Proofreading Jobs – Become a Proofreader UK

Proofreading Jobs – Become a Proofreader UK

Nearly every individual has come across incorrect grammar, spelling mistakes, among other issues, while reading something. This is often attributed to technological advancement, which has led to increased traffic on the internet with platforms such as websites, social media, self-published works, blogs, and online marketing, constituting a chunk of these works of reading. However, most of these published works are usually appropriately drafted by adhering to the proper grammatical requirements.

The high traffic of published works on the internet has immensely created a job opportunity for individuals required to check and correct any errors before official publishing. This is essentially referred to as online proofreading with institutions, set-ups, and individuals always looking for someone to check out and rectify their written projects. This has subsequently created abundant opportunities for online proofreading jobs, especially in the UK, where the opportunities have grown exponentially over the recent years as more people are currently sourcing their own proofreaders.

Online proofreading jobs in the UK have also proven to be the least demanding. Most companies are demanding only fluency in the English language and not formal degrees, as is the norm in many establishments. Nonetheless, some companies may demand for a degree to prove literacy claims. However, most online proofreaders are usually required to complete a form of test and pass before being enrolled and assigned a proofreading job.

What are Proofreading jobs?

Proofreading is essentially the last stage in the writing process, where the content is double-checked thoroughly before publishing. This implies that an individual will check and fix errors such as minor spelling and punctuation mistakes, formatting issues, phrasing, typos, and other inconsistencies that could prove challenging to the audience. A well proofread writing will guarantee a positive representation of the publishing company or individual author, and the intended message will also be delivered efficiently. As such, many people often seek proofreaders’ assistance to polish their work before publishing it for all to see.

Online Proofreading Jobs in the UK…

Most online proofreading jobs are usually carried out from home by freelancers or stay-at-home mums, both of whom utilise time flexibility and freedom. As such, with minimal qualifications and experience, online proofreading jobs in the UK guarantees extra income to associated parties without interfering with your preferred daily routines. This is because online proofreaders are always self-employed, allowing them to decide when and where to accept a job depending on their ability to complete the said job accordingly.

To curb the high demand for online proofreading, some individuals have set up companies/agencies to bridge content creators and proofreaders. They, therefore, offer ready proofreading jobs, however, on a tight timeline with short deadlines. These agencies usually allow their workers to choose freely or turn down a job request if they are busy/unable to deliver at the time. As such, they also carry on the freedom and time flexibility in the online proofreading industry in the UK.

How to Become a Proofreader in the UK…

As simple as it is to land a proofreading job in the UK, newbies or those who have never done proofreading would likely have some questions for clarification. Some of these questions have been formulated from several people, and answers provided accordingly to ensure you are well informed on the matter. In case of further questions, you may drop us an email, and we will make sure to respond accordingly.

Types of works you will proofread…

It is no secret that the demand for proofreaders in the UK is surging as more businesses are increasingly taking their operations online, warranting the recruitment of remote freelancers. Online proofreading jobs are not only rising in the UK but all over the world, especially in the US, creating the rising demand for proofreaders. Some of the commonly proofread work often comes from;

Authors – the rise in self-publishing has created a high demand in the online proofreading scene as individual authors strive to employ their own proofreaders.

Legal transcripts – due to the vitality of these contents, proofreading is always essential and, as such, high in demand.

Student dissertations – the vast number of students, have also created a high demand for proofreaders as they strive to achieve excellence by ensuring their written works are perfectly polished.f

Bloggers – bloggers always need to proofread their work to ensure the message is passed to the audience effectively, and renowned bloggers consistently require the services of a proofreader.

Newspaper articles/press releases – despite popular news outlets having their own proofreaders, many other outlets always need freelance proofreaders for the content.

Benefits associated with proofreading…

Proofreading usually comes with numerous benefits not only to the clients but the workers too. For instance;

As a remote online proofreader, there are always high levels of flexibility in terms of employment capacity, location, and time. Therefore, an individual can first decide to adopt the job opportunity as a freelancer or part-time job. Moreover, an individual is always free to engage in other activities until an opportune time presents itself. Remote proofreading jobs will allow you to work on your own schedule, time, and location as long as the work is completed appropriately by the client’s deadlines.

