Parents Can Claim £500 if their Child needs to self-isolate

Parents Can Claim £500 if their Child needs to self-isolate

If someone in your child’s year group bubble tests positive for coronavirus, then there is a good chance your child will have to self-isolate. If this is the case, then you may be entitled to a support payment of £500. This payment could be available even if you are not claiming benefits.

Juggling work life and childcare is a challenge for many parents who have children self-isolating. If you are unable to work from home, then it can lead to a loss in income for the family.

Support If Your Child Is Self-Isolating…

Martin Lewis alerted people to the fact that they could make a claim if their child is asked to self-isolate via his Twitter account.

If people on low incomes are contacted by Track and Trace and asked to isolate, then they can get a payment of £500. This is something that people are generally aware of. However, the fact that you can claim if you are not able to work due to your child isolating is not so well known.

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How To Apply For The Track And Trace Support Payment

Both employed and self-employed people can apply for the Track and Trace support payment. An application can be made if your child has been told to self-isolate and this will mean that income is lost because you can’t work.

If you decide to claim this payment, then you will need to do so within 42 days of the first day of isolation. You can claim for a child that is 15 years old or younger. If they have an Education, Health and Care plan (EHC) then you can make a claim if they are 25 or younger.

You will also need to provide evidence that your child has been asked to self-isolate. If you have been contacted by Track and Trace, then they should have provided you with this evidence. You can also request evidence from the school if they have asked your child to isolate.

In order to be eligible for this payment you need to be claiming certain benefits or be on a low income. A low income is defined as earning a wage that pays less than £10 per hour gross.

If you are not claiming benefits, then the payment for those on a low income will be made from a discretionary fund which is operated by local councils. You are advised to contact your local council directly to apply for payments from this fund.

The Test and Trace support payment is only available in England, but similar schemes also operate in all other countries of the UK.


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