Sainsbury’s Trials Plastic Recycling Machines

The British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s has launched an exciting new trial scheme installing the first of a series of plastic bottle and aluminium can recycling vending machines in their stores. This new initiative will help to recycle plastics and metals while giving you the opportunity to earn up to £25 per trip.

Under the new scheme you will be able to return plastic bottles and aluminium cans and receive a 5p Sainsbury’s coupon for each one you recycle. You can recycle up to 500 items per trip, which means you can claim up to £25 at a time.

This is a wonderful initiative that is in line with our modern desire to clean up the planet as people become increasingly aware of the problem of plastic waste in the oceans and rivers. Similar schemes are already in operation in Sweden, Denmark and Germany, where they have been received to great acclaim.

There are a few restrictions, which specify that you cannot recycle own brand bottles or cans from rival supermarkets, and a size limit of 3 litres on plastic bottles, but aside these restrictions this is a great opportunity to help the environment while saving yourself money on your weekly shop.

The UK Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, announced last year that he was going to introduce a deposit-return scheme for single use drinks containers, including plastic bottles and aluminium cans, so this kind of project could be coming to a store near you.

In the meantime, this scheme is being launched in the Lincoln Sainsbury’s superstore, however, it is going to be rolled out by the company buy generic cialis across the UK in the near future. So be sure to keep your eye out for this great opportunity to help the planet and save yourself some money.

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