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My Travel Company Has Gone Bust, What Can I Do?

My Travel Company Has Gone Bust, What Can I Do?

Have you ever imagined that you got stranded in the last minutes before your flight? You may have to suffer unpleasant ordeals due to the blunders committed by your trusted travel company. There are several measures which you can take to ensure that your trip moves forth as you had planned earlier.

Below is a glimpse of how to go about when your travel company goes out of business before the end of your trip.

Find out if your Flight Could be Made Available

The exit of your travel agent from the business scene should not affect the plans you had laid out for your trip. You will need to contact your travel company and other relevant bodies involved to get clarification on the availability of your flight.

In the incidence where you are unable to reach the company, reach out to your tour operator, or flight/accommodation provider. They will help you check whether your booking is available on their records as you go further with your plans.

Availability of your booking on record is a green light for you to make your final minute preparations. In the case where your travel company is out of business and records of your booking are not available, you will need to apply some drastic measures.

Find out if your Booking is covered

Double check to find out if your booking is protected by the Air Travel Organizers’ Licensing (ATOL) scheme. Most UK travel companies making flights across the border adhere to the ATOL protection scheme. You will receive an ATOL certificate when you book.

Which are The Available Travel Packages?

Package holidays…

The Package Travel and Link Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018 dictates that holiday package organisers should provide security for your money. They should also ensure that you are delivered home safe.

You get a package holiday when you make a booking of more than one part of your vacation via the same travel agency or website. Your money is ATOL protected if you made your booking through an ATOL member.

Linked Travel Arrangements…

In a linked travel arrangement, you get to purchase one part of your vacation and then you are asked to buy another part by a click-through within 24 hours. Unfortunately, the Linked Travel Arrangements are not covered by the ATOL protection scheme. However, you may enjoy other insolvency protections.

If your holiday is ATOL protected, you will need to make an ATOL claim.

Make an ATOL Claim…

My travel company has gone bust, what can I do? You can lay an ATOL claim in the following incidences.

  • You can make a claim for an upcoming flight when your travel company has gone out of business before the trip.
  • If the ATOL holder has gone bust while you are still abroad hence disrupting your flight back to the UK.
  • Making an ATOL claim for a Future Booking

The ATOL certificate that you are given after you book explains how the scheme protects you. Read through it to understand the terms and conditions applying to your safety during the trip.

Establish whether your trip is ATOL protected. Find out more about the type of protection applicable to your trip and fill the relevant claim form.

Use the information published by the CAA about the ATOL holder. When you understand the ATOL holder better, you get to know what you need to qualify for a refund.

The CAA always strives to refund clients for the unused ATOL protected parts of the trip. You are guaranteed of getting back your money as soon as possible.

Making an ATOL Claim While Abroad

Reach out to the CAA to help you sort out the compensation process. The CAA will do everything in their power to ensure that you complete the remainder of your vacation unperturbed. They also ensure that your money is refunded as earlier on agreed.

Use the CAA’S handbook to learn more about the arrangements at your disposal based on your prevailing predicament. Go through the terms and conditions available in the ATOL certificate.

The CAA hotline number +44 (0) 333 103 6350 is open for you to report your situation.

Contact Your Travel Insurance

My travel company has gone bust, what can I do? Seeking assistance from your travel insurance company is a loophole out of your predicament. Compensation for the failure of your travel company is unlikely as the regular insurance covers do not cover it.

Double check the terms and conditions to ensure that the contract covers end-supplier failure. This cover will protect you when the companies you booked through fail or bust.

If the policy you signed up for with your insurance companies covers the failure of your travel company, you will be compensated for your loss.

Make a Legal Claim

Some travel companies are notorious and are most likely to forego the choice of compensating your loss. A legal claim will help you get the compensation that you deserve as stipulated in the ATOL certificate you got after booking.

With the help of professional legal advisors, you can lay a strong claim to get compensated. Ensure that you keep all the paperwork of your booking as they may be used as indisputable evidence when you are laying claim.

Claim compensation via the Chargeback Scheme

A debit card payment allows you to make a MasterCard and Visa chargeback scheme. The chargeback scheme will enable you to prompt your card provider to make a reversal on a transaction made using your debit card or a credit card transaction of less than £100.

Most high street bankers subscribe to this scheme even though it is not enshrined in the law.

Seek the Section 75 Protection

Eligibility for compensation requires that you must have paid more than £100 for your trip. You need to have used your credit for direct booking of your flight. If the airline or holiday company is listed in your credit card bill, you will get a refund.

The policy also ensures that you get compensation if the tour operator is a member of the ABTA. Your money is protected by The Travel Association (ABTA) as long as you made a booking. Section 75 of the Consumer protection has helped most folks get the compensation your travel company goes bust.

The above guidelines will help you enjoy your trip abroad to the maximum without stressing out. The various agencies will also help you get the maximum value for your money.

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