Proofreading work also often pays fairly well, with varying pay categories depending on factors such as ratings, experience, and quality of work delivered. As such, most can always use this money to supplement their overall income or invest in other avenues.

Proofreading also requires limited equipment to get started. This implies that investing in this venture will require little capital to start with a guaranteed great return.

How much do proofreaders earn in the UK?

The amount earned by proofreaders often varies greatly depending on several factors. For instance, the north and the south divide usually affect pay-outs. Subsequently, beginners and advanced proofreaders will also earn varying amounts. Some other factors to consider include the varying hourly rates, tax rate bands, commuting, and food expenditures, among others. This makes for the proofreading income scale to be wide in range. For example, on average, a UK proofreader may earn £23,000 annually, according to Indeed. However, this amount often spans from around a minimum of £9600 to a maximum of £43000 and beyond annually. Other sources in the UK, such as the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP), claim the average minimum hourly wage to be around £25. This should give you an idea of the average amount you can target now and then as a proofreader in the UK.

Skills needed to be a proofreader…

Proofreading usually requires the mastery of specific skills to guarantee excellence in the field. Proofreading skills are usually tailored to the standards set by specific institutions. These include the Associated Press Stylebook in the USA and the CIEP in the UK. The Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP) usually strives to offer prospective workers courses in the field to promote high writing standards.

Proofreading usually requires an individual to have a deep comprehension of appropriate grammar, spellings, English syntax such as sentence flow and punctuations, among others. These are usually basic and mandatory. However, to supplement effectiveness and efficiency, an individual should also present with additional proofreading skills such as immense keenness and concentration to catch even the slightest errors and self-motivation to ensure you create time and accomplish the task at hand efficiently. Essentially, proofreading entails a number of applications as opposed to the general idea that proofreaders only check for spelling errors.

The tools required for proofreading…

Venturing into the proofreading job arena with limited qualifications and zero experience could prove challenging even with the appropriate skillset. As such, certain software applications/packages are usually recommended for efficient proofreading work. Some of these applications often require installation onto desktop disk space, whereas some are usually online. All you need to do is install/sign-up on these software and familiarise yourself to make your transition easy. Some of these software tools include;

Microsoft Office

This is often the most common tool in a proofreader’s toolbox. This is because the proofreading process on most occasions usually requires perusing through a long piece of text, and there is no better place to edit the text than in a word document. This software allows text file sizes to be easily accessible and editable by both parties involved. Moreover, Microsoft office software as a tool can be downloaded on to disk space of a desktop or accessed online depending on involved parties’ preferences. Nonetheless, the online platform allows for multiple access instantly, facilitating more exceptional content in the shortest time possible.

Google Workspace (GSuite)

This being a collection of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software, and products developed by Google, it is usually a great recommendation for those starting-off in proofreading. This is because the software often provides for all the vital applications required for successful proofreading. Moreover, these applications can always be accessed online free of charge with additional free storage of 15 GB for saving documents in the cloud. Therefore, when you are unable to or don’t want to pay for Microsoft Office packages, you can always opt for the free G-Suite’s Google Docs. The only downside is that the G-Suite applications often lack many of the minor tweaks present in Microsoft Word.


This is another fairly popular software quite vital in proofreading. This is essentially because Adobe usually deals in other forms of document formats like PDF, JPEGs, among others. As such, when clients send you proofreading jobs with documents dealing in branding and imagery, Adobe usually comes in handy. Therefore, this is usually an important tool to have in your vicinity when planning to adopt online proofreading as a potential income source.

Hemingway Editor App

This is another software application designed to polish your final writing, making it bold and clear. This editing tool usually analyses texts for readability while also highlighting and correcting grammar, fluency, and sentence structure. The highlighting usually encompasses colour-coordinated text faults on adverbs, passive voice, hard to read sentences, grammar, punctuations, among others. As such, this tool will be vital to a proofreader, especially to those with tight deadlines or those with a specified requirement for the Flesch-Kincaid readability score.


