Post Ideas for Small Business Social Media Marketing

Post Ideas for Small Business Social Media Marketing

There is so much that you can do to market your business using social media. Social media is a powerful tool to increase engagement with your audience. After hearing that last sentence, you still might wonder what we mean. Well, social media is like having a conversation with a friend to many. People go on social media to connect with others. They might want to laugh about something comical. They may be interested in finding new ideas or just learning something. Others want to know what people are up to. Even if a person does not use direct messaging when logged on, the person wants to come away feeling connected with civilization as a whole. After all, we are in trying times right now in the UK, and it’s natural that people want to use their extra online time to make themselves feel better. The social media marketing process can be challenging, but we will simplify it for you with the ideas below.

Talk About Your Schedule

People love to know what others are doing. If you talk about your life, it will be something that people are craving to know about. There is so much interest in getting to know what a CEO does on a typical day in the life. Try to make it a little glamorous and yet relatable if you can.

Do a Poll

Polls can be fun. Generally, people will engage if the question is interesting enough. Make sure to go past the normative posts to do something a little racy and exciting.

Show Your Workplace

This is a subject that many people crave. It’s become very popular to do behind-the-scenes glimpses as of late. Show the people your process, the product in the works, etc.

Announce Fresh Launches

Make sure that people know that their first look at what you are doing new will be on the page. Announce, announce, and announce your moves before you make them.

Life Quotes

Only the most jaded people don’t like life quotes. Come on, admit that you like them. These quotes can be anything that catches your eye and make sure to quote the author.


This is a bit of a tit-for-tat situation. You will get your audience to do something for you, like post their favorite product from your brand on their page and hashtag you. Then, they will have to write in your comments that they did their task to be entered. You can try any variation of a giveaway, but those that advertise your business will help you generate revenue and pay for your prizes as well.

Recognize the Holidays

Don’t be a bah humbug any time of the year. Every holiday, no matter how small, make sure you make a sweet post. People too will likely be reminded that it’s time to make a special purchase to treat themselves.


Everyone likes to be in the know about sales. There is nothing worse than missing out on a sale by buying a week before a big sale. Most people have been there. This is why a heads up that the sale is coming up with also help.

Make up a Holiday

The second best thing to a real holiday is a made-up one. You can get creative here. You should let them know that that it’s not an actual holiday. For example, this is to take your spouse to work day for all those who want to show off their partner. Something like that can’t really be taken all that seriously anyway.

Get in the Season

We all look outside and wonder what kind of day it will be. The same applies to social media. People like to see some reality on there. Try to be season-appropriate with the post, like flowers for the start of summer.

DIY Ideas

Everyone loves to know how to do something themselves. Do It Yourself is popular everywhere. A short video showing how to DIY something will work wonders.

Product Tips and Tricks

You can show off features of your products that people forget about or a hint on how to use them. For instance, you can tell people how to get makeup on the corners of their eyes if you sell cosmetics.

Customer Feedback

People love to hear what others are doing with the products they buy. You can encourage them to send you their photos using your stuff and promise to post the best ones. This can even be a contest.

Spotlight a Staff Member

Every month, you can spotlight a new staff member. This will help people to get an appreciation of who works with you. It will also aid in boosting staff morale.

Show Off Your Pet

Your animals aren’t shy. You can always get a cameo of your pet doing fun things or looking cute. If you make this a regular occurrence, it can even be a part of your branding.

Post Job Openings

There may be some audience members out there that are perfect for a position you have. You can get skilled staff who are passionate about your products from your customer base.

Give Them the Facts

Everyone loves to know real knowledge. There is so much fake information out there these days. Instead of just contributing to the problem that is mostly rampant on social media, you can be a part of the solution. You are an expert in your field. You have access to insider facts and trade secrets. Get ready to let your education and that of your staff shine. These facts are bound to be refreshing and informative. The best part is that they are true from the source.