Mrs Tiggy Winkle 50p – How much is the Mrs Tiggy Winkle Coin Worth?

Mrs Tiggy Winkle 50p – How much is the Mrs Tiggy Winkle Coin Worth?

When rare coins come out, it can be a fun pastime to collect them. Sometimes, it can even be a lucrative venture. In this instance, look at the Mrs. Tiggy Winkle 50p coin. It’s a coin that you might even possess without knowing it. In the following article, we will explore more of the details about this coin.

How Many Mrs. Tiggy Winkle Coins Were made?

The coin hails back all the way to 2016. At this time, there were 8,800,000. This makes it a collector’s item, but it is not exactly very rare. Still though, if you possess one, you can sell it in an auction. There are collectors that are on the lookout for the Mrs. Tiggy Winkle coin.

How much is the Mrs. Tiggy Winkle 50p Worth?

How much the coin is worth really depends on what the person is willing to pay for it. A person can be willing to pay up to £3 for it. While this is not exactly a fortune, it’s still a profit. If you are looking to make £2.50, then this is your ticket to profit. Additionally, if you happen to have a few of them, then it is definitely worth selling them.

Where can you sell the Mrs. Tiggy Winkle 50p Online?

With this information in hand, then it is now time to start your selling venture. You can look for online auction sites such as eBay. With these sites, you can list your price on the website. You can also include details and a photo of the coin. One of the great opportunities of eBay is that you can really build a reputation as a seller. If you are reliable and send out your items in a timely fashion, then people will be apt to leave a good review. This can help with future coin selling ventures or any other business opportunity that you might have.

What About the Mrs. Tiggy Winkle Uncirculated Coin?

If you have purchased the coin when it first came out, you will have an uncirculated version. This means that you directly bought it. You will probably have it in some sort of display case as well. These coins are worth even more than the circulated versions, according to the Fifty Pence website. This coin sells for around £8. This is a substantial bit more and can make buying uncirculated coins a worthy venture.


These profits might sound enticing, but you can also hold out for a bit longer. After the collectors have mostly obtained this coin, the ones left over will be in higher demand. This means that even the circulated coins can increase in value over time. Keep your eyes peeled to coin collecting websites and on auction sites to see if the coin is increasing in value.