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Katie Hayes Net Worth – How Much Is Katie Hayes Worth?

Katie Hayes Net Worth – How Much Is Katie Hayes Worth?

Katie Hayes is a popular makeup artist within the U.K. This young entrepreneur says that she sleeps, eats, and breathes makeup. Her love for beauty and makeup has made her one of the most important makeup artists in her country. Let’s find out more about Katie Hayes and she uses makeup to change lives and to transform her world.

Who is Katie Hayes?

Katie Hayes is a makeup artist who has made a name for herself through hard work, commitment, and dedication. Hayes built a huge following through the internet. She uses the typical online outlets to reach her audience. YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter showcase here tutorials and her online posts about makeup. She also has a personal website. Her fanbase couldn’t get enough of her tips and tricks for helping people to look their best.

How Old is Katie Hayes?

Katie Hayes was born on June 18, 1992, and is 29. She was born in Liverpool, England. Ms. Hayes has been working hard since her early 20’s to build her career. She attended Liverpool Community College where she learned and developed her skills in cosmetology. After she got her degree, she was ready to start taking her knowledge to the world. By the time Katie was in her mid-20’s, many women were gravitating to her makeup tutorials online. Katie was slowly developing her fanbase. Today, she has hundreds of thousands of followers.

What is Katie Hayes Famous for?

Katie is well known for her makeup and her ability to transform people’s beauty. This is a great skill that has allowed her to work with famous stars and TV personalities from the U.K. She has also worked with a few stars from Hollywood when they were filming in England or attending a special event there.

Where is Katie Hayes from?

Katie’s birthplace is in Liverpool, and she has lived there all her life. She has a store in Liverpool and conduct’s her online makeup business from this location as well. Katie Hayes has a daughter named Olive. She is a proud mum. Katie does travel around the globe, but Liverpool will probably be her home for life.

What is Katie Hayes Net Worth?

Katie Hayes has a net worth of £1.1 million. She built her brand up over time and is now one of the most celebrated makeup artists in the UK industry. She continues to spread her brand through online outlets and she continues to work hard to make sure that she remains a famous pop figure in the world of beauty and makeup.

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