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Win Money with Pick My Postcode Lottery UK

Win Money with Pick My Postcode Lottery UK

Did you know you could potentially win a significant amount of money just by registering at the Pick my Postcode Lottery?

In this article we’ll detail what Pick My Postcode Lottery is, how you can join and what you should do when your number is picked.

What is Pick My Postcode?

Pick my Postcode is a postcode lottery, similar to the lottery but in a smaller scale.

The website will choose a postcode every day for the winner. Then, if your number comes up you can file a claim or else have it roll over the next day.

The online lottery makes its money by way of traffic and advertising to hand out free cash to those who are registered. If you’re wondering if Pick my Postcode is a scam, then leave your worries at the door. They do give out free money to registrants once their postcodes are chosen, and they make money because of the traffic and payment from those who advertise on their site.

How Can You Join Pick My Postcode?

Joining is easy and only takes a few minutes of your time.

To start, you will need to visit the official Pick my Postcode website. Enter your postcode and your email address, then tick the box that says ‘I agree to all the Legal Stuff’ and click or tap on ‘Join us today for free’.

After that, it’s your responsibility to visit the website every day to see if your post code has been chosen for the day. You’ll get notifications via email, and the good thing is that it only takes a second or two to check.

Other than the main draw there are other ways you can make money from Pick my Postcode.

What Can You Win at Pick My Postcode?

Main Draw…

The main draw offers the biggest money prize and is done during midday. The lucky postcode is determined from the pool at random. The jackpot starts at £200 but rolls over the next day if it’s unclaimed.

Video Draw…

You can get another chance to win through the Video Draw, which is also done during midday. However, the prize is lower at £50 and does not carry over the next day.

Survey Draw…

Those who are willing to spend a few minutes answering a survey can get a chance to win £50 in the survey draw. This gives you a higher chance to take home free money because the pool is among survey participants.


Every day at 9 in the morning and evening the stackpot draw is done. Those whose postcodes are chosen will get £10.

Bonus Draw…

Prizes range from £5 to £10, and even £20.

To qualify, you must have a balance in your bonus pot and have referred other people to Pick My Postcode. You’ll also need to have visited the Pick my Postcode website regularly to qualify.

Those who do qualify can get a pence bonus for checked draws.

Flash Draw…

Flash draws award £5 for website visitors who get a unique ad. It will usually say ‘You’re A… £5 Flash Draw Winner and a link to claim it. This will not show on all web visitors though, and you get a higher chance if you go to the official website every day.

How to Claim If You Won in Pick My Postcode Lottery

Those whose postcodes are selected for the main draw, video draw, survey draw, stackpot, bonus draw and flash draw will get their free money sent to them via PayPal.

PayPal accounts are tied to a particular email address, which Pick my Postcode will send the money to. Therefore, if you have a different email address in the website than your linked PayPal email you’ll have to inform them.

Winners can also opt to get their winnings sent straight to their bank account although there’s a £25 fee to do so. Or, you can choose to get paid in Argos e-vouchers.

The Bottom Line

Signing up to get a chance to win a lottery is always worth the effort. Pick my Postcode is a free money making online endeavour you’ll surely want to check out.

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