Save over £100 with this DIY mirror

Naomi wanted a feature mirror for above her hallway chest of drawers. However the designs that she preferred were over £150 which she couldn’t justify.

Instead she found this ‘hanging hexagon mirror’ in B&M for only £3. She loved the design and the gold matched her hallway decor perfectly so she had a think about how she could make the mirror she wanted without that £15o price tag.

In the end she purchased 12 of the mirrors costing her £36 in total. Naomi removed the chains from the back and arranged them on the wall to make it look like one large statement mirror.

Many members of our Facebook group “Extreme Couponing & Bargains UK” have taken inspiration from Naomi and created their own.

Although Naomi didn’t confirm how she attached them to her wall, many other members recommended using command strips. Making this a renter friendly DIY too!