Official Pizza Hut Statement Regarding Coronavirus…

Statement from Pizza Hut Regarding Covid-19…

Pizza Hut Restaurants’ priority is the health, safety and wellbeing of our guests and colleagues and we are committed to adhering to the protocols advised by the government and Public Health England so you can rest reassured that we are following the official guidance and we are ready for your custom.

16/03/20 the Government announced new information to avoid unnecessary travel, please inform yourself fully of the official guidance and if you are feeling ill and/or identify as one of the high risk categories please don’t leave your home as you can still access our menu via Deliveroo and Uber. For those who have read the guidance and are still planning on visiting a Hut, the Restaurant is open for business and so are our Takeaway counters. We would be very glad to serve you but before you travel, check the opening times of your Hut on our website.

Visitors to the Hut will see that we have put in place stringent hygiene measures, you will be seated at a distance from any other guests and we have put into place enhanced cleaning procedures using the range of officially recommended cleaning products. Items that are touched frequently, such as menus and shared utensils, are swapped out and sanitised regularly.

We have also cleared our tables of standard items and things like condiments that would usually be on the tables are available on request. We have also made the difficult decision to remove crayons from our Huts for the time being because they are difficult to keep clean between use, so please do bring them from home if you are visiting with children – we are really sorry but I hope you can appreciate we have to put safety first.

In terms of our Hut teams, only those feeling well will be working in the Hut and they have all been trained to carry out extra specific cleaning duties. From a personal hygiene perspective you will see that our teams are washing their hands thoroughly and order real cialis online very often. You will also notice that our shared areas such as Salad Bar and Buffet are being kept clean with items swapped out on a regular basis.

Remember – if you cannot travel, we can come to you and you can still enjoy our Pizza and restaurant menu via Takeaway and contactless Deliveroo and Uber.

On behalf of all of our 6500 employees, thank you so much for supporting Pizza Hut and likewise we hope we can provide you with some light relief and yummy treats to make a difficult time a bit easier.