Poundland to trial a new 50p Range BUT will increase the price for other products

The nationwide discount retailer, Poundland, has recently unveiled plans to shake up their pricing and begin selling products for less than their trademark £1, while simultaneously increasing the prices of other items.

Once this shuffle of prices has been completed, items will be purchasable for prices ranging from 50p to £4.00 (this is unprecedented for the discount chain, it has only ever sold goods for less than £1.00 during its post-Christmas sales and its ‘manager specials’ promotions).

Poundland bosses have stated that despite the change, around 75% of stock will still maintain a price of £1. Items discounted include an Oats to Go breakfast pot, Colgate toothpaste, and a Princes tomato and sardine paste (all of which can be bought for 50p).

Pricier items include Aussie Shampoo and John West tuna, both of which can be purchased for £3, or a Nivea Night Cream that costs £4. While these items may seem a bit pricier than what we are accustomed to in our Poundlands, they are in fact still bargains (the Nivea cream costs £5.35 in Superdrug, and that’s on offer!)

Unfortunately, not all of us will be able to make the most of these new offers, as the chain is only trialling this price switch-up in 24 stores across the Midlands. The Park Street branch in Walsall is the first store to have been given the new price ranges, but the retailer has not yet revealed where the other 23 participating stores are located, nor have they confirmed how long the trial is expected to last.

The managing director of Poundland, Barry Williams, has acknowledged that customers are starting to shop around more and compare prices, and buy cialis soft tabs online so he thought it necessary to adjust prices in accordance – he stated that Poundland customers are ‘among the savviest in the country’ and he is adjusting the prices to ‘become the simple price retailer’ that customers want them to be.

Last year, bosses did hint that product pricing could increase by as much as £7 – this came after Poundworld, the retailer’s direct competitors, collapsed and had to close over 350 stores last year. Poundland bosses do insist that the store will continue to provide value for money, however.

If you’re looking to get stuck into some discounts and explore these sales, then check on Poundland’s website and use the store locator tool.