KT Franklin Net Worth – How Much Does KT Franklin Make on TikTok?

KT Franklin Net Worth – How Much Does KT Franklin Make on TikTok?

Whether you know KT Franklin for her TikTok comedic videos, Instagram jaw-dropping photos or YouTube entertaining vlogs, you would agree that she is the best social media influencer out there. She is an irresistible force in the social media space and all her social accounts stand out for offering unique and high-value content. In this article, we will discuss the latest about KT Franklin’s biography and net worth.

Who is KT Franklin?

KT Franklin is a 20 year old social media star born in Oxford, England. Her ethnicity is Caucasian and her zodiac sign is Pisces.

KT is currently known for her TikTok videos and YouTube vlogs. She posts her comedic videos on her much-loved TikTok account called @KT Franklin and entertaining vlogs on her self-named YouTube channel.

KT Franklin’s mother is called Charmaine Palmer. Charmaine has maintained a solid bond with her daughter and even better, she supports all KT does. She has, for example, reacted to KT’s TikTok videos on one of KT’s YouTube videos.

KT Franklin has not stated the identification of her father on her social media platforms as of now. However, it is known that she has a sister called Izzy.

KT Franklin has an adorable face, complemented by beautiful hazel eyes and rounded up with lovely blonde hair. She also has a fantastic personality and a great sense of humour. These features, in addition to creativity and the zeal she shows in her content, is what has made her a household name all over.

KT Franklin prefers to live a secretive life and not much is known about her dating or romantic side. Currently, it seems that she is single, probably for the purpose of focusing on and growing her career. With her secretive life, though, she is able to avoid controversies as a celebrity.

Due to the same reason as above, there’s no information about her educational background as of now. However, looking at her successful career, she is definitely well educated.

Here is a breakdown of KT Franklin’s social media presence on major platforms:

Tik Tok – 2 million+ followers and over 97.6 million likes.

YouTube channel – Her self-named channel has 239K subscribers

Instagram – Her @kt.franklin account has over 215K followers

What does KT Franklin do?

Before gaining a good following on social media KT Franklin was interested in acting and modelling. This unmatched passion led her to Instagram in February 2016, where she made a mirror selfie as her first post. With her stunning selfies and addictive modelling photos, KT Franklin was able to grow her Instagram account at a very fast rate.

KT Franklin became a star on the platform when she brought in video content. She focuses on funny skits, comedic videos, challenges and pranks. The fame and attention she created with this kind of content opened more doors for her and she was able to work with other internet celebrities such as King Tae and YouTube stars Bert and Sykes.

On 5th March 2019, KT Franklin created a self-named YouTube channel where she posts more of her video content. Here, she primarily uploads Storytime’s and pranks videos. One of her most popular videos is when her mum reacted to her TikTok videos.

TikTok is the other huge thing for KT Franklin. On her famous TikTok account, she focuses on parody-lip synched videos. Her TikTok account has contributed a huge section of subscribers to her YouTube channel. Impressively, her videos on TikTok are always long, so this was transferred seamlessly to her YouTube channel.

KT Franklin also engages in modelling contracts where she fetches supplementary income.

How much does KT Franklin make on TikTok?

Her 2 million followers on TikTok attracts brands that pay her for sponsored posts. Details about what she charges are currently unknown, but you can always reach out to her or her agent for clarification.

How much does KT Franklin make on YouTube?

With 239k subscribers and continually growing views, KT Franklin earns around £35,000 per year from her YouTube channel.

How much does KT Franklin make on TikTok?

We estimate KT Franklin earns around £5000 – £8000 per sponsored TikTok video.

What is KT Franklin net worth?

KT Franklin net worth is estimated to be 100k. This income is mainly from her YouTube channel and Tik Tok videos. Her occasional modelling contracts also contribute to her current net worth.