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Schuh Imperfects: Save Money Buying Schuh Ex-Display Footwear

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Schuh Imperfects: Save Money Buying Schuh Ex-Display Footwear

Want to know more about Schuh Imperfects? Well we have you covered!

The Schuh footwear company sells a section of their footwear at greatly discounted prices through the Schuh imperfects section on their website.

This essentially allows customers to save huge sums of money by buying Schuh shoes at a much lower price than the original retail prices.

Therefore, if you are looking to get a great pair of shoes at a cheap and affordable price and subsequently save some money, then you are in the right place!

What is Schuh Imperfects?

Schuh Imperfects constitutes a category of footwear, specifically shoes that can no longer be sold in the main stores due to various defects such as scuffs and discolorations, among other independent quirks. Schuh Imperfects are therefore ex-displays or not 100% immaculate.

Where can you buy Schuh Imperfects?

There is a special section on the Schuh website where they list all the ‘imperfect’ shoes to allow customers access and purchase them.

This section of the website is filled with great shoes at immensely reduced prices. For instance, some shoppers have reported discounts of up to 80%, whereas some have even found shoes priced at as little as £3 only.

The website offers a range of styles for both genders and even children in varying shapes and sizes.

Do they offer a student discount?

Yes! Students can get a 10% Discount to use against Schuh Imperfect Footwear, to claim this discount student’s need to obtain the code from the website UNiDAYS.

What brands of footwear can you buy?

Schuh Imperfects often incorporates several brands of footwear in a single platform. Some of these brands include;

  • Schuh’s Own Brand
  • Adidas
  • Nike
  • Birkenstock
  • UGG
  • Converse
  • Dr Martens
  • Lacoste
  • New balance

It is important to note that Schuh Imperfect stock is always limited and each product unique. As such, if you see a product you like it’s wise to purchase quickly as products tend to sell out fast.

What’s the average saving at Schuh Imperfects?

The Savings vary from one product to the other (depending on the condition). However, the average saving is around 30% Off the RRP.


Schuh Imperfects is great for those looking to save money on branded footwear.

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