Parents Love these £1.35 ‘Baby Backpacks’ which protect Babies heads when they crawl…

Imagine a way to protect babies when they are just starting out with movements? This backpack helps them to be protected as they crawl. The cute shapes, like a ladybug, make these bags look a bit like Halloween costumes. But the practicalities of these attachments cannot be denied by users.

Parents are giving the product, that has just hit the Amazon market, rave reviews. They are saying that the backpack fits well and stays put. This is high praise considering that moms are usually the first ones to raise alarm bells regarding baby products. After all, they are the number one test market for them.

Really though, the backpack is only £1.35, so how could one go wrong? The soft round disc at the back of the baby’s head makes sure that any tumbles are just that much safer. Baby products just got a whole lot more fun with this addition.