This is another great editing app used to identify and rectify written work issues such as spelling errors, punctuations, and sentence structure, among others. Grammarly is usually a Google add-on application enabling operation every instance you are online. It usually comes in the free version and paid package. The free version usually has much fewer functions compared to the paid package, which deals in everything. The only thing to consider is language; since Grammarly is an American company, it usually recommends correcting British English to American English, which can cause inconvenience.


This is a file hosting service offering cloud storage, file synchronization, among others. As such, with the Dropbox basic, you will be able to access and share a massive number of files with other such as clients or fellow proofreaders. Being free software, for the most part, it is thus vital to a proofreader as it will allow access and sharing of files whenever and wherever you need to do some remote proofreading works.

Proofreading courses in the UK…

Even though there is no need to have qualifications or attend a proofreading course to become a proofreader, several proofreading courses are usually available in all corners of the world. These courses are often aimed at sharpening the skills of the proofreaders while also giving newbies an easy transition into the industry. Attending these courses and attaining a certificate may also allow you to stand out among other applicants when searching for a proofreading job through new clients or while looking to secure a full-time proofreading position.

Courses offered often vary depending on the specific geographical location. For instance, most proofreading courses in the UK often major in British English. However, other courses entail worldwide courses covering English from all over the world. Some of the most renowned proofreading training courses are usually offered by;

  • Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading
  • Louise Harnby
  • Proofread Anywhere
  • NCC
  • College of Media and Publishing
  • Masterclass
  • LinkedIn Learning

Remote proofreading jobs in the UK…

Remote proofreading jobs have exponentially grown in the UK and the world in general, prompting the formulation of agencies/companies where proofreaders can find proofreading jobs. Below are some of the best platforms to find proofreading jobs when planning to start or continue proofreading.


Fiverr is an online platform where you can create an account and advertise your expertise as a proofreader. You may also note whether you would be taking massive or small projects on this platform while also making sure to scale out your pricing for the different work levels. Essentially, Fiverr is usually swarmed by clients in need of proofreading. Nonetheless, proofreaders are also usually many on this platform, warranting extra effort to stand out as the best among the majority. As such, it is worth checking out and familiarizing yourself as proofreading jobs are always in abundance.


This is another proofreading platform that connects clients with proofreaders all over the world. Like Fiverr, this platform usually allows individuals to create a free account to advertise their expertise and skills. There are usually no fees paid except for a small commission whenever a proofreader gets paid after completion of work. It is vital to note that this site also swarms with a lot of proofreaders. As such, your profile and output delivery should be excellent to stand out among others.


This is another great platform to find proofreading jobs. Although popular in the UK, these individuals usually have plenty of proofreading jobs to offer, whether on a contract or remotely working from home. Being a training platform, their policies often vary from other platforms in that they majorly deal in full-time employment statuses with companies rather than outsourcing freelance jobs. As such, jobs available here may be more traditionally structured than contemporary, flexible proofreading jobs.


This is usually like the social media space for jobs. As such, this platform usually provides clients with the opportunity to search for workers such as proofreaders. Similarly, it also allows proofreaders to set up free accounts and profiles to advertise their proofreading skills on the platform, thus facilitating free self-marketing. It will essentially connect you to one of the many clients globally who require proofreading services, and as such, you must never miss out.

Proofreading Services

This is a company which offers proofreading services on their website. They usually offer application opportunities for any individual regardless of qualification documents or country as a full-time or part-time employee to work as a proofreader. However, to qualify, you have to pass a 20-minute preliminary test to show whether you possess the necessary skill sets needed for proofreading and editing. Their pay is also great ranging from 19 to 46 US dollars depending on several factors. They also offer flexible working hours, which could be vital for part-time proofreaders engaged in other activities.

Polished Paper

This is a renowned company offering high-standard professional editing and proofreading services. Their aim is usually to provide the highest quality of service. Therefore, any individual who has faith in their editing and proofreading skills should sign up on this website. Despite zero qualification requirements, their proofreaders are usually required to have the best English skills, and to ascertain this, applicants are usually subjected to a 35-question test which they have to pass to be accepted. Although it may be unsuitable for flexible working parameters, they are usually very reliable to clients and proofreaders due to their demand for quality and perfection at all times.


