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Daily Mail Rewards: Ultimate Guide to MyMail Rewards

MyMail Rewards

Daily Mail Rewards: Ultimate Guide to MyMail Rewards

It is incredible how modern-day society has come up with numerous ways of making and saving money. Imagine saving some extra money every time you buy the Daily Mail.

Since 2017, the Daily Mail newspaper set up a Daily Mail Rewards Club subsequently partnered with Nectar to offer their audience/readers daily Nectar points.

These Nectar points upon accumulation can always be redeemed for money-saving purposes.

What is the Daily Mail Rewards Club?

Daily Mail Rewards Club is simply more of a loyalty program created by the Daily Mail Newspaper to incentivize loyalty and attract more readers.

The club operates by rewarding those who purchase the Daily Mail in Nectar points, which can be redeemed for various benefits.

Individuals can always claim up to 80 Nectar point every week, which, when broken down, implies 5 points each day from Monday to Friday, 10 points on Saturday, and 15 points on Sunday.

This sums up to 50 Nectar points. The extra 30 points is usually a weekly bonus acquired by buying the Daily Mail Newspaper and claiming the points at least five times a week.

How do you register with the Daily Mail Rewards Club?

Registering with the Daily Mail Rewards Club requires individuals to have or set up a MyMail account and a Nectar account.

If you don’t have any of these accounts, setting them up is very simple and straightforward. For instance, setting up a MyMail account will warrant you opening the MyMail website and clicking the join button.

This will take you to another page where you will be required to fill in some vital information to set up your profile. Afterward, you should click continue, which should open a new page where you will be asked to link your newly created MyMail account to your Nectar account.

Linking the two accounts is aimed at facilitating the collection and redeeming of the accumulated Nectar points.

If you don’t have a Nectar account, do not panic, as setting up one is also easy. The linking process will begin by enquiring if you have a Nectar card giving you the option to choose a yes or a no.

Suppose you don’t have a Nectar card. In that case, you will be redirected to the Nectar account-creating platform that also entails filling in some vital information with a guaranteed Nectar card number being issued right away.

Subsequently, you will need your Nectar card number and the Nectar online account password to link your accounts. Pasting these onto the provided spaces and logging in should complete the linking process in a matter of seconds.

This implies that you are now ready to start utilizing the MyMail and Nectar platforms to collect, redeem and spend Nectar points courtesy of the Daily Mail.

How do you earn Nectar points with the Daily Mail?

Earning Nectar points will require you to find the unique numbers printed everyday on the back of the Daily Mail and Sunday Mail newspapers. Afterward, you should log in to your MyMail account and enter the unique code in a box at the top of the page. This should subsequently earn you Nectar points depending on the day of redeeming.


  • You should always ensure to redeem the Daily Mail Rewards Club’s unique numbers as soon as possible since the code often expires and becomes invalid after a couple of days post publication date.
  • You should also remember that the unique code can only be redeemed once, and as such, an already redeemed code will be rejected.

Where can you spend your Nectar points?

Nectar points upon redeeming can always be spent in many different places and for several varying purposes. There are always tons of options; it is only a matter of choosing the best and most appropriate of the available ones. For instance, MyMail allows individuals to redeem their accumulated Nectar points towards things like Cruises, unique days out, wine, M & S vouchers, Argos vouchers, among others. There are certainly a lot of other unique offers by MyMail. The Nectar points can further be redeemed as payment for items purchased in specific stores like Pizza Hut, Café Nero, eBay, Vue, and others.

Where else can you collect Nectar points?

Apart from Daily Mail Newspaper, there are several other companies in partnership with Nectar which will also earn you Nectar points in one way or the other. Some of these participating companies include:

  • eBay
  • Argos
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • ASOS
  • Clarks
  • Sainsbury’s
  • Dunelm Mill
  • Brakes
  • British Airways, among many others.

Are you already a member of the MyMail club?

MyMail club always presents its members with several lucrative offers and even extras to appeal to more masses. These offers are always changing, with old ones being terminated and new ones initiated. Thus, it is vital to have a MyMail account and join the MyMail club for all the updates and be among the first to enjoy the presented offers. Moreover, for loyal MyMail club members, you are also free to add any valuable information that might have been omitted by leaving a comment in the comment section.

Other ways you can save money…

The Daily Mail Rewards Club is a great way to save some extra money on the side. Nonetheless, this technique will not make you rich. It is essentially designed to supplement your income and make your lifestyle more comfortable. As such, as a clever individual, you should always have a host of other projects/avenues for saving money to ensure that combined together, the money-saving impact should be significant in an individual’s life.

Therefore, there are numerous other money-saving ideas that you could implement alongside redeeming the Nectar points from Baily Mail Newspapers. These include;

  • Collecting and redeeming Nectar points from other sources
  • Proper budgeting of your expenditures
  • Finding ways to live happily as a frugal family

All these and others are always available on the internet and can surely help you save a fairly huge sum of money to be used in other avenues.

Final Thoughts

The Daily Mail Rewards Club has been associated with tremendous positive reviews from loyal customers who have had the privilege of redeeming and benefitting from their accumulated Nectar points.

As such, if you are a newspaper person or planning to save some money, you could achieve this by perusing through this article and taking the necessary steps in setting up your MyMail and Nectar accounts appropriately.

Subsequently, after collecting fairly relevant Nectar points, you will be able to reap the benefits associated.

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