Mum Removes Daughters Pen Scribbles from Sofa with Hairspray!

A Mum was at home with her daughter when she decided to take a quick shower. When the mother finished she came back to find a horrid surprise! She left a pen out near her couch (and that’s where things went wrong!) Her daughter got hold of the pen and decided to scribble on the arm of the couch!

After trying to get the pen marks out with normal cleaning supplies for OVER for half an hour! the Mum decided to go to a Facebook group called ‘Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips’ where she shared photos of her messed up couch (in hopes that someone could help)

Plenty of people replied with suggestions like using Nappysan or Ariel to try and clean the marks but after scrolling down the suggestions the Mum saw a weird tip! ‘Soak it with Hairspray and wipe it off’ to her surprise this tip worked!

The Mum shared a picture of her perfectly clean couch and thanked everyone who suggested tips.

If you have any stains that are hard to remove, it’s always worth giving hairspray a try!