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Loyalty Cards UK | The Best Loyalty Cards in the UK

Loyalty Cards UK

Loyalty Cards UK | The Best Loyalty Cards in the UK

Want to know the best loyalty cards in the UK? Keep Reading!

There are many companies that now offer loyalty cards as a way to encourage more people to shop with them. You may have some in your purse or wallet that you don’t even use. However, some of them can be really effective tools in helping you to save money.

Not all loyalty cards are created equal and some will offer much better rewards than others. Some of the best loyalty cards to sign up for in 2020 are listed below…

Tesco Clubcard…

You can earn points on your Clubcard every time you purchase something from Tesco online or in-store. You will earn one point for every £1 that you spend. You can also earn points when you purchase fuel, and this will be one point for every £2.

You can earn additional points if you have an account with Tesco Bank or Tesco Mobile, or if you have a Tesco credit card.

If you are spending your points in Tesco then each point is worth one penny. However, you can exchange them for discounts in a large selection of high street stores, and this makes them better value.

The vouchers that you have earned will be sent to you every three months. If you have the Clubcard app then you can sign up to Faster Rewards which will give you your points 24 hours after your spend.

If you want to get the most of your points, then it is definitely worth exchanging the codes on the vouchers with reward partners, as this can give you up to three times the amount of points.

If you do not use your card for two years, then the account will be deactivated and all your points will be lost. Vouchers also have an expiry date of about two years but you will find the exact date on your voucher.

Nectar Card…

Nectar is best known as Sainsbury’s rewards program, but it can also be used in many other stores including ASOS and TopShop.

You earn one point per pound spent in Sainsbury’s but other retailers will have different rates. You will find full details of the rates that different stores offer on the Nectar website.

When you have collected 500 points, you will get a £2.50 voucher to spend at Sainsbury’s. You can also redeem your points for other rewards, but the rates for these will differ. Again, for the most up to date information the best thing to do is check the website.

When you are redeeming rewards, you should always do so for somewhere you would shop anyway. You will not be saving any money if you are spending unnecessarily just to take advantage of a discount.

Paperchase Treat Me…

If you shop at Paperchase on a regular basis, then the Treat Me card does have the potential to save you money. However, it is not a card where you collect points.

You do get benefits when you sign up and the card tracks how much you spend. Some of the main benefits of the card are listed below.

  • 15% off your first purchase after activating the card.
  • £5 off your next purchase when you spend £50 in a six month period.
  • If you buy seven birthday cards in one year, you will get one free.
  • You get a £5 voucher on your birthday which needs to be spent within 14 days.
  • If you spend over £10 you will be eligible for free click and collect.
  • Free next day delivery with Yodel if you spend over £25.

If you qualify for a student discount, then this cannot be used in conjunction with any offers that you get from your Treat Me card.

Boots Advantage Card…

Every £1 that you spend in Boots will give you 4 points. This makes it one of the most generous loyalty cards. Each point is worth 1p. You can spend your points in-store or online. You are not able to use them as part payment for a item.

Boots often have points events where you can earn extra points on certain products or if you spend over a certain amount of money.

There are certain things that you can not earn points on such as prescriptions and formula milk. Your points will be wiped if the card is inactive for two years.

Superdrug Health & Beauty Card…

You will earn one point for every pound that you spend online or in-store. 100 points is worth £1 and the points can only be redeemed in multiples of 100. Unlike the Boots Advantage Card, you are able to use your points for part payment of an item.

They do have events where you can earn bonus points when you buy selected products. You will also get triple points on your birthday.

If you do not use your card in a year then your account will be closed.


You will receive one point for every 10p you spend as long as your card is registered, otherwise it is one point for every 20p that you spend.

There are two big advantages that the Subcard has. If you make a purchase and then make another one within seven days you will receive double points. This means if you buy something every week, then you will always get double points.

You can also form a Subsquad with up to eight other friends. You will receive a notification when someone in your squad makes a purchase. If anyone else then also makes a purchase within four hours, then they and the original purchaser will get 50 bonus points.

You can’t have more than 5000 points on your card so you will need to spend them as you go along.

Costa Coffee Club…

You can pick up a physical card in a branch of Costa Coffee or you can download an app to your phone. You will be given 100 points to get you started with either choice. You will get 5 points for every £1 that you spend. Each 100 points is worth £1 that you can redeem straightaway or save until you have enough for a free drink.

Another advantage of the app is that you are able to place your order in advance and go and collect it when it is ready. The disadvantage of this loyalty card is that you have to sown a lot more to get a free drink than you would at Starbucks.

IKEA Family Card…

The IKEA Family Card gives you access to automatic discounts and other special offers. It is not a card where you can collect points.

You can get a free tea or coffee anytime that you visit a store on a weekday, and you also get free damage cover on items that are delivered to you at home.

Discounts are applied to certain items on a regular basis, but these may not always be items that you want to buy.


You don’t earn points with a myWaitrose card, but you do get access to special offers and freebies.

This card is the last on the list because you are only really likely to benefit from it if you shop in Waitrose anyway. It is one of the more expensive supermarkets in the UK.

You will get the following benefits when you use the card.

  • Discounts based on your shopping history.
  • A free tea or coffee whenever you visit a store and bring your own reusable cup.
  • 20% off selected fish from the fish counter on Fish Fridays.
  • If you buy one newspaper and spend over £10 in one transaction, then you will be able to choose another newspaper free of charge.
  • Access to Quick Check which allows you to scan your shopping as you go and then pay quickly at the checkout.

At one point you were able to choose your favourite items are receive 20% off them every time you shopped, but this discount is no longer offered.

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