Sell Books – Where You Can Sell Books Online UK

Sell Books – Where You Can Sell Books Online UK

If you’re looking to make a bit of money on the side then selling books online can help.

It could be a book you’ve had since college or an old hardbound classic that might be worth hundreds. Regardless of which, it’s now easy to sell your stuff online on websites and apps.

Here’s a quick guide on where you can sell books online.

Gather Up The Books You Want to Sell

The first step to selling books online is to collect the ones you want to dispose of in exchange for cash.

You can have your kids or partner help. Scour each room for the items you’re willing to part with and put them all in a box. Then, sort out the books in terms of quality- you won’t get much for books that have missing covers and pages. You’ll also need to have the ISBN on hand so you’ll know the book’s value (more on this later).

ISBN and Book Value

Many, if not all book-buying apps and websites will rely on one information to determine how much they will pay for your book.

Should you wish to sell books you’ll need to locate the ISBN numbers to get a quote. This goes for novels, hardbounds and even student books or text books.

To determine the value of a particular book you can scan the barcode or input the ISBN number and hit enter.

Websites and Apps Where You Can Sell Books


One of the biggest and most popular online auction shops around, eBay is home to hundreds of thousands of items waiting to be sold, including books.

eBay is a good place to start, and the site is user-friendly and allows you to get a book up in just a few minutes. Users get seller and buyer protection as well, and you can bet that the books you sell will be getting a lot of views.

However, there are a few downsides, namely seller’s fees and having to pay for shipping. You’ll also need to contend with competition.

We Buy Books

We Buy Books is a UK-based store that buys your used and unwanted books. They also have an app where you can scan the book you want to sell and get the price right there and then.

We Buy Books’ biggest selling point is it that it’s easy to use and convenient. After downloading and installing the app, you can use the in-app barcode scanner to check for valuation. Then, pack the books into boxes, print the label and take it to a designated drop off point for the receipt.

You won’t get the money instantly and the package you send has to be received by the company first, but you can expect it to be sent to your bank account or PayPal, depending on what you chose when you signed up.

Book-selling apps will have QR codes, which means you won’t have to have a printer to show the dispatch personnel. Other companies will post the label you can use to send the book package.

Ziffit is a popular platform for selling second-hand text books. Although the site can accommodate best sellers and coffee table books, its primary draw is in the educational book niche.

The bookselling company has an app that works similarly to We Buy Books- scan the ISBN to see how much you can get for your text books, then pack it up and receive the money once they’ve been verified. Prices are fair and you won’t have to wait until someone is interested in buying your book (like in Ebay).

Facebook Marketplace

A social media based bookselling platform where other people on Facebook can browse through your selection of books. If you have the patience you can sell rare or valuable books here. Just don’t expect the best offers or someone to buy it instantly.

Signing up is free and isn’t needed when you have a Facebook account. There are no seller’s fees as well so you get to keep more of the profit.


Amazon has a dedicated section for those who want to sell books. However, the platform is best suited for moving books in bulk as you’ll have to deal with postage fees and the like.


AbeBooks should be your go-to site for selling rare and collectible items. It’s worthy to note that there’s a monthly subscription fee, as well as an 8% commission that goes to them whenever you sell a book. However, the end price of your paper gem could very well be worth it.

Sites for DVDs and CDs

It’s not unusual to discover that you have a box, a cabinet or a garage full of CDs and DVDs stashed away while collecting books. The good news is that you can also make a bit of money by selling them on the internet.

Your best bet is to sign up on MusicMagpie, Ziffit or Zapper since they welcome old DVDs and CDs. You can scan the barcode via an app to get an idea of how much you’ll be getting, and then answer a short questionnaire about the physical condition of your disc and box. Most will pick up the goods for free but there’s a minimum amount required.

Lastly, Computer Exchange can collect your unwanted DVDs and CDs and give you a reasonably good deal for it. The upside is that there’s no minimum requirement, and they also have free postal and collection services throughout the UK.

Sell Your Old Mobile Phones Online

Aside from the books and CDs you may also found a time capsule containing your earliest mobile phones, tablets and similar electronic devices.

The question is, can you sell them online too? Yes, you can.

Several major retailers are offering to buy your mobile phone regardless of its condition and whether or not it’s working. You can get some quick cash and save the environment and do your part in having them recycled for a greener future.

Less clutter means more fresh air and a more comfortable home.