Prolific Academic – Get Paid for taking Survey’s Online

Prolific Academic – Get Paid for taking Survey’s Online

Surveys and studies are among the easiest ways to make money online. Prolific is listed among the best sites to earn money online due to its high paying rates.

This article will discuss tips on how to make money with Prolific.

What is Prolific?

Prolific is a research site that lets you take part in studies by academic researchers. Individuals who fit the requirements are invited to take surveys in exchange for money. Studies on Prolific are more interesting than regular sites and are fun to complete. Prolific sends the funds to your PayPal account, and it is an easy platform to use.

How much can you make on prolific?

Prolific is one of the best survey sites online, and it pays dearly. Amateur researchers earn around £5 per hour, but the rates increase depending on your research skills. Experts make around £13 per hour.

How to sign-up and verify your Prolific account

The account-creating process is easy, simply click here but ensure you register as a participant and not a researcher when creating your account.

There are three main ways to verify your Prolific account. First, you can confirm the account either by text, Facebook, or by using your email address. To verify your profile, simply go to your dashboard, choose the Trust option and then follow the guidelines.

The Prolific questionnaire…

You are required to fill in a questionnaire with your details before you can engage in any research. This enables Prolific to hook you up with relevant surveys. If you answer additional questions when prompted you will be offered more surveys.

When Prolific needs you to answer additional questions a banner will appear on your screen.

Prolific survey’s…

Prolific has a list on the home screen that shows you the available survey’s. Each list shows the estimated time it will take to complete the survey, the amount of money you will earn, and the hourly pay rate.

They will give you a prolific ID that you can also find in your account. This ID is unique, and you will have to input it before any task. This ID is indicated on the home page after choosing a study, meaning you can copy and paste it easily.

How do you get more surveys on Prolific?

You will get more survey’s on Prolific by making sure your profile is up-to-date.

You will not receive notifications when a new survey becomes available. However, prolific mainly communicate using email, so it is essential to check it frequently to see if there is a new survey to take.

How frequently do surveys appear on Prolific?

There is no specific pattern that explains how frequently survey’s appear. You might complete several survey’s in one day and none another. Please make sure you check your email regularly to see if there are any pending survey’s. This will help you make as much money as possible.

Final Thoughts…

Prolific is a great website to boost your income! just make sure you check your email frequently so you don’t miss out on new earning opportunities.