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Returning Unwanted or Faulty Goods your Rights!

Returning Unwanted or Faulty Goods your Rights

Whether you are purchasing online or in store, you might decide that you want to return something. Your rights to do so depend on a number of factors.

The following guide outlines your rights when returning goods…

Returning In-Store Goods…

The store is not automatically obligated to give you money back on a purchase. That is, unless, they have a store policy for returns written on their receipt. They are then required to follow the policies outlined. These policies can even be enforced in court.

If there are no terms for return or exchange, it likely means that the store will not issue you any return in the case of unwanted goods. You might be able to convince them to give you store credit or an exchange. However, they do not have to do anything for you.

Often stores require the original receipt for any returns. It is up to them what they will do if you don’t have it.

Returning Online Purchases…

You have more rights with online purchases even baring store policies. Consumer Contract Regulations stipulate that you have 14 days after the product was delivered to return the item. After this, you should expect a refund in 30 days tops. However, this policy does not apply to personalized items such as special mugs etc.

Returning Damaged Goods…

If the product is damaged, then you have a right to get one that isn’t damaged. Even if you don’t have a receipt, then you can still get an exchange with proof of purchase like a bank statement. This is because the Sale of Goods Act gives consumers the right to not have to keep faulty goods.

You have the right to get a repair, exchange, or a refund. It is up to the shop’s discretion as to how they want to handle the matter.

Also, you have the right for the object to last a reasonable amount of time. This is really up to the seller to determine. Some people get refunds for major purchases if they break within the first year. Often manufacturers will issue their own warranties on these big-ticket items.

Late Deliveries…

One final note is regarding if your delivery is late. If a certain pre-holiday delivery guarantee was made by the seller, then you can get a refund. However, if there was no agreement, then the likelihood is that you will not be entitled to one.

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