6 Ways to Make Money from your Blog

6 Ways to Make Money from your Blog…

Even though blogging is not the easiest you can make money, it is possible to supplement your salary or make money using your blog. However, patience and dedication are required to build a following and traffic. Whether you started a blog or you are looking for ways to monetise it, you can make good money to support yourself and your family if you do it right. Here are some of the ways you can make money blogging…

Contextual advertising

If you have no problem selling other products on your blog, contextual ad networks are guaranteed ways you can make money. In contextual advertising, Google AdSense is the biggest platform that most bloggers rely on to make money. To make money, Google publishes several ads on your blog. You only earn money as your followers click on these ads. It is essential to understand that the amount of money you make depends on the cost per click (CPC) of the ad. The CPC is determined by several factors, including niche, traffic on your blog, and market conditions, among others.

You can create a Free Google AdSense account. However, since Google values the reputation of the website or blog, they publish their ads, getting a free Google AdSense account is not guaranteed. To increase the chances of having an AdSense account, ensure your website or blog is credible. Website traffic is crucial for you to make money using contextual advertising. Remember, you earn more if your blog/website has high traffic because you will get more clicks. An alternative to Google AdSense is Mediavine but you need 50,000 Sessions per month (not to be confused with pageviews!)

Sell your services

Besides selling or advertising services, you can earn money via freelancing. Freelancing is time-consuming and draining, but if you do it right, it is lucrative. Ergo, if you are a professional programmer, photographer, designer, or freelance writer, you can sell your services at a fee. If you are to make money selling your services, you have to build trust with your readers. Remember, if your readers feel or think that you are a pro in your niche, they will start hiring your services. To get started, you can give offers or free services to promote the services you are selling.

Affiliate marketing

With a credible blog, affiliate marketing is an easy way to make money with your blog. Affiliate marketing entails promoting 3rd party products to make money through a commission. To earn money through affiliate marketing, you get a unique referral link to a 3rd party product you are promoting/advertising. In case people buy the product using your referral link, you get a percentage from the sale of product(s).

Amazon’s affiliate is one of the popular affiliates most bloggers rely on to make money. Ideally, you can get 5 to 10% of the sale. Amazon’s affiliate is popular because bloggers earn a commission even if the customer buys another product. The concept is to attract or make the user purchase a particular item following your affiliate link! Research thoroughly to know more about other affiliates you can try to make money using your blog.

Some UK Affiliate Networks you can join are…





Selling books/eBooks and digital products

To sell books, eBooks, or digital products, you need to be reputable. You have to earn your reader’s trust or specialise in a specific niche. The key to selling books and eBooks is understanding what your readers need at that moment. Therefore, monitoring traffic to your blog, landing pages, the type of readers on your blog, and what they need from you is essential. Remember, your eBook should be relevant, well written, and captivating. If you want to venture into selling eBooks, consider doing thorough research, inquiring from experts, and watching tutorials to do it right.

Some of the digital products you can sell online include apps, themes, plugins, images, online courses or workshops, and music. If you are going to choose any of these niches, ensure you make it relevant and useful to the readers. You do not have to develop a product for the readers to like. Instead, determine what the readers are looking for and then provide.

Selling your blog

Did you know you can sell your blog a considerable amount of money? Each blog post you write increases traffic and the value of your blog. Numerous potential buyers are looking to buy your blog if it offers good quality content. Remember, your blog is an asset, and if you took your time to build it, you could get decent returns. To connect with potential buyers, consider visiting empireflippers and flippa. Just imagine Techcrunch was valued at $30 million while Ugo sold for $100 million!

Which factors determine the value of your blog?

  • The number of blog posts published/posted
  • Traffic
  • The amount of revenue (for the last 3-months)
  • Backlinks to your blog

Public Speaking

Did you know if your blog takes off, you can start getting speaking gigs that pay well? It is possible to get invitations to speak at conferences. Your income is determined by the niche, reputation, talk duration, and location, among others. If you are a qualified professional in niches like coaching, consultation, or you have excellent public speaking skills, you can create a blog and start offering speaking gigs or provide other services.

If you are an avid travel blogger, you can get invitations to speak in tourism or travel events. How do you get speaking gigs?

The first thing is to have a personal branding so that every person who visits your site identifies with you. To relate with your potential clients, here are some of the things you can do:

  • Tell your story
  • Collect emails
  • Post your photos
  • Be real and transparent to your readers
  • Reply to comments

With all the ways mentioned above to make money from your blog, it is up to you to determine the best approach. For example, if you mainly focus on content writing, offering content writing services is the best option. Consequently, if your blog primarily focuses on product reviews, consider engaging in affiliate marketing. Finally, if you are new to blogging, seek advice, and help from experienced bloggers.