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Ruby Granger Net Worth – How Much Is Ruby Granger Worth?

Ruby Granger Net Worth – How Much Is Ruby Granger Worth?

Ruby Granger is one of the renowned young digital content creators in the UK. Learn about Ruby’s bio and net worth data in this article.

Who is Ruby Granger?

Ruby Granger is a 21 years old video creator, YouTuber and social media influencer. She was born in England and is currently an English Literature student at The University of Exeter.

She describes herself as a bookworm who can literally spend her off-class time moving from one library or book shop to another.

Thanks to her love for books, she shares her best study tips on her YouTube channel and Instagram account @_rubygranger.

Ruby is a tea lover and a vegan. She has a dedicated Instagram account (@rubygrangervegan) where she showcases her vegan foods.

Impressively, Ruby Granger is also an anti-bullying advocate.

About dating life, Ruby Granger has not shared any dating or relationship so far, so it’s hard to know if she has a partner.

Similarly, not much is known about her family except that her cousin created the Alfdippers YouTube channel.

How Old is Ruby Granger?

Ruby was born on May 17, 2000, in England. As of September 2021, Ruby is 21 years, 4 months old.

What is Ruby Granger Famous for?

Ruby is popular for her efforts on sharing lifestyle, study advice and motivational content.

Ruby Granger is a prosperous YouTuber. She joined the platform on March 18, 2013. Currently, her self-named channel has 670K subscribers and over 82M views with 600 videos only.

Ruby is also super active on Instagram. Her account @_rubygranger has 162K followers.

Ruby’s passion for books led her to write Erimentha Parker’s To Do List in 2017. She aims to be an established author in the future. You can read her book reviews on Goodreads.

Ruby Granger is the founder of Pumpkin Productivity (@pumpkinproductivity on Instagram), an aesthetic stationery shop. She sells merchandise to help students and young people maximise their productivity.

Before fame, Ruby performed an impression of Hermione Granger in one of her old archived videos.

Where is Ruby Granger from?

YouTube star Ruby Granger is from England, United Kingdom.

What is Ruby Granger Net Worth?

YouTube personality and content creator Ruby’s net worth is around £300k YouTube is likely to be Ruby’s primary source of income.

Like any digital content creator, Ruby Granger may have other sources of income. So it’s no wonder to find that her real net worth is higher than the figure mentioned above.

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