Receipt Scanning Apps – Make Money Scanning Receipts UK

Receipt Scanning Apps – Make Money Scanning Receipts UK

Making money with receipts might not seem like a profitable venture, but it can pay well over time. Anyone can make some extra money with this side hustle. How can you do this? Simply by using specific apps that will pay you for your receipts. Keep reading to find out about these apps.

Why do Companies Pay for Receipt Data?

Marketing companies generally pay to view people’s receipts. They do this to figure out which type of products are selling and what products are not. This is important information for product manufacturers as well. Retail businesses constantly must evaluate how well their items are doing in the market. This helps them to more effectively market and sell goods more effectively. They also use this information to directly market products to you related to your normal purchases.

Receipt Scanning Apps UK

Receipt Hog

This app is set up to make members quick money every time they go shopping. It doesn’t matter where they buy their goods, they can still get paid. Members simply must take a picture of their receipt, upload it to Receipt Hog, and watch the money roll in. Receipt Hog gives members a certain amount of tokens for each receipt they scan. Members can level-up to earn more tokens for their receipts. Once a person reaches 1,000 coins, they can redeem them for £5.00. The more coins that a person generates, the more money they will get. Receipt Hog is definitely a long-term opportunity for extra income. Just keep uploading the receipts over time.


Anyone can sign-up with Snap My Eats and take pictures of their receipts once they’re finished eating at a restaurant. This app is perfect for people who eat a lot of takeaway meals. The app also has surveys which users can complete (online and offline). Users will also be given a £5 eGift code for each month that they use the app. Again, taking a long-term approach with this app will earn you spare change over time.


Shoppix is good for people who frequently go shopping. You simply take pictures of your receipts, upload the photos, and then collect tokens. The more tokens you get, the greater your reward. You can also earn extra money by completing surveys.


On Shopprize you upload receipts that are no older than 3 days to earn coins. Once you earn coins you can use them to enter competitions to win prizes. You will have to shop at participating stores and purchase participating products. You can also earn vouchers from this app. This site is also a good place for any receipt collecting wombler who loves to take other people’s receipts for making money.