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Personal Trainer Jobs – How to Become a Personal Trainer in the UK

Personal Trainer Jobs

Personal Trainer Jobs – How to Become a Personal Trainer in the UK

Want to know more about Personal Trainer Jobs and how to get one in the UK? Well this guide has you covered!

A personal trainer’s primary goal is to improve a person’s health and appearance. Personal trainers help people to achieve goals related to their body and internal bodily functions. However, if a person has an illness, a personal trainer can be hired to help them to manage their condition. Personal trainers also help people recovering from physical injuries or ailments. Physical trainers also work with people to ensure that they’re living in a healthy manner.

What job duties do personal trainers perform?

Personal trainers are responsible for helping people to get into shape and to remain in shape. While they work with individuals to build up their bodies and to improve their appearance; they also help people with their mental state as well. The medical field often uses qualified personal trainers to help patients to alleviate mental conditions through exercise. They also use them to help patients rehab injuries. Professional and amateur athletes also use personal trainers to assist with their development. Personal trainers are also employed by actors to prepare for film roles. You can find personal trainers in various fields where people need to get into shape and to improve their appearance.

What qualifications are needed to become a personal trainer?

If you want to become a personal trainer, you will need to have the proper credentials. You will need a CIMSPA or Charted Institute for the Management of Sport & Physical Activity certification. You must also have the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) credential as well. It is recommended that you have a Level 2 gym accreditation that must be certified for this industry. You must also have a Level 3 personal training certification as well.

The Continuous Personal Development (CPD) is an awarding body with the UK that provides certification for personal trainers. The CPD is just one of many organizations that provides this service for personal trainers. You should check around for other places that provide this service. Keep in mind that you can get your credentials online. You will have to research online to figure out what courses can be undertaken online. You also should know that personal trainer courses can be completed on-site. Just keep in mind that various time scales apply to the coursework.

Personal Trainer Course Costs…

If you want to become a personal trainer, you will have to pay for the training. The cost of training will vary by the institution providing this instruction. You can expect to pay between £1,000 – £3,000. If you don’t have the money to pay upfront you might be able to spread the payments out over time. Keep in mind that some colleges offer training courses and may provide grants or loans to pay for the course.

How much does a personal trainer in the UK make?

Personal trainers within the UK can make any amount of money their clients are willing to pay. However, the average pay rate for this field is between £20-£50 per hour. Some personal trainers will make more and others will make less. Personal trainers that work in hospitals, for professional sports teams, and for individual athletes and actors will generally receive a higher pay than average. Personal trainers that work in gyms or for individual clients generally do not make as much.

Personal trainers who work in gyms can receive £300 per hour. However, this figure is for the top trainers within this field. Keep in mind that the average salary for personal trainers is around £20,000 a year. However, this figure can be higher if a person is hired by a professional athlete, actor, or if a person works within the medical field.

Insurance Costs for Personal Trainers…

Personal trainers should have insurance for their clients. Insurance is necessary because it protects a personal trainer from being sued. If a client thinks that a personal trainer is incompetent or has purposely caused them harm, they can come after them legally.

Personal trainers are working with a person’s health, and they must make sure they are not doing anything to cause them harm. Personal trainers must also have money set aside for renting out space unless they work for an organization. They must pay for tax and National Insurance and have personal liability. Without these coverages, a personal trainer can get into serious legal trouble.

Advertising your Services as a Personal Trainer…

You will have to advertise your services at some point. If not, you will probably have a hard time getting more clients. Keep in mind that if you work within a gym or medical facility that you should have a steady flow of clients. However, if you work with athletes or media personalities, then you’re going to need to advertise. You must have the right credentials to set you apart from the competition.

A good personal trainer typically takes years to build up their reputation. They might not make a lot of money in the beginning and then build up their income over time. All personal trainers should advertise through word-of-mouth, social media, through their professional organizations, and the internet.

The Final Thing You Should Know about Being a Personal Trainer…

Personal trainer jobs are not for everyone. Not everybody is not cut out for this type of work. You must be fit and in shape. You don’t need bulging muscles or a body of an athlete to perform this job. However, you need to look fit and be medically sound. Nobody is going to work with an out-of-shape personal trainer who doesn’t take care of their health and physical appearance.

Work hard to build up a career. Just because you’re in shape doesn’t mean that people are going to automatically pick you to help improve their lives. You need to bring them value and be professional. Don’t ever use your personal training service to exploit people. Ultimately, you can earn a decent living as a personal trainer if you’re able to provide your clients with the means to improve their health and physical appearance.

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