McDonald’s will reopen 15 restaurants with a limited menu on 13th May…

McDonald’s will only reopen for deliveries and staff members will be required to ‘social distance’ in the kitchens.

The limited menu includes Cheeseburgers, Big Macs and Chicken Nuggets but McMuffins won’t be available (leaving many McDonald’s fans upset)

In its statement regarding the reopening, McDonald’s said: “To reduce the complexities in our kitchens at menu changeover, we will temporarily not be serving breakfast.”

Paul Pomroy explained the chain had ‘deliberately taken our time’ in formulating a plan on how to reopen as ‘we want to get this right’.

“To give us all confidence in the new operational measures we are introducing to keep you and our employees safe, we asked our employees for their thoughts, have incorporated much of their feedback and will continue to listen and learn.

“The tests have proven successful and I will outline the ways in which we will slowly, but safely, begin to resume serving McDonald’s customers again.”

The announcement did leave the door open for the possibility of reintroducing a breakfast menu in the near future, stating: “As we reopen we will explore the ways in which to help our employees safely change over menus and we will reintroduce our breakfast menu as soon as we can.”