This is another online platform that strives to connect you with a potential client. The platform allows you to create a compelling profile coupled with some positive reviews after several discounted proofreading jobs. The platform goes further to connect you with relevant jobs/clients as long as you are able to convince the client you are the best individual for the job. Therefore, you occasionally have to bid to be assigned a proofreading job. As such, reputation goes a long way in finding more jobs and clients.

CACTUS Communications

This is a science, technology, and innovation company that majors in exporting articles on technology and science projects. There are usually numerous articles to be polished. As such, this company is usually in the business of offering freelance editing and proofreading jobs to those interested. You should make sure to visit their website for more information regarding securing a contract to work for them as a remote freelance or full-time proofreader.


Twinkl is another British-based global company popular for providing educational materials in the form of reading materials, teaching aids, blogs, and articles to teachers and learners all over the world. To guarantee the authenticity of their materials, they are always in dire need of proofreaders to authenticate their products before application in classrooms. Therefore, you should visit their website for editing and proofreading job opportunities.


FlexJobs is an online platform that deals in an array of remote working jobs, some of which include proofreading. Being online, this platform can be accessed from anywhere, promoting flexibility in several aspects. All you need to do is sign up and search for the proofreading jobs available and most fitting to your needs.


This is an international company specifically dealing in remote editing and proofreading jobs. They usually have branches globally, and they claim to offer stable, well-paying proofreading jobs to any individual who fulfils their standard requirements. They have at some point been categorised as a leading company in the proofreading industry. As such, you should try your luck with them since acceptance means a well-paying job.


This is another platform with guaranteed loads of proofreading works. They usually deal in academic projects, more so dissertations from student clients. There are usually zero qualification requirements; however, you have to pass their online test before being allocated a job. Here, you will surely find some remote proofreading work given you can pass their test.


Babbletype is also a proofreading platform that deals in market research projects and foreign language proofreading. Therefore, if you specialise in a second language, this could be an ideal location for you to apply. The only downside is that they usually take applicants on occasional intervals, and they are always very selective on those they offer proofreading works to. Nonetheless, it is a venture worth exploring as they have a constant supply of well-paying proofreading jobs.

Start your own business.

The best among all the platforms to find proofreading jobs is to create your own company. Creating a proofreading business is quite simple. All you need is to decide on a name, create a logo and then scribble some of the services you will be offering, their prices coupled with terms and conditions. Next is to create a website, fill in all the information necessary and start marketing your services through the internet and social media while building rapport in numerous settings. As you establish your brand, you may join up with other companies, offer freelance services, among other ventures to assert yourself in the market share and limelight. Afterward, you will be free to choose proofreading jobs from anywhere, and if effectively asserted, you might even find the jobs too overwhelming.

Proofreading as a career…

Remote working is becoming popular among many individuals globally. As such, to answer the questions posed by many regarding proofreading as a career, the answer is always yes. An individual could adopt remote online proofreading as a career as long as they invest their time, effort and stay dedicated throughout. Therefore, an individual may start small with minimal freelance proofreading jobs on some of the platforms mentioned above. However, with time, these individuals could build up their rapport to recognizable levels. In that, they could score a full-time, well-paying position as a proofreader in one of the big companies, or with the rapport, they could maintain returning clients whose projects could be many keeping you-busy always while guaranteed a good pay-out. You can even elevate to establish an individual brand recognised by many making you a CEO for a business establishment where you can even employ others.

Adopting proofreading as a career will, however, require that you keep updated and appraised of all the trending and contemporary writing styles, especially for formal jobs like academic proofreading for dissertations. Many individuals have ventured into remote proofreading as a career, and many continually venture into this business, reflecting success.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need qualifications to be a proofreader?

The majority of the agencies and companies that offer remote proofreading job opportunities often do not require formal qualifications such as degrees and certificates. However, a good number of them might demand such qualifications. You should always check and confirm each company’s requirements before starting the application process.

How much do proofreaders earn in the UK?

An average proofreader in the UK usually earns around £24000 annually, and this value usually differs depending on many factors.

What does a proofreader do?

Proofreaders often polish specific content before being published. They, therefore, identify and rectify errors such as grammar, punctuations, spelling, syntax of English, passive voices, sentence structure, word arrangement, among others. Essentially making the content appropriate and accurate in all aspects for audience consumption.