The trick to being successful at selling books is finding the right books to market. There are plenty of different books that people are willing to purchase. Even though computers, laptops, eReaders, tablets, and smartphones are popular devices for reading books, people still like to feel a book in their hand. The following information will explain the best places in the UK to sell books. The places listed here will be on internet sites and through apps.


You can market your books on eBay. However, you probably will have to sell books in bundled sets. The reason being is that eBay charges too much money to sell single books. It wouldn’t be profitable for you to sell books in this way. So, selling books in sets is more profitable. You can sell a really expensive book (such as a book used for uni) but you will have to make sure that you can get customers to pay the higher price.

If you bundle books make sure that you bundle them according to their type. For example, you should bundle Lord of the Rings books with other fantasy fiction novels. You should also sell bundles of classic books or bundles of romance novels. Bundles are easier to sell, and they make it easy for customers to buy. You can also check out an app called We Buy Books because they purchase books online as well.

Facebook Marketplace…

You can set up an account on Facebook Marketplace and sell books from this site. You can sell them individually or in bundles. Since Facebook Marketplace doesn’t charge a fee, individual book sales are more profitable. Facebook marketplace book sales might take longer to complete but it can still pay you money over time.


WeBuyBooks in the UK provides booksellers with a great way to sell off old and used books. This site also takes CDs, games, and DVDs. We Buy Books makes it easy for sellers to market their books. They simply sign up to the site, scan a book’s barcode for a price and then drop them off at an approved site to get a receipt. We Buy Books will find buyers for their novels. Sellers who market the best type of books usually do well with this app.


Fatbrain is a UK-based site that purchases used uni books from current and former students. Uni books are expensive and Fatbrain helps students to recoup some of their money from books. Uni students will always need books for their courses. Fatbrain acts as a middle-man to get the books at a reduced cost. This site is best suited for uni pupils who have a books to sell.


You can sell books on Amazon. Just be mindful of the fees. You should also remember that Amazon is very competitive when it comes to selling books. If you decide to sell on Amazon, make sure your products are original, unique, and that you stand out from the competition.


AbeBooks charges members £20 per month to sell books online. They also charge fees as well. This book-selling site is best suited for people who can market a lot of books. It is also useful for people who can sell lots of books that are in demand.… purchases books from uni students. They use the books to help other students to get school books at a cheaper price. They also take best-seller books as well. If you are an avid reader that has a lot of novels and/or university books lying around, then this site by beneficial for you.

Uploading Book ISBN Numbers

Keep in mind that many sites pay for books by having people upload ISBN numbers. The ISBN number is used to give members a price quote for their book. This will help people quickly market their books and get money for them. Make sure that your ISBN codes are available on the books you want to sell. If there isn’t a code, you probably won’t be able to sell that title.

Sell your Books to Local Bookstores in the UK

Booksellers in the UK can also check with their local independent bookstores to see if they would be interested in purchasing books. Some of the bookstores will take books in good condition and others will not. There are also independent booksellers that specialize in second-hand books. This might be a great option for booksellers as well.

Donating to Charity from Book Sales

Some apps will allow you to sell your books and donate the proceeds to charity. If you’re the type of person that feels strongly about a cause, this could be a great way for you to support it. You should check the Google Play and Apple stores to find out about these apps.

What books are selling best in the UK?

Non-fiction books about cooking and popular political figures are selling well in the UK in 2021. Kids’ books, books about health, and weight loss books are popular titles as well. You can purchase these types of books, quickly read them, and then resell them for a profit. You can also get books from friends, family members, and neighbours. The key is to get books that people want to read and sell them off right away to your customers.

When you’re selling books make sure the novels are in good condition. Nobody wants a book that is old, worn down, and dirty. Keep the books neatly organized and separate from other things. You can clean a book up if it’s a mess. Just be careful with how you perform the cleaning process.

You should also know your market. Figure out what books are selling well and then market to that customer base. If you discover a niche market, make sure you have the latest novels or some interesting pieces from that genre that people are willing to buy. Examine book reviews and bestseller lists to find out this information. You should also be familiar with classic books and children’s books. These are two markets that you do not want to overlook. Again, always find and sell books that people want to buy. Meeting customer demand and expectations is the best way you can succeed at this business.