Mum upcycles Barbie House into Hogwarts

Becky Edmonds upcycled a Barbie Dreamhouse into Hogwarts for her daughter.

She used wallpaper sample from Homebase, B&Q & Next to create Hogwarts look-a-like flooring, rood & walls. Becky also used some leftover carpet cutoffs from her own home as carpet for the Hogwarts dreamhouse.

She handmade the shelves, tables & benches but refurbished some of the furniture that came with the Barbie house too.

Becky then got super creative by using mini bowling pins from a Christmas cracker to recreate floating candles from the Great Hall ceiling.

She ordered potion bottles from ebay and used a variety of nail polish, paint, glitter & feathers to fill them.

All other decor was created on Becky’s PC and printed off to add to the walls